Saturday, March 28, 2015

FL Legislator's "Revenge" Bill Goes After Children Allowing ALL Discrimination! (Take That Indiana!)

#161 of My Stupid State

The Florida wingnuts just can't freaking stand not being in the spotlight. They couldn't give us ONE day for Indiana to take the heat off with their inane hate bill. We always have to be #1 in bigoted buffoonery.

OK, here we go:

40 years ago, this state passed a gay adoption ban. When it was recently, (and finally), challenged in Court, the only so-called "expert" the GOP politicians could find (and pay) to defend it turned out to be a self-hating, male hooker. Yes, that happened. Somehow, the GOP lost the case.

Fast forward this week. Because the GOP lost that case, one of our dumbest state legislators, Rep. Jason Brodeur, proposed legislation that he is literally calling a "revenge" bill that plays with children's lives.

Jason Brodeur is a name I've mentioned before. He is my own legislator and already infamous for proposing that psychiatrists/docotrs be fined 5 million for asking someone if they have a gun in the house.

Now he has created legislation that will allow taxpayer-funded private agencies to deny kids parents for practically any reason. I give you PCB HHSC 15-03, the Conscience Protection for Private Child-Placing Agencies:

...adoption services conscience protection within s. 409.175, F.S., to allow private child-placing agencies to object to performing, assisting in, recommending, consenting to, or participating in the placement of a child if a placement violates the agency’s written religious or moral convictions or policies.

The bill also protects the licensure, grants, contracts, and ability to participate in government programs for those agencies that object to performing adoption services required for the placement of a child if that placement violates the agency’s written religious or moral convictions or policies.

It was pushed through House Committee on Thursday.

Lest you think this is just an LGBT issue, the answer is NO. ANYONE in a PRIVATE adoption agency can discriminate: ethnic, racial, political affiliation, religious difference--all banned.

  • A Jewish family can be denied a child because they don't accept our Savior.

  • An interracial couple can be banned because some racists sincerely believe that God intended eternal separation of the races because he put them on different continents.

  • A Vegan can be banned because that goes against a sincerely held religious belief that animals were created in this world to act as a source of food.

  • Did you vote for Obama? BANNED! That goes against a deeply held moral conviction of not allowing new Democrats to be raised. Besides, healthcare access is a sin in the Catholic Church according to some a$$*****.

  • Non-fundamentalist? I don't care if this kid EVER gets a family: only those willing to indoctrinate will be considered. Bible. Can't touch this.

  • And don't get me started on an atheist family. The only thing worse would be a loving gay couple.

By the way, this works the other way too. Brodeur was forced to admit that a private adoption agency who had a moral conviction to gun owners could deny a couple a child. As usual, he didn't think this through. No one who pushed it through committee did.

You don't like this? Tough. Not only would this be legal, Florida taxpayers would be forced to subsidize this discrimination!

What is even more appalling is how the Florida Catholic Conference got behind this stupid bill. I thought they opposed abortion and were pro-adoption? There are already PLENTY of obstacles in the adoption system, so why are they making it even more difficult? It is morally reprehensible and a sin.

If you bastards were caught in my agency I'd never let anyone adopt you, but that would be cruel, spiteful and hateful. Who do you think I am, Jason Brodeur?

Contact Your Florida Legislator and ask them to spend time fixing Florida's many, many, many problems.... and quick F***ing over kids with "revenge" bills who are suffering enough.

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