Saturday, September 20, 2014

BUSTED! Rick Scott Caught Using Donor as "Fake Victim"

H/T to Indie Thinker

If you follow FL scandals (and admittedly, there are too many to follow them all), then you might have heard about Ponzi-schemer Scott Rothstein. The scandal is real and was featured on CNBC's "American Greed". (I find it entertaining, but legislators here use it as a "how to" manual).

Scott Rothstein became very wealthy and donated to the GOP and its many politicians, including then-gov Charlie Crist.

Scott Rothstein was a swindler. He was Republican. But the state GOP saw an opportunity to falesly accuse Crist of somehow being involed in his Ponzi-scheme. The FL GOP spent serious money to run an ad from a "victim" who cries about being "swindeled" by Crist and Rothstein. They ran the ad 4000 times!

The media, and everyone else, asked a very simple, obvious question: Who's the guy?

The ad never said who he was. When asked directly, no one in the GOP or the Scott campaign would say. However, Rick Scott swore he was real and not an actor. He kept saying, "You should ask Charlie [Crist]"; "Why won't Charlie release him?"

Because it was YOUR fake ad, dumbass!

If he was real, why the hell wouldn't they say who he was? The negative ad had an effect in this race pulling down Crist a little, but if he was legitimate, his story alone could have been devastating. The only reason to hide who he is would be the obvious....

It's complete and utter bull****.

The media here had to actually hunt the guy down. Finally, they succeeded. It's Ft. Lauderdale investor Dean Kretschmar. And now we know why Scott kept it a secret:

Kretschmar fails to mention that his Fort Lauderdale lawyer is William R. Scherer, a Scott donor and GOP operative. Rothstein once called Scherer a “mentor.” And Scherer also tried to help get a lenient sentence for Rothstein — the very man Scherer’s client trashes in the ad, which has run about 4,000 times in Florida at a cost of at least $2 million.

“Scott Rothstein,” Kretschmar says in the ad, “swindled a lot of people — me included — bankrupted many families.”

But Kretschmar wasn’t bankrupted.

Kretschmar recouped most of the roughly $8 million that he personally gave Rothstein as part of an investor group known as Razorback.

Crist responded with an ad of his own, but he can't match the millions Scott spent to spread the false ad.

Of course Rick Scott lied. That's all he knows how to do. The irony here is that Rick Scott has actually USED his office to waste BILLIONS o taxpayer money on his crappy, corrupt cronies:

  • Like his buddy whose companies are raking in billions for his Medicaid privatization scheme
  • Or this bastard, a Scott aide, who is receiving massive subsidies for his crappy train, which is the REAL reason Scott rejected federal funds for high-speed rail
  • Or this crony, now a jailbird,who used the Xpressway Authority as his personal play account. Scott rammed him thru on appointment over objections.

    I could go on, but I really don't need to.

    At least we won't be bombarded with that ad now that Rick Scott has been called out on it. Now the GOP can move towards genuine ads directed at their base, like calling Charlie a commie whore who looks like and AIDS victim.

    Despicable, but at least they are being honest this time.

  • Thursday, September 18, 2014

    Rick Scott's "Mystery Man" Exposed

    There are a lot of ways to contribute anonymously to political debate. Letting your face be plastered all over television isn't one of them.

    I wasn't surprised to read this story of how Rick Scott's "mystery man" in his anti-Crist ad -- the one who said he was defrauded by Scott Rothstein, and implied as heavily as he could that Crist let Rothstein buy judgeships -- was exposed within just a couple of weeks. Among the curious facts: Yes, he was defrauded by Rothstein, but he got all his money back. His attorney is a Scott donor...who also happens to have been good buddies with Rothstein. I'll let you read the rest. The Miami Herald deserves to keep its thunder for this one.

    What I will add to this story is the observation that it says a great deal about Rick Scott and his followers. Scott expected those who viewed this ad to blindly accept it and obey the implied, attached order to swerve your vote his way because of it. He never expected anyone to do the very simple searching that was needed to expose this "mystery man" as a fake. Many politicians expect us to be dumb sheep to some extent, but Scott takes that to measures unheard of. He expects us to react to his claims as if he were a CEO and we were employees he could fire at any moment.

    Make sure this story gets spread around.

    Monday, September 15, 2014

    Religious Extremists Successfully Ban Teaching Evolution in School!

    Pretty ticked off here. These woman-hating, gay-bashing, minority-opposing, intolerant religious nuts finally went a little too far...


    ISIS Bans Teaching Evolution In Schools

    The new curriculum even went so far as to explicitly ban Charles Darwin's theory of evolution...

    What a bunch of whackjobs.

    Oh wait.. you thought I meant....

    Whoa... Whoa... Whoa

    C'mon. ISIS are murderous, ethnic-cleansing, evil, ignorant, bottom-dwellers.

    Today's GOP is simply willfully ignorant.

    But I can understand initially why you read the title and instantly thought this was some GOP, right-wing bullcrap. Things like:

    Again, just to crystal clear, you cannot compare America's right-wing nuts to a bona-fide terror group. They are nothing alike (sans the bad English). One group actually threatens to kill teachers who challenge them. The other just fines them 1000s who try to register their students to vote.

    Most teabaggers are decent people when you get to know them. Not so the psychopaths running Mosul. In fact, they only have one thing in common: taking pride in hateful ignorance.

    Thursday, September 11, 2014

    "Ray Rice is the bigger victim here!" - FoxNews

    Crossposted on DailyKos

    A.J. Delgado was a guest on Hannity, of course. Delgado has made many horrible statements on FOX in the past, like women aren't really raped, but are brainwashed by liberals into thinking they are. (This also explains why conservative women have never been raped, apparently.)

    Naturally, Hannity looked at the Ray Rice video and thought, "I know the perfect person everyone wants to hear from about this issue!"

    Seriously, what's next, FOX? Hiring admitted racist Mark Fuhrman to discuss the situation in Ferguson?

    (What. Wait. Dammit, really???)

    So A.J. Delgado went to discuss the delicate intricacies of domestic violence on Hannity, and did not disappoint:

    "Some might even say watching that video that Ray Rice is the bigger victim of domestic violence here," Delgado told Hannity....

    "I think that the key here is she doesn't consider herself a victim of domestic violence," Delgado said, before going off about the "liberal culture of domestic violence advocates that keeps talking about women's rights and empowering women."

    Delgado said those calling Janay Rice a victim were in fact being patronizing.

    "They're calling a woman a victim who's standing up and saying, 'No, wait I'm not,'" Delgado said. "She's telling us 'I'm not a battered woman. I'm not a victim. Lay off.' And we're going, 'No, yes, you are a victim. You just don't know you are.'"

    Liberals. First they try to tell women they shouldn't complain about being sexually harassed, now they are telling women they should accept abuse and model themselves after Janay Rice. Oh, and abortion too. (Lib moraans--rape kits "can clean 'em out" just as good.)

    I can't respond to all that is wrong with Hannity and A.J. I certainly don't have time to discuss the festival of ignorance that is FOX. So let me just say two things:

    1. There is never, EVER, E.V.E.R, a reason for a man, (especially a large football player), to knock his wife unconscious--much less literally dragging her limpless, uncovered body out across the floor like a sack of wheat.

    2. The fact that she accepts her role as a punching bag DOES NOT translate into her being a strong woman!

    Of this I know something about. I was an expert on handling domestic violence cases when I was in law enforcement. I even helped draft the citywide policy on this matter.

    Tragically, most women who are repeatedly beaten to a pulp (and many times, along with their children) change their minds about pressing charges once the cops arrive. Even though we all knew this would happen again and got a little worse each time, cops usually backed off when the abused insisted everything was all right. The new policy was written to say if there was clear evidence of assault, the abuser got arrested. Period. I know this has saved lives.

    I know this is all lost on you A.J. and Sean. It's pointless to argue.

    What I really don't understand is why FOX is so determined to defend any and all incidents where a minority or woman is harassed, beaten up, or worse.

    Even if you are a total morally bankrupt person trying to somehow argue "for" this, (which you would have to be), who the hell are you trying to reach? People who hate women and other groups are ALREADY strongly in the conservative column. As a pure business decision, why are U catering to this hate-infested vermin you already own just to have your entire network, (and by extension, the conservative ideology), denigrated and mocked on national platforms?

    It's because you can't help yourselves. It's like me and sweets. The stuff is killing me, I know it's bad for me, but I eat it anyway. Sweets are to me what hate is to Foxnews: addictive and sickening at the same time.

    I can only throw up my hands--which, by the way, is exactly what Mike Brown did in Ferguson. The sheer irony here is if Ray Rice did that to a racist cop instead of beating the crap out of his girlfriend, FOX would not be defending him so passionately.

    Saturday, September 06, 2014

    Rick Scott YouTube Videos: Big Sugar, 600K Jobs, State Debt

    I put these up over the last week. They hit hard on some of Scott's claims of accomplishment.


    Monday, September 01, 2014

    Rick Scott Rammed Thru Corrupt, Crony Appointment, Who is Now Facing 15 Years

    #148 of My Stupid State

    Picture of Scott Batterson hugging his idol, Rick Scott

    Everyday there is a new scandal with Rick Scott in this state. I am already several scandals behind in my writing because I just cannot keep up. We've become one of the most corrupt states in America. (Damn you, Mississippi!)

    Well, at least we are dead last in education funding. (No wait... damn you Alabama! - You know, if Rick Scott is truly in a race to drag us to the bottom, he can't even do that right.)

    Oh well, yesterday's news may help us get closer to the top of the trash heap.

    Rick Scott, who has had record turnover in his administration due to corruption, can add his "proud" appointee, Scott Batterson, to the list.

    The man was just convicted of bribery, with more counts to follow, and looking towards at least 15 years in prison.

    Little background, if you've ever been to Orlando: our tolls are sky high. That's because most of the board appointments for the "Xpressway Authority" have a long history of being extremely corrupt: developer deals, cronyism, huge monetary payouts, etc. It happens so frequently that there is a major scandal every few years. The grand jury for the last corruption case in 2009 called the board hopelessly corrupt. Two years before that, board members were again in Court because of a huge fundraising scandal.

    Naturally, when Rick Scott arrived, he appointed the absolute worst person possible to the board: his longtime crony Scott Batterson.

    Batterson was on the payroll for a mega-developer, Jim Palmer, who wanted $30 million for the use of his land from the Xpressway Authority. This was taxpayer money, mind you, and the offer was obscene. However, Scott Batterson was the one who was to "negotiate" for us with Palmer.

    Only Rick Scott, (and a few corrupt politicians like my own Rep. R-Jason Brodeur ), thought this was a grand idea.

    Scott was repeatedly warned not to put Scott Batterson on the Xpressway Authority. Every media outlet, watchdog group, and the two honest board members made waves over Batterson's appointment back in 2011. Rick Scott ignored them all and appointed him anyway.

    Once on the board, Batterson did not disappoint. He started making backroom deals, including offering a $5 million dollar contract to a consulting firm in exchange for hiring some of his buddies. Worse, he did this in a bar in direct violation of the law, and KNOWING he was being watched.

    And, as always, it got worse:

    Investigative records released by [the prosecutor] Ashton's office last month appear to show Batterson and a handful of others plotted to take over the authority and its nearly $300 million in annual toll collections to win contracts for friends and further their own careers.

    His "coup" involved forcing out the Director, who was put on by Charlie Crist to clean up the agency. He teamed up with another Rick Scott appointee, Marco Pena, (who resigned in disgrace), and the horrible Noranne Downs, who for some reason is still serving on the damn board!

    Charlie Crist said it best:

    “This is just the latest example of how shady Rick Scott’s Administration is – and how lobbyists and special interests get special treatment while we all foot the bill,” the email says. “There’s likely more to this story, as is usually the case when Scott or his cronies are involved.”

    For every scandal involving Scott, please donate $1 or 1 hour to the Crist campaign. I realize this involves thousands of dollars or hours, so feel free to make it much less.

    We can't go on like this.

    Sunday, August 31, 2014

    Throw another log on the fire...

    With the Scott Batterson guilty verdict yesterday, we've run out of room...