Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Turn To Get Angry! Awake the State--March 8!

Cutting to the chase.. the organizers of labor, civil rights, and Dem Party groups under the banner of AWAKE THE STATE are organizing Florida statewide protests on March 8, the start of the legislative session. Because of Florida's geography and the difficulty of getting working people to the Capitol, the rallies will be at various sites in major cities accross the state. It has gotten attention in our local media, by several prominent Democratic legislators, and is even now being targeted by the Koch-headed teabaggers, who are planning counter-protests.

Across the world, ordinary hard working people are standing up to their dictators. In our own nation, specifically Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio: unions, teachers, service workers, and many other employees who sacrifice so much and get pissed on and scapegoated by the GOP are FINALLY standing up the puppet teabag dictators in the statehouses.

If people can come out in subzero weather in the cold states, we can come out in 70% weather to turn up the heat on our right-wing legislators and corrupt governor. It's our Turn.

Have you had enough? You didn't vote last November, so at least take time to fight back now!


Go to facebook, select LIKE for the Awake the State Protests


JOIN the Awake the State protests, March 8, 2011.

ONE last thing. Email Gov. Lex Luthor and your Florida state senator while you are here and let them know that this nonsense is unacceptable.

Let's try to bring back some pride. Come out March 8! See you there.

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