Friday, September 13, 2013

Florida's AG, Pam Bondi, Bravely Halts Execution....for Interfering with Fundraiser

File this under “This can only happen in Rick Scott’s Florida”. Bondi is known for being a bobblehead immersed in scandal. Last week she took her shallowness to new heights:

Bondi postponed an execution of a man sentenced to death for the killing of an exotic dancer. No, she did not do this because she has a problem with the death penalty. She crows about the number of deaths under her watch and even supports the state’s idiotic “Timely Justice Act” to kill more quickly.

No, she just thought the lethal injection might put a damper on her party/fundraiser, so she actually had the execution rescheduled.

She did apologize for her lapse in judgment and trivializing a critical duty of the AG. That did little for the family, who had already seen the execution postponed twice.

Regardless of your thoughts on the death penalty, what she did was callous and wrong. It also demonstrates the typical priorities of this regime.

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