Monday, March 31, 2014

Who Runs the Florida National Guard? The NRA

108 of My Stupid State
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There is a reason I chose the perverted Florida flag with a gun as the symbol of my blog. It represents the NRA's takeover of my state during the tea party occupation of 2010.

Since that time, Florida has essentially been run by the NRA. Marion Hammer, the head of Florida's NRA, is BY FAR the most powerful lobbyist in Tallahassee. Governor Rickster (like Jeb before him) pretty much does her bidding. The GOP legislature passes at least one ridiculous gun law a year, (and I DO MEAN RIDICULOUS as I've documented before).

This year, its Senate Bill 296.

This bill essentially allows people without a concealed weapons permit to forego that requirement during an emergency situation. I know I can't think of a better time to be prolific with weapons than during a statewide panic.

Now, the National Guard is supposed to respond during such an emergency, such as with a hurricane or a zombie apocalypse. But the Senate Bill allows people to grab guns, with no permit and no training, during the most stressful situations and take care of business themselves.

The attorney for Florida's National Guard, Terrence Gorman, testified that this probably isn't a good idea.

“They probably should not have a weapon shoved in the back of their pants,” he said. “You’re talking about thousands of people who need to be evacuated.”

What happened next highlights Hammer’s power in the state Capitol.

Long story short: Hammer met with Scott's chief of staff and top attorney. The next day, the Florida National Guard's top official NOT ONLY refuted his own lawyer's testimony but sent out a two sentence letter stating his support for it.

Scott even asked him to correct the official record, which the guy did.

The bill has stalled, but only temporarily. I'm sure it will become law by year's end. I only hope that by that time Florida will have a governor that isn't as awful as the one we have now.

In Florida, that's the best I can hope for.

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