Sunday, March 20, 2011

Radio Advertisement for Florida Drug Tourism (Scott Shops)

Who says our governor isn't good for tourism?

Apparently, a few of my fellow citizens are up in arms about this advert running on the Philips Phile:

I think its great. The anger needs to be directed at our governor and his cronies, not satire.

According to NPR, Florida is the epicenter of the pill mill epidemic:

A major reason pill mills have proliferated in Florida is because, unlike most other states, it lacks a system for monitoring drug prescriptions.

Logically, our teabag, criminal gooper opposes it.

He actually claims that it is an invasion of the privacy of drug dealers.

As Carl Hiassen at the Miami Herald so succinclty put Rick Scott's oppostion:

Has Florida finally elected a certifiable whack job as governor?

Pill mills are a huge business here. Crack is so 1980's, and Meth is last year. Drug dealers have blatantly moved into strip malls. They set up these storefront operations that dispense dangerous narcotics like tic-tacs.

Last month, drug agents raided dozens of pill mills (I guess we can now call them "Scott Shops") in South Florida. It was a series of busts, from Palm Beach to Miami, that included more than 20 arrests and the seizure of more than $22 million.

But as the US Drug Enforcement Agency put it, we can only arrest so many. We are the number #1 state for "pill mill tourism" and supply the entire eastern U.S. with illegal prescription narcotics like Vicodin, Percocet, and others. The pill mills kill 7 Floridians a day.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration says that only a good state database can stop it in its tracks. Every law enforcement agency in the state wants the database. Even the GOP Governor of Kentucky (who's state is inundated with these pills) is trying to talk sense into Gov. Voldemort.

It's so bad that the drug company that makes OxyCotin volunteered to donate $1 million towards the database. (Sorry, Rush).

Even our right-wing Senate President and his AG won't stand with Rick on this one. Only House leader Dean Cannon, desperate for some teab lovin', is sticking by Rick on this. Cannon jumped on board after Slick Rick shocked everyone by saying he wanted to kill the database because it was an invasion of privacy!

Are you *&^%ing kidding me!? Everytime I register my car I go into a state-run database, and no one calls that an invasion of privacy! But drug-dealers?

By the way, Scott is not only against the database, but also decided to shut down the only office fighting the pill mills once he took office. The FL Office of Drug Control, which was making at least some headway into the pill mills, is no more.

I guess after making his fortune defrauding seniors, he has a soft spot for phony medical businesses.

As the advert says, if you are from out of state and looking for prescription drugs, remember: Florida is open for business.

And yes, Carl, it appears we did elect a whackjob for governor.

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