Thursday, March 05, 2015

Orlandoans: We Reject the I-4 Tolls

The massive I-4 project is going to put toll roads on our Interstate. Our lucrative toll roads are already run by one of the most corrupt agencies in Florida history: the Expressway Authority. Recall that last year, Rick Scott got involved and somehow made it even worse. He appointed a personal friend to the board who had a direct conflict of interest, and was so blatant in abusing his position for his own personal gain that he received a 15-year prison term.

The fact that no one pays for crimes in this state means he was really that bad.

With an upcoming election, Rick Scott was forced to do something about this scandal. Instead of dismantling the agency, he made it LARGER and somehow, even more shady. The renamed Central Florida Xpressway Authority is now under investigation by the Federal Security and Exchanges Commission for engaging in backroom deals, including 9.5 million to a secretive bond salesman, Norman Pellegrini.

The funds for our toll roads NEVER go to our community: they only go to make more toll roads lobbyists, developers, board members, and shady politicians. The I-4 tolls will be a windfall for these characters. Toll roads on the interstate, besides being inherently unfair, will breed corruption in a state that already has had it's fill.

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