Saturday, April 04, 2015

HELP! Longwood Bakery Getting Death Threats for Refusing to Make Anti-Gay Cake!

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Cut the Cake is a longstanding business in the Longwood community outside Orlando run by the ultra-polite Sharon Haller.

Joshua Feuerstein is a disgusting bigot (who should not be trying to rock a fauxhawk) and a former televangelist whose favorite part of the Bible is apparently where Jesus preaches against gay wedding cakes.

What follows is despicable:

Joshua made a hateful Youtube video. Essentially, he taped himself making a call to Haller's bakery so we can "see what discrimination REALLY is".

He asked if she would make a cake with a hateful message on it against equality in marriage. Haller told the Orlando Sentinel that she thought it was an April Fool's Day prank, said no and hung up.

Joshua's nasty followers decided that in some-FREAKING-way this meant THEY were being "discriminated" against. Joshua not only posted their information but demanded his followers do what Jesus would apparently do: harass the living daylights out of the poor baker. They did. In fact, they left 100s of threatening messages because somehow THEY were "under attack".

Let this sink in for a minute. A bakery that DID NOT put a bigoted message on a cake is accused of discrimination against the bigots. It's mad-hatter logic. It's like the Klan accusing blacks of discrimination for not letting them burn a cross in your yard.

Joshua's call was not only horrible, but illegal as well. In Florida, you cannot record a phone conversation without consent from the other party. It is a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison. The FBI is now also involved because she has received death threats.

Ironically, I somehow doubt that the people calling up and threatening this poor woman have led good "christian" lives: no doubt many are divorced, had premarital sex, or committed adultery. All of which Jesus condemned. DO you know what He never said one word about in the Bible? Homosexuality. That right folks, eat that up along with your bigot cake: Jesus never said ONE word about it.

If it is the ultimate sin, do you not think he would have bothered to mention it at least once? However, He was so bothered by excess wealth and greed that he preached against that in every single book of the New Testament--something most of you bigots have no problem with. But it's the gays who deserve your wrath, along with bakers who would simply prefer not to participate in spreading your hate.

I am asking the community to please counter-act the hurtful messages Sharon's bakery has received on Facebook:

She is also fighting for survival since the hatemongers have made it their mission to destroy her business. Dana Loesch generated half a million for a hateful pizza parlor in Indiana, so we can at least send some a few bucks to someone who is being physically threatened for not wanting to participate in hate:


  1. The baker who wouldn't cater gay weddings were getting death threats from you liberals. Are death threats only wrong when they're being made against liberals? According to liberals, yes, only liberals have the right to be intolerant of political dissent.

    1. So you think issuing death threats to liberal bakers is wrong? Or are you in favor of equal opportunity death threats? Which is it?

      Me, I'm against them across-the-board, whether they're levied against bigots or cool people.

    2. Is your dumbass really trying to justify death threats?

  2. You're a liar. Liberal people don't make death threats.

  3. Some of my right wing friends seem to think "Go to Hell" is a death threat (since, of course, you can't go to hell until after you're dead). But the FBI doesn't get involved with those ones.