Thursday, August 22, 2013

Please Help Me Stop Rick Scott's New Voter Purge!

Last year, Rick Scott initially targeted about 180,000 voters, many with Latino-sounding last names, before elections supervisors identified mistakes. The list was reduced to 85 after all the errors were found, and exactly one case of voter fraud.

But Scott, desperate to keep Florida red no matter how it looked, attempted to re-start the purge just a few weeks before the November election, costing the state thousands of taxpayer dollars in legal battles. But he could not turn up any more non-citizens.

Elections Supervisors were outraged:

"It was sloppy, it was slapdash and it was inaccurate," said Polk County Supervisor of Elections Lori Edwards to the Tampa Bay Times. "They were sending us names of people to remove because they were born in Puerto Rico. It was disgusting."

But last year an Hispanic civil rights group and several citizens were able to successfully sue under the Voting Rights Act. This year they won’t be able to.

The purge was the central strategy of Scott’s multi-faceted attack on voting, including harsh penalties for registering people to vote, eliminating early voting, “color-free” Sunday, vote caging, and other despicable assaults.

Scott and his GOP allies successfully discourgaged over 200,000 Floridians from voting, and forced minority voters to wait in lines twice as long.

The Florida GOP EVEN ADMITTED it was all about voter suppression.

Thanks to the US Supreme Courts gutting of the Voting Rights Act, Scott is in full Voldemort mode and wasted no time.

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This assault is a priority for the Democratic Governor's Association: Take a moment and add your name to stand against the Florida voter purge:


In Rick Scott's Florida, it is easy to vote GOP, but hard to vote Democrat. We need to register as many people as we can. Please get involved:

League of Women Voters:

Rock the Vote:

Florida Dems:

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