Wednesday, April 20, 2011

30 Mill Buys Off Rick Scott: FL ONLY Gulf State to Pull Out of BP Lawsuit!

Today, April 20th, 2011, is the deadline to join a federal lawsuit.

The republican governors of Alabama, Mississipi, and Louisiana not only joined the lawsuit but some even ran public service announcements actively encouraging their citizens to join the lawsuit. Florida prepped as well...under Charlie Crist. A "dream team" of Florida's best attorneys were assembled along with an oil spill recovery taskforce.

Then came the Florida-pocalypse with our criminal, idiot, teabag governor. He summarily dismissed the attorneys, dissolved the taskforce, and just announced that we have no need for a lawsuit.

He said he trusts BP.

Yes, Rick Scott actually had the balls to say that he "trusts BP to do the right thing". Their track record here certainly warrants that trust.

Needless to say, the Democrats in our state legislature are outraged. The right-wing majority is outraged as well...but not at Rick Scott. They are currently going after groups that try to register new voters. (They know who the real enemies of the state are.)

Gov. Monty Burns even took it a step further. He stood with a BP senior vice president to actually PRAISE him for a company grant of $30 million, which was bequethed to several coastal counties who lost a hell of a lot more than that in tourism and fishing. $30 million is even less than half of what Sick Rott spent to buy his office, and comes nowhere close to the billions in damage caused.

One of the dismissed lawyers, who spent eight months last year documenting the short- and long-term damage from the blowout for Florida, says Scott won't even look at the documentation.

"Imagine someone owed you a million dollars and gave you $30,000 and said 'trust me for the rest.' How would you feel?" [Tampa lawyer] Yerrid asked.

"BP has the best legal defense in the world and now Gov. Scott is going to trust them to do the right thing. They should have already done the right thing."

Keep in mind that Rick Scott is the same SOB who refused high-speed rail because he was afraid Florida taxpayers would somehow be "on the hook". This, despite Transportation Secretary LaHood indicating they could have worked out a binding agreement (if Scott ever bothered to ask), and this despite the fact that FDOT drafted the contracts so any overruns would have been taken care of by the contractors. But Scott was so "protective" of the taxpayers he didn't let facts interfere with his fantasy... and killed the fully-funded project to save us taxpayers from the phantom menace.

Yet apparently, Scott has no trouble at all risking Florida taxpayers on BP's word that they will pay up. Neither Scott nor his idiot AG has drafted anything with BP that protects Florida taxpayers from footing the bill for BP's disaster. We just have to be as trusting as Scott and hope and pray that BP will "do the right thing".

How lucky is BP? Seriously. The lawsuit deadline passes today just when we have a governor who happens to have a real soft-spot for fellow CEOs of disgraced corporations (that have to pay out billions for disasters caused by shady practices).

Well done BP, Transocean, and Halliburton. Well done sirs.


  1. Can we start impeachment proceedings already?

  2. Not with this state legislature...