Saturday, April 12, 2014

FL Legislature Gives Utilities $1.5 Billion ...For NO Reason

Right after the Florida NRA, the most powerful force in Tally are the four energy companies. We pay a very high utility rate so we can give them a high rate of return on investment and regulation. In return, Florida law gives them a guaranteed monopoly.

I know that doesn't seem fair but that's what $18 million in utility donations buys you in Tally. (And that will no doubt rise thanks to the John Roberts Court.) There is now one lobbyist for every two legislators. Don't worry, they can afford them. After all, you are paying.

Duke Energy, one of the worst, was allowed to jack up rates exponentially to pay for a $1.5 billion dollar nuclear power plant. This included a built-in $150 million dollar profit.

Then they decided not to build it.

Did Tally make them give back the money?

Of course not. In fact, lawmakers refused to allow customers to know about the extra fees on their utility bills to pay for the ghost nuclear plant.

To add insult to injury, a utility spokesman said they are pushing to hide this massive fee from customers because they just don't want to know.

"Customers are not clamoring for this,'' he said. "They want to hear about utility poles in their neighborhood or other things."

Its much like when I sold my car to somebody and then decided not to give him the car, but told him he had to pay me in monthly installments anyway because I need to do stuff around the house. Oh, and I can't be bothered with itemizing this charge on a bill because f**k you.

Tally legislators and the utilities know that they can get away with pretty much anything.

90% of Florida voters support a constitutional amendment on getting a solar power tax break. We are the freaking "sunshine state" for cryin out loud.

Well, the Florida House isn't interested. (Its not about suppressing votes or abortion--which is what really matters to us I guess.) The electric power monopolies in this state hate, hate, hate that amendment. Since they have money to blow (thanks to us) they were able to kill it.

Integrity Florida put it best: “Increasingly, the Florida Legislature sets its agenda and policy outcomes based on the needs of large political donors.”

Our Founding Fathers would be so proud.

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