Wednesday, February 09, 2011


This series is where I document what happens when a state full of Democrats elect a veto-proof, right-wing legislature along with a teabag, criminal governor to lead us. (Once again, yes--an actual bona-fide criminal who literally stole from seniors, who subsequently elected him.) This is my documentation of my beloved but idiotic state's slow descent into chaos.

This is our state. It is blessed with many natural gifts, but its people determine its fate. Florida does NOT need to be like this.

CLXXII. Final Post: Winner of the 2015 My Stupid State Award

CLXXI. Rick Scott and FL GOP Bribe Rap Star Pitbull with Taxpayer Money

CLXX. Florida GOP's New Stand Your Ground Expansion: Trayvon's Killer Would Get Paid $200,000

CLXIX. Jeb Appointed Fl Judge (my own Seminole Co) Makes National News for being a Monster

CLXVIII. Receiving Food Donations?? Get Eviction!

CLXVII. Tide Turns: MS/SC Face Confederate Toxin. Meanwhile in Florida...

CLXVI. Meanwhile, Rick Scott Became Socialist (no, seriously)

CLXV. Rick Scott Just Admitted to Using His Dead Mother for Campaign Lie!

CLXIV. I'm Glad the Democratic Establishment Isn't Backing Alan Grayson!

CLXIII. Even FL GOP Blasts JEB's Deadenders Who Are Still Screwing Over FL Schools

CLXII. Longwood Bakery Getting Death Threats for Refusing to Make Anti-Gay Cake

CLXI. FL Legislator's "Revenge" Bill Goes After Children Allowing ALL Discrimination! (Take That Indiana!)

CLX. John Oliver Features My Stupid State Destroying Lives Over Municipal Violations

CLIX. Video: FL Senators Try (and Fail) to Get Rick Scott's FDE Director to Say "Climate Change"

CLVIII. FL House Panel Approves Guns on College Campuses

CLVII. Florida Officials Were Barred From Using The Term 'Climate Change' Once Rick Scott Took Power

CLVI. Rick Scott's New FDLE Chief Won't Investigate Corrupt Cops

CLV. Orlandoans: We Reject the I-4 Tolls

CLIV. Everglades To Be Killed This October by Florida's Own Koch Brothers

CLIII. One Place in America Where Developers Can Seize Property for Private Gain: Florida

CLII. EXCLUSIVE - Koch Brothers, Rick Scott And Jeb Bush Exposed In Florida Pipeline Scandal

CLI. Even GOP is calling for Rick Scott FDLE investigation, but AG PamBo flatly refuses

CL. Meet the new conservative rising star: Florida freshman "Democratic" Rep. Gwen Graham

CXLIX. GOP Consultants Mock Florida Public with Christmas Card

CXLVIII. Winner of 2014 MY Stupid State: Rick Scott Re-Election

CXLVII. Tallahassee Regime Defies Same Sex Marriage Ruling: Threatens Jailing Clerks!

CXLVI. An Honest Conversation We Need to Have About Our Leadership

CXLV. Message to Rick Scott and the Koch Brothers: 10 Reasons FL Hispanics Are Not This Stupid

CXLIV. Real Reason Behind Rick Scott's Debate Tantrum

CXLIII. Rick Scott Rammed Thru Corrupt, Crony Appointment, Who is Now Facing 15 Years

CXLII. Families stranded in woods because Rick Scott literally ran away from questions

CXLI. Congressman (TP) to Dem Challenger: "I'm royalty here!"

CXL. FL: NO charges against gunman who fled scene after shooting victim 10 times WALKING AWAY

CXXXIX. If Rick Scott re-elected, FL students will be forced to watch film on why liberals hate America

CXXXVIII. Idiot FL Congressman Assumes Obama Officials Are Foreign Because of Skin Color and Surnames (Video)

CXXXVII. Floridian w/kids makes too much for Medicaid earning only $267 a MONTH!

CXXXVI. Two Complete Monsters. Both Held Fundraisers for Rick Scott.

CXXXV. Rick Scott Uses Our Environmental Agency to DEFEND Everglades Fracking with "Bogus" Report

CXXXIV. Rick Scott Has Ties to Company Fracking in the Everglades

CXXXIII. This Is How Low FL Lawmakers Sunk To Deny Us Fair Districts

CXXXII. Rick Scott's AG, with Questionable Personal Life, Fights "Significant Harm" of Gay Marriage

CXXXI. Confederate Flag Honored/Featured at Our State Capitol

CXXX. Rick Scott's Florida: Fracking in the Everglades Now a Reality

CXXIX. PSA from FL House Rep: Common Core Will Make You Gay

CXVIII. One FL Teabagger Stops Popular and Desperately Needed Financial Literacy in Our Schools

CXVII. After 40 deaths, Rick Scott Fights to WEAKEN child safety bill "to save money"!

CXVI. FL GOP: Puerto Rico is "foreign" and "a terrible basket case"

CXV. FL Legislature Gives Utilities $1.5 Billion ...For NO Reason

CXIV. New Front in War on Voting: Bathrooms Are Shut Down at Polling Places at Democratic Miami-Dade

CXIII. FL Legislature: Three Liberal Justices on FL Supreme Court Kicked Off If Rick Scott Wins

CXII. Only in Florida. Hypocritical, Hateful Tea Party Candidate Has a "Unique" Lifestyle

CXI. 100s of Patients Physically & Sexually Abused. Facility Owner? Hosting Rick Scott's Fundraiser

CX. FOXNEWS: Florida Schoolgirl Ordered NOT TO PRAY! (except....)

CVIX. NRA-owned Florida House approves bill to allow guns in schools

CVIII. Who Runs the Florida National Guard? The NRA

CVII. Florida Legislature Not Over Civil War; Refuses Monument for American Union Soldiers

CVI. Florida Officials Retaliate Against FSU Professor Who Criticized Rick Scott

CV. Rick Scott Campaign Now INSULTING Rich Hispanic Fundraiser; DEFENDS the Bigoted Staffers!

CIV. Rick Scott's Top Fundraiser Quits Amid Campaign Turmoil and Racism

CIII. A Casualty of Rick Scott, The Florida Legislature, And The Party Of "No"

CII. Want to Build an F-Rated Charter School? WITHOUT Approval? Only in Florida

CI. FL GOP Senator's Aide Still Not Fired After DUI, Fleeing Scene

C. Florida Governor Rick Scott Says ‘Accounting Error’ To Blame For Unreported $500,000 Donation

XCIX. Today, GOP Hero George Zimmerman Signs Autographs at Orlando Gun Store

XCVIII. BREAKING: FL House Comes Through! We Can Now Eat Pop Tarts into Shapes!

XCVII. Rick Scott Tries to Enrich Donor for School Bid With Taxpayer Funds

XCVI. FL Chain Charging Customers ACA "Fee"; yet STILL Not Providing Workers Healthcare

XCV. Florida's Tea Party Government Forcing Firefighters to Fight Wildfires Alone

XCIV. DISGRACEFUL: Orlando Sentinel Runs Letter Justifying Fear of Blacks

XCVIII. Bondi, Scott Pay Big Bucks to Sue to Stop CleanUp Plan for Chesapeake Bay. WTF?!

XCVII. Florida mother has to prove her dying son can't take a standardized test

XCVI. Rick Scott Just Blocked Early Voting for University Students

XCV. Rick Scott's Voter Purge Sequel Even More Nepharious

XCIV. Another Major Medicaid Scandal for Rick Scott

XCIII. Just How AWFUL Is Our Attorney General in Rick Scott's Florida?

XCII. On MLK Day: FL State House Candidate Threatens to Hang Obama

XCI. Florida Universities Must Now Allow Guns On Campus

XC. FL Movie Theater Killer Tries To Invoke "Stand Your Ground"

LXXXIX. So Who is the WORST Florida House Member?

LXXXIII. How Unpopular is Rick Scott? Christie Coming to Florida for "Positive Reinforcement"!

LXXXVI. Thousands of Dolphins, Manatees, Pelicans Floating Up Dead; Scott Vetoes Research

LXXXVI. Scott Costs Us Over a Million in Legal Fees Alone Fighting For Illegal Legislation

LXXXV. Scott Puts Ads on Our Greenways and Trails

LXXXIV. Rick Scott Embarrasses State on Spain Visit

LXXXIII. Rick Scott's "Transparancy" Program Omits His Official Emails

LXXXII. Scott Caught Doctoring Fake "Miami Herald" Headline

LXXXI. Winner of 2013 My Stupid State: No Changes to Stand Your Ground

LXXX. Rick Scott's Dishonesty Called Out By Fellow Repub

LXXIX. Watch Rick Scott Dodge Medicaid Expansion Questions

LXXVIII. Lenny Curry on Crist "Abandoning" Florida

LXXVII. ALEC Conspires to Tax Private Solar Panel "Freeriders"

LXXVI. Governor Ad Hoc

LXXV. GOP Legislators Destroy Thousands of Public Records

LXXIV. Florida GOP Costs Florida Billions By Failing to Expand Medicaid

LXXVIII. Thousands of Jobs Lost in Every Sector and Every Region of Florida under Rick Scott

LXXVII. BUSTED: Rick Scott's Chief of Staff Caught Lying About His Education

LXXVI. History Textbook Acknowledges Islam, FL GOP Goes ApeS&*t

LXXV. Florida Police Arrest, Jail, Harass Innocent Black Man 258 Times

LXXIV. Rick Scott Makes Voting Harder for Former Rival's Special Election

LXXIII. SNL: NEVER Come to Florida!

LXXII. Rick Scott: Friend of Hispanics

LXXI. Rick Scott Decries Gov. Waste While Taking 800K for "Decadent" Mansion Upgrades

LXX. Idiot Teabag Rep Yoho Says Default Will "Bring Stability to World Markets"!

LXIX. Rick Scott Takes Credit for 1000 Jobs Created by Obamacare... After Bashing It!

LXVIII. Florida AG, Pam Bondi, Bravely Halts Execution... for Interfering with Fundraiser

LXVII. Video That Says It All: Rick Scott Vetoes Immensely Popular Young Immigrant Driver License Bill

LXVI. Please Help Me Stop Rick Scott's New Voter Purge!

LXV. Upstart Insurance Company Donates 110K to Rick Scott, Gets 52M Windfall in "Unusual" Deal!

LXIV. Over everyone's objection, Rick Scott signs lobbyist-crafted bill to help only the lobbyist's companies

LXIII. Florida Lt. Gov. Carroll Quits Amid Involvement with $300M Veterans Charity Scam

LXII. Scott's "Jobs Czar" Resigns; Caught On Spending Spree in Europe While Collecting Unemployment Benefits!

LXI. Scott's Education Commissioner Resigns; Caught Changing Grades for Charter Schools

LX. Rick Scott Turns Florida Into Pollution Paradise

LIX. Rick Scott Spends 500k Just to Piss Off Women

LVIII. Rick Scott claims he "didn't have anything to do" with voter suppression law that he signed!

LVII. Mental Health/School Safety Funding CUT to Pay for Gun Maker Tax Subsidies (Thanks Rick)

LVI. The Cruel Tale of Rick Scott's Rescue Puppy

LV. Satan Worshippers Hold Rally for Rick Scott

LIV. Democrats Blast Rick Scott for Helping Allen West's Quest to Overturn Election

LIII. Rick Scott Crosses the Line from Crime to Treason

LII. Still Wondering How Rick Scott Won the Election? You Need to Read This...

LI. Help Me Fight 3rd ATTEMPT by Rick Scott to Replace Supreme Court Justices

L. "Conservative Values" FL State Legislator Linked to Prostitution Ring

XLIX. Want to know HOW FAR Florida's governor will go to STOP you from asking a question?

XLVIII. Great Week for Rick Scott: Got to Screw Over Teachers AND Unemployed

XLVII. FL GOP Spends YOUR Money to Fight Latino Resident Citizens from Claiming In-State Tuition!

XLVI. Justice Department: Florida dumping disabled kids in nursing homes for adults

XLV. Rick Scott Threatens Firing of Elections Supervisor for the Crime of Encouraging More Voting

XLIV.  Make Some Noise:  FL GOP's Sneak Attack to Outlaw Abortion

XLIII. The Unbelievable Disaster that is Rick Scott's Lt. Gov

XLII.  Rick Scott Shuts Down TB Hospital Amid Worst Outbreak in 20 Years

XLI. Another New Low for FL GOP:  Spring Destruction

XL. Rick Scott Rejects All Branches of Government; Appoints Himself Dictator

XXXIX.  Rick Scott Attempts 2nd Takeover of Florida Supreme Court

XXXVIII. REST EASY FLORIDA: New Bill Prevents UN-World Government Takeover of Our State

XXXVII. Owned by the FL NRA: Shooting neighborhoods up "for funsies" now legal

XXXVI. "Truly Terrible": Daily Show Hits Rick Scott Hard

XXXV. Next Up for Rick Scott: Handwriting Analysis for Voters! (no snark)

XXXIV. FL GOP Legislature: Rich Men who Cheat Will Be Protected

XXXIII. FL Teacher Face $1000 Fine for Registering Students to VOTE!

XXXI. Rick Scott Attacks the Elderly

XXX. Florida GOP Jobs Bill: Legalize Dwarf-Tossing! (not kidding)

XXIX. Florida ER: "Good Thing You Aren't a Teacher!"

XXVIII. Rick Scott's New Florida: State-Sponsored Intimidation!

XXVII. Rick Sneaks Out of State to Meet Koch Brothers While State Burns!

XXVI. Two Rick Scott Scandals on Same Day!

XXV. A Tale of One Session: No More Business Oversight, No More Growth Management, Massive Cuts to Education

XXIV. Teabag Lawmakers Attempt to Dismantle 3rd Branch of Government

XXIII. Florida GOP Legalizes Voter Suppression, Including a Return to Jim Crow

XXII. 30 Mill Buys Off Rick Scott: FL ONLY Gulf State to Pull Out of BP Lawsuit

XXI. FL Supreme Court: Scott Lawyer LIED On THE Critical Fact for High-Speed Rail Decision!

XX. Florida Chamber of Commerce Thinks We're Stupid: Runs Ad Saying Teachers/Firefighters HATE Their Unions!

XIX. Koch Brothers Buy Economics Departments for Gulf Coast and FSU

XIV. FAIL!: Rick Scott Can't Get His AZ Law Passed (Even With White People Exemption!)

XVIII. Gov. Voldemort Uses Emergency Powers TO CUT PROGRAMS FOR DISABLED

XVII. Make. It. Stop. FL Teabag Legislators LEGALIZE payoffs!

XVI. Rick Scott Uses His Office to Rake in BILLIONS!

XV. Jon Stewart Slams Rick Scott on Drug Testing

XIV. Stop the GOP's Forced-Rape Bill!

XIII. Rick Scott Would Tear Down State Parks and Put in Golf Courses??

XII. Do Not Let Rick Scott Get Away With Ignoring Fair District Amendments!

XI. Taxpayers paid $152,000 for a single copy of a book

X. Radio Advertisement for Florida Drug Tourism (Scott Shops)

IX. Scott breaks law ousting state's long-term-care ombudsman

VIII. FL Teabag Governor Proposes Killing Education, Doubling His Office!

VII. Florida Taxes: Rich Pay Nothing, Workers Support Everyone

VI. 2 FL Teabag Lawmakers Hire 61 "assistants" at $100K+ each!!

V. Rick Scott's 7 Biggest LIES on Rail (Before Killing It)

IV. Rick Scott to Black Legislators: I'm Just Like You, My Dad Had a 6th Grade Education!

III. FL Teabag Lawmaker: Photographing Farm Will Be A 1st Degree Felony!

II. Doctors Thrown in Jail for Asking about Guns?

I. Florida Tries To Become the Wild West

It begins... That Didn't Take Long--Rick Scott Scandal First Day


  1. awesome series, keep it up!

    I wish our Constitution allowed for a recall.

  2. Attempting to repeal insurance reform would be bad enough. Attempting draconian budget cuts during a halting recovery from a deep recession would be bad enough. Making fools of themselves by wasting time reading selections from the Constitution while doing absolutely nothing to create jobs would be bad enough. Launching a war on women would be bad enough. Whining about deficits while proposing policies that would actually increase them would be bad enough.

    The entire Republican approach of knowing nothing and doing nothing, unless it is to attempt a return to the prevailing values of the Thirteenth Century, is so corrupt and irresponsible that it would defy credulity, were we not already so accustomed to it as to take it for granted. But it's even worse.

  3. Dear Seminole Democrats,

    My name is Barbara O’Brien and I am a political blogger. Just had a question about your blog and couldn’t find an email—please get back to me as soon as you can (barbaraobrien(at)


  4. I emailed you my contact information. I would like you to invite you to be a participant in a roundtable discussion on our next broadcast.

    J. Henderson

  5. Hi J. and Barbara. My email is a bit tricky... It ends in (ie) instead of (com).

    I added a link to the email in the upper right corner. Anyone can contact me.

  6. Solantic urgent care clinics owned by Mrs. Scott. prescriptions on-site.

    In addition to urgent care, Solantic also provides workers comp’ and occupational medicine and a range of lab services, immunizations, physicals, wellness testing and prescriptions on-site. Centers are staffed by board-certified physicians and are open seven days a week, with extended evening and weekend hours.

  7. Thank you for your hard work, I have shared this with my FB/Twitter followers. Very comprehensive. May we use your site as a reference?

    1. Anytime. on the main page there is also a list of nonpartisan reasons why Scott shouldn't be reelected.