Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jon Stewart Slams Rick Scott on Drug Testing

I heard about Jon's Rick Scott rant at work this morning. Although there was no shortage of material, I was wondering what it would be. Killing jobs? Killing education? Pill mills?

Nope. It was something I missed.

Drug Testing State Employees? Did he campaign on that?

[plays Rick Scott's campaign commercial pledging to drug test welfare recipients]

So close!

He wanted to drug test welfare recipients but ended up drug testing anyone who wants to work for the state of Florida!

Gov. Scott simply mixed up which group of worthless, public teat sucking leaches he wanted to kick in the nuts.

The entire segment on teabag governors is hilarious, but if you just want to see his entire rant on Rick Scott, it starts at 1:48.

Jon hit the nail on the head. Welfare recipients are always a conservative target and held in the lowest regard. So why not harrass and embarrass them to fire up the teabaggers for your campaign?

But in the short time since Gov. Skeletor's election, the teabaggers have gotten excited about a NEW target--dedicated state employees! (Fuck you teacher! Bite me firefighter!)

So what better way to fire up your base than by harrassing these NEW targets?

Oh, and make a little scratch while you are at it. His company Solantic (now owned by his wife) happens to be in the drug testing business. Just sayin'... Man's gotta get something for the 70 mil he put into this thing.

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