Thursday, April 16, 2015

I'm Glad the Democratic Establishment Isn't Backing Alan Grayson!

The Democratic establishment has aligned themselves with Mr. Patrick Murphy.

Rep. Patrick Murphy was a former conservative republican, like Charlie Crist. The difference? Patrick still has conservative ties.

ACA: He joined the GOP in their effort to destroy the ACA by voting to shift insurance costs to working people from wealthy corporate families. Because Sam Walton's family need the break, not the people who work for them.

Environment: I love getting lectures from establishment Dems that Murphy is an environmentalist who will fight climate change. Activists like Jill Silber Sheridan tell a different story. When she visited Rep. Murphy's office on several occasions about climate change and the Keystone pipeline, it fell on deaf ears. Murphy voted to approve the pipeline.

Minority Leader Pelosi: When the GOP voted against Nancy Pelosi, I expected that. I did NOT expect Murphy to stand with them and vote against her as well.

Wall Street: He voted to weaken provisions in the Dodd-Frank financial law. He is the quintessential "Wall St. Democrat"

Social Security and Medicare: He coauthored a letter with congressional Republicans that only promised to protect “current beneficiaries” of Medicare and Social Security. (To be fair, he never used the word "cuts" to SS/Medicare as some have said but did say "structural changes").

Certain Democrats believe the winning strategy is to run from their own party's successful platform that has turned the economy around and gave healthcare to millions. Unfortunately, these same Democrats are the ones in charge. They keep trying like hell to cram anointed, conservative candidates down our throats, and then berate their own base for speaking out against them. Teabaggers don't know how good they have it. The GOP establishment hates them but fears them. Our establishment just hates us. MUST READ: Robert Reich's problem with the current Democratic Party

Murphites are calling their critics all kinds of names on social media because they bought the line that we have to go after the mythical "fence sitter", instead of just motivating their base to turn out. For crying out loud, there are many more Dems in this state than GOP, like a half-million more, but they won't come out if they can't see a difference.

We've tried running former republicans or GOP-lite candidates in almost every statewide race for 17 years and have been repeatedly met with failure. Perhaps, just once, we can try a progressive candidate.

Alan Grayson is that candidate. The fact that the establishment hates him is a GOOD sign. I'd be terrified if the state party was backing my campaign in the primary. That never ends well. Alan will fight hard and, in return, will get motivated forces who will actually fight hard for him to win. Murphy will get little more than people showing up on election day to vote for Hillary.

Alan needs to get in the game NOW and start his campaign. I am asking everyone to contact him on his website and say that you will be all in if he decides to run.

Murphy has raised 750,000, mostly from PACs who are lining up behind him. Alan Grayson already has national recognition. He has a ton of devoted followers. He is a proven fundraiser who won in a district that is 40% Hispanic. Best of all, has gone head to head with the Kochs and WON!

Let me be clear. If Patrick Murphy wins the primary, he will have my full support. We desperately need to win the Senate back in 2016. He supports minimum wage laws, gay rights, fair elections and women's rights. Right there, that's four more things than any GOP candidate will support. If Murphy wins the primary, he will definitely get my vote. However, my time, energy, and sweat equity will go for progressive candidates I believe in.

I'm not alone.

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