Sunday, November 27, 2011

FL GOP Legislature: Rich Men Who Cheat Will Be Protected

Because if there is ever an oppressed class, its unfaithful wealthy men...

This is also an example of how bad gerrymandering has gotten in this state. Even during the large red wave of conservative activism last year, a constitutional amendment to end the practice was passed with a supermajority of voters. (Although the FL legislature is spending millions to overturn it.)

They are angry that idiot legislators like Ritch Workman (R-Melbourne) are very, very safe and win big.

SO safe, he can pitch DWARF-TOSSING as a jobs bill.

So safe, that this SOB is now putting forth a horrible bill with the sole purpose of protecting rich men who cheat on their wives.

The bill would:

-Forbid judges from considering adultery when they determine alimony.

-Put a cap on the amount and the length of time its paid.

-Allow any and all PREVIOUS divorce agreements to be reopened and renegotiated.

I'm sure this is completely unrelated... but Rich Workman just finalized his own divorce 8 DAYS after filing this travesty of a bill. Any guesses the reason for that divorce? Anyone?

Don't think for a second this doesn't stand a chance of passage. We have a super majority Republican legislature that backs this stupidity... with many of them from the "moral values" crowd who are either currently divorced or even going through the process right now.

Divorce lawyers stand to make a fortune in reopening claims--and there is a niche industry in Central Florida that cater to wealthy men who don't want to support their wives or children. (If you live here, you've seen the bill boards). And then, of course, you need to understand the powerful lobby groups, such as Fathers and Family, Florida Alimony Reform, etc., who represent rich, divorced fathers. (I hear Newt is a fan.)

Last year's session of the FL legislature served only to make the vast majority of us suffer. Forced ultrasounds, schools cut to the bone, and voting rights destroyed just to name a few.

Unfortunately, this awful bill, which even Workman admits he didn't think through, will likely be one of many torture sessions we must endure before election next November.

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