Sunday, March 01, 2015

The Latest Reading on the Corrections Barometer

The Tampa Bay Times tells the latest news. As I pointed out in a comment I left, it's clear that the Scott administration is slow-walking the process of getting rid of these prison health vendors who have screwed up the system so badly. You can't help but think that if it hadn't been for these corporations being donors to Scott's campaign, they would have been out on their posteriors by now, rather than us waiting for some vague timeframe "before the start of 2016" for changes to occur.

So for now, this barometer reads "Tea Party Rick Scott" in charge.

Yeah, it's MINORITIES Stealing White Roles. F**k you Michelle Rodriguez!

Failed, mediocre actress Michelle Rodriguez (@mrodofficial) proved why some people shouldn't try to talk outside of a script. She was asked about her portraying a Green Lantern in an upcoming movie. Her response:

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Because of this whole 'minorities in Hollywood' thing ... It's so stupid. Stop stealing all the white people's superheroes. Make up your own!

Michelle's "evidence" included Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, and the recent online campaign for Idris Elba to become Bond. (In which case she has a soulmate in bigot extraordinaire Rush Limbaugh.)

Yeah, that's the problem. Minorities are stealing all the superhero roles. That's why you never see a white male playing a superhero, except for Batman. And Superman. And Iron man. And Green lantern. And Spiderman. And Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Mr. Fantastic, Spiderman, and fuck it... every other comic book hero I can think of!

So allow me to respond.

First of all, Fuck you Michelle.

I think Hollywood has a LOT of problems, but white people being passed over for minority roles is NOT one of them! White actors get cast far more than performers of all other races combined. The fact they get a few scraps doesn't mean white roles are suddenly endangered.

Secondly, the green lantern roles weren't written to be "white" Two of the most popular green lantern characters in the comics were John Stewart (black) and Kyle Raner (Hispanic).

Third, I don't recall YOU or Rush or any of the white bigots defending your ignorant self-hating statement ever complaining about white actors playing roles that were SPECIFICALLY written for minorities!

Have you watched a movie called the Hunger Games? The character of Katniss was "Olive-skinned" and "dark-haired" according to the book. The author was very detailed in her descriptions of the physical appearance of the characters. However, the casting call director specified that the role should go to a "Caucasian" actress!

J-Law did fine in her portrayal, yet so could have 1000s of talented, olive-skinned young women whom that role was intended for--especially considering roles for dark-skinned women in Hollywood are hard to come by. They were never even given a shot because the role, in this day and age, was for "Whites Only"!

I also don't ever remember complaints from people saying "roles should be pure" when Jake Gyllenhaal played the lead role of the god-awful "Prince of Persia", and you can't tell me he was the "best actor" for the role. He sucked. The film suffered.

In Cloud Atlas, Jim Sturgess played an Asian superhero in full "yellowface", complete with horrible prosthetic slant-eyes. This was soon after he took a role based on an Asian character in the film "21". When there was outrage, he responded by this sensitive tweet:

@mrjimsturgess Yellowface? Blackface? Pinkface? Pinkberry? Blackberry? Crackberry? Blueberry? Strawberry? Bananas? Frozen Yogurt? All the toppings? Lovely!


Where was Michelle Rodriguez then?

Avatar, the Last Airbender, was a tremendous animated series with an ethnically diverse cast of characters. M. Night saw them and decided to make all the leads white. (Although since his adaptation is possibly the worst film ever made, I can't say I'm too disappointed in that instance.)

I can't think of too many instances, as in any, where a minority stole a white role. In just the past few years, however, I could talk about Ben Affleck's hero in Argo, who was actually Hispanic. Or KAAAAHHN being portrayed by ultrawhite Benedict Cumberbatch; Angelina Jolie portraying the Cuban/African wife of Danny Pearl; Johnny Depp playing Tonto; and the entire nation of Egypt being played by Anglo-Saxons in Ridley Scott's/Rupert Murdoch's "Exodus".

I could write pages more, but you get the point.

Michele's buddy, racist blowhard Rush Limbaugh, (whom she fucking quoted), argued that an accomplished British actor can't be 007 because he could never be black. He was "Scottish", we are told.

The fact that there are Scottish black people never entered the bigoted mind, nor the fact that every other actor past Sean Connery who portrayed 007 HASN'T BEEN SCOTTISH! Roger Moore, Daniel Craig-- and Pierce Brosnan isn't even British!

And please don't get me started on every person in film who has portrayed Jesus. White Caucasians weren't in Judea 2000 years ago, you idiots. He doesn't have sandy blonde hair and blue eyes, Megyn Kelly.

But this obviously was never about keeping a character "true to a role". And this sure as hell isn't about picking "the best" (which only ever happens when a white person is picked for a minority role). And finally, to address Michele's nonapology, this is not about helping minorities "come up with their own stuff"--they can't even fucking play the roles that are theirs. This is about white privilege. This is about status quo. Hollywood is a white industry.

As Chris Rock put it in his excellent essay on this subject, if there is a hot role in Hollywood, not everyone reads for it.

It was never like "Is it going to be Ryan Gosling or Chiwetel Ejiofor for Fifty Shades of Grey?"
This won't change unless we are more vocal about what is going on.

As for Michelle Rodriguez, I would love to boycott her films, but she has nothing I ever want to see. Fast and furious should have died six sequels ago. It seems she's doing a good job killing her own career faster than I can help.

Friday, February 27, 2015

GOP Goes All In for Rick Scott for President; Ben Carson for FL Senator

The preposterous nature of the title is sparked from a recent conversation I had with a friend of mine.

Rick Scott is the two-term governor of a state with the third most electoral votes in the nation. He is well-funded, business-friendly (well, corporate crony-friendly), a former CEO, Navy veteran and said he is definitely interested. The GOP and Koch-allied groups spent tens of millions of dollars in our state to promote Rick Scott's story and tell us he was a great leader. John Ellis Bush (JEB) couldn't say enough great things about him. Rick Scott was the man.

With all of those credentials, and with all of those people trying to shove him down our throats, you might be asking: why isn't he being promoted to run for president? Why isn't the national GOP and the Koch brothers pushing him for a national campaign if they believed in him so much?

Next question:

Florida resident Ben Carson is the rising star in the GOP field, at least according to Murdoch's Wall Street Journal. A famous neurosurgeon who was the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital and a tea party darling.

If he's "good enough" to run for the highest office in the nation, ever wonder why NO ONE (and I mean NO ONE) is trying to recruit him to run for the upcoming vacancy of Marco Rubio's FL Senate seat? Or governor of our state, for that matter?

These men are conservative's conservatives.

They represent the epitome of tea party "values". They are promoted as GOP "stars".

But deep down inside, the same republicans who are promoting these yahoos to the legion of Fox watching mouth-breathers know these are bullshit candidates.

When you rolled your eyes at the title, it was because you thought what all of them think: of COURSE they aren't going all in for Rick Scott. The man is a FREAKING criminal. Par for the course in our state, but you don't give someone like that NATIONAL power! My God, Rick Scott is embroiled in so many scandals now the damage he would do and the corruption he'd bring on the national level would be unfathomable.

And Ben Carson! Are you kidding me? Of COURSE no one wants Ben Carson to actually run anything--the man thinks the Earth is 6000 years old, homosexuality is no different than bestiality, ISIS are akin to our patriots and the flat tax is called for in the Bible!

Rick Scott may be evil, incompetent, and awkward, but Ben Carson is someone who has truly gone loonytunes and everyone in this state, including conservatives, don't want him making actual decisions.

If they did, they'd be running him. They'd be backing him. They'd believe in him.

They don't. We don't

So why are we playing their games? Tell the Florida GOP to put up or shut up. You think Rick Scott was so great? Get behind his dream to run for president. Why won't you?

You think Ben Carson is their new face of your movement? Put your money where your mouth is. I'd LOVE to see him go against Alan Grayson!

Or will you admit that you are terrified--almost as terrified as the rest of us. Not that they'd lose, but that they'd win.

PS, my friend is the son of Dr. Fergie Reid, the first African-American elected to Virginia's State Assembly and voting rights icon. Vetwife did a remarkable write-up on his latest effort to register 90 new voters in every Virginia precinct for his 90th birthday. Support the movement.

Republicans no longer believe in registering voters (and in Florida, you can be punished for it). In fact, they have become strong advocates of suppressing the vote nationwide, especially here in Florida. Fight back. Support 90 for 90. And thanks.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I-4 Ultimate Project is Crazy

The new I-4 Ultimate project starts next month. If you live in Central Florida, consider yourself affected. This is a 21-mile makeover that will be lead by the Swedish construction conglomerate Skanska. The video below shows some insane pictures of how it will look(starting at :36). The federally funded High Speed Rail would have been a great option for travel between Tampa and Orlando, but since that was killed by Rick Scott, (and the money transferred to another state), we can look forward to quite a bit of congestion for awhile

FL GOP Lawmaker Tries to Force a 24 Hour Waiting Period for Abortion

Depite studies that say waiting periods pose excessive emotional and financial harm, our teabag legislature is set to do just that. State Sen. Anitere Flores (R-Miami) introduced the bill to force a 24 hour waiting period for an abortion.

This despite the fact that waiting periods, counseling sessions, and mandatory TRANSVAGINAL PENETRATION ultrasounds have proven that do nothing to sway a women’s decision to terminate a pregnancy. These grotesque, emotionally manipulative and very unnecessary medical procedures are the antithesis of the teabag mantra of getting the government out of healthcare. However, forcing a woman to endure a humiliating procedure or a pointless delay out of spite isn't about changing minds but more of a twisted punishment for not subscribing to a backwater ideology.

GOP Lawmaker: Cancer Is "Fungus" & Can Be Flushed Out with Baking Soda!

So we had a GOP lawmaker a few days ago who tried to lecture a doctor during another anti-abortion fight right before he announced that he believed a woman's stomach was connected to her vagina. (And then proceeded to pass his anti-abortion bill).

Now we have another GOP lawmaker, tax cheat, and Cliven Bundy supporter Michele Fiore (R). If she sounds familiar, it's because just last week she suggested "hot, little girls" on college campuses have firearms or you like rape.

But this week the GOP has collectively decided to show their ignorance of biology, so Fiore contributed by proposing a bill that would let people use drugs without the approval of the FDA. (She thinks the government is holding out on us.) She made her point by literally arguing one of the most ignorant myths out there:

If you have cancer, which I believe is a fungus, and we can put a pic line into your body and we’re flushing with, say, salt water, sodium cardonate [sic-it's "biocarbonate"] through that line and flushing out the fungus. These are some procedures that are not FDA-approved in America that are very inexpensive, cost-effective.

Flushing yourself with baking soda because cancer is a fungus is listed as one of the top myths according to the UK's cancer research center.

As always, I can laugh these proud ignoramuses of basic science and medicine off: but they are the ones that apathetic people are putting in charge of our healthcare. That's why you have 24 waiting abortion periods (like one coming to Florida), forced vaginal penetration ultrasounds and other spiteful measures that have little to do with medicine and more to do with spiteful "punishment" for not following a medieval ideology. Even my own state representative has an idea of fining doctors 5 million dollars if they ask about guns in the home.

I only wonder what subject the GOP will be discussing next week...

Anti-Abortion GOP Lawmaker: Swallowing Camera for Gynecological Examinations

Republican (of course) state representative Vito Barbieri argued with a doctor on a bill that would ban doctors from prescribing abortion-inducing medication through telemedicine. Dr. Julie Madsen, a real doctor who was testifying against the bill, was exlpaining colonoscopy patients swallowing small devices to let doctors examine colons. Which led the GOP lawmaker pose this scenario:

“Can this same procedure then be done in a pregnancy? Swallowing a camera and helping the doctor determine what the situation is?”

No, the doctor replied. Because despite what your mom told you when you were five, the baby does not live in your tummy!

These are the lawmakers who want to impose their will on your most personal medical decisions.

Despite the viral outrage that any lawmaker would think ingesting something solid would expel from a woman's vagina, it is important to note that the bill passed with support like people from Baribieri. Perhaps instead of banning biology textbooks, they could try reading one--especially if they insist on injecting themselves in the most personal decision a woman can make.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tampa Bay Times Sues Rick Scott

The Tampa Bay Times, along with several good government groups, announced that they are suing Rick Scott to force somebody in this wretched, corrupt government of ours to examine whether or not he violated our state's Sunshine Law over "Baileygate". This is the first time the newspaper has ever had to take this type of action against our highest elected official, but then again, we never had a governor like Rick Scott.

Even several top GOP officials asked for an investigation, but did anyone in this state seriously think the guy who defrauded millions from Medicaid would have the integrity to investigate himself?

This was a "last resort" as Rick Scott's friend and, unfortunately, our attorney general Pam Bondi refused to do any investigation because she said she didn't believe that her friend Rick Scott would ever do wrong--even though he's famous for that kind of thing. Bondi admitted that she had no proof and even admitted that she never discussed the matter with Rick Scott, but she just knows OKAY!!

The rest of us who aren't friends with Rick Scott would like answers. I agree it's sad to have to sue in order for our highly paid top leadership to do their jobs, but thus is the state of Florida today.

Our Horrible DNC Chair Will Only Support Medical MJ If She Isn't "Criticized"!

Here's the f*&*ing problem we have as Democrats.

We elect leaders like Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Her counterpart, Reince Preibus of the RNC, is a complete ass but at least he's a conservative. He at least takes positions you would expect him to take. The same cannot be said of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

However, Reince does have something in common with DWS: they both seem to want Democrats to lose elections.

Debbie is your typical establishment wus. She'll support conservative Democrats but not liberal ones. She led the charge that Democrats should "run from Obama" in 2014, despite massive healthcare enrollments, unemployment being under 6%, record DOW, and 54 months of consistent job growth. Instead, Democratic candidates thought they'd somehow score points by attacking the president. Every single one of them who employed that strategy lost (deservedly so).

DWS also reversed Howard Dean's wildly successful 50 state strategy. Perhaps worst of all, she refused any help, (and I do many ANY KIND OF HELP AT ALL), to hundreds of local candidates across the nation. (The story from those we tried to help were all the same: they were ignored. They couldn't even get their events posted on the DNC's freaking website!)

The DNC hardly had any GOTV and didn't list volunteer efforts. There was absolutely NO platform offered to run on, and ZERO messaging. Even if they had bothered to craft one, it is doubtful they would have listened to the activists.

At the very least, you would expect Debbie to not HURT Democrats or our causes. Again, not the case. DWS was not only vocally opposed to a winning issue like medical marijuana, she joined the GOP using OUR resources to actively campaign against it!!

Miraculously, the amendment for medical marijuana almost passed here. We received 58% of the vote: just 2% short of the 60% threshold. A big reason was because of John Morgan. He is very well-known here in Orlando as a respected lawyer and people's champion. John Morgan stated that his life's mission is to help alleviate Floridian's suffering. For him, it's personal: his father and brother both suffered debilitating conditions that were relieved by marijuana. His father in particular was relieved from severe pain right before he died.

I would have more respect for DWS if she actually believed that medical marijuana was just bad. But she doesn't. She had the exact same mentality on this issue that she had on several issues: run from the Democratic position in an off-election year to attract the mythical right-leaning "independent".

Now that the midterms are over, she decides now that medical MJ is ok. And then she contacted John Morgan to make a proposal:

If John Morgan stopped the criticisms, she would be willing to back medical-marijuana next time.

John Morgan was absolutely furious, and said so:

When Debbie Wasserman Schultz came out last year against Amendment 2, she didn't just simply empower our opposition - she obstructed thousands of patients who desperately need access to this medicine. Her poor timing and very public stand against medical marijuana helped squander the efforts of thousands of volunteers and donors.

Now she wants to have a conversation in exchange for me toning down my criticism of her position last year (and the damage she caused)? Not a chance.

Because, while I don't believe she is well loved or personally has much influence in this state, I'll allow her the possibility that she might have changed a few minds that we needed. Staring down a campaign funded by a billionaire, we needed all the help we could get. She turned her back on people with Cancer, MS, PTSD, epilepsy, severe neuropathic pain, and more. She could have even stayed silent. She didn't. She made a big show of it.

I won't be bullied or trade favors when it comes to medical marijuana. If she thinks its time to support the bill - as she should - then SHE SHOULD SIGN THE PETITION, MAKE A DONATION TO UNITED FOR CARE AND SUPPORT THE BILL.

Everything else is B.S. politics in order to rehabilitate the damage she's done to herself by being on the wrong side of the issue. It's not support - it's a quid pro quo and I won't do it. 3.4 million voters came out for medical marijuana - and she should know that if she runs for Senate, we're not going to fall in line just because she's more open to it now.

Then Debbie did what she typically does. She lied and denied to save face.

Only one problem with that:

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Friday denied claims that her staff offered a deal to reverse her opposition to medical marijuana in order to silence a Florida donor’s criticisms — attributing the controversy to a misunderstanding.

But text messages and emails obtained by POLITICO indicate her top political adviser was aware of some type of offer to donor John Morgan, who is accusing the South Florida congresswoman of after-the-fact spin.

F&*k Debbie Wasserman Schulz. She should have had the decency to resign after the midterm elections, but she won't so she should be forced out instead. I'm glad John Morgan told her to stuff it.

Go ahead and sign the petition to get it on the ballot in 2016. Click Here. We deserve relief from suffering. And we deserve a lot better than Debbie.

Meanwhile, O'Reilly Is Imploding...

2015 seems to be the year that the GOP has finally had to reckon with some of their idiot stars.

As Bill Maher said about Sarah Palin, while "the rest of us have been watching this dog eat grass for seven years", conservatives had to admit she was an idiot when even an audience of rabid teabaggers found her incoherent.

Giuliani just went from "America's Mayor" to "America's Top Bitter Racist".

Even John Ellis Bush (JEB) has shown that he just can't help being a Bush.

Now enter Bill O'Reilly.

On the heels of the Brian Williams incident, O'Reilly got on his high horse and somehow got the idea that he had the integrity to scold him.

Yes, Bill "loofahman" O'Reilly. The man who sits on a throne of lies at Fox News.

The man who, unlike Brian Williams, lied about winning two "Peabody" awards.

The man who, like Brian Williams, lied about being in combat--except worse.

O'Reilly claimed repeatedly that he was in the actual "war zone" of the Falkland Islands in 1982. (He wasn't) He said that he heroically rescued his cameraman in "a war zone in Argentina, in the Falklands," while being chased by army soldiers. (Nope--in fact we just learned he was ordered to leave Argentina for risking his cameraman's life.) O'Reilly didn't just tell this story once, but repeated it several times. He has it in writing in his 2001 book and stated it as recently as 2013 on his show.

He also said he faced down an angry mob in Argentina who "stormed the presidential palace" and were "trying to overthrow the government". (Lie.) He said soldiers "opened fire on" and "gunned down" civilians. (Complete lie). He said all the other CBS journalists "cowered" in their hotel rooms while he was the only one who covered the story. (Bob Scheiffer got him on this one).

To sum up: Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie.

Even Hugh freaking Hewitt, sensing a sinking ship, managed to call him out on some of his BS.

"Would you consider a riot a general combat definition?” Hewitt asked O'Reilly.

“Yeah, when it’s in a war setting, of course,” O'Reilly responded.

Hewitt also asked if the cameraman would back up his story of being saved by him. Bill seemed annoyed and said he had "no idea" where the guy even was.

When your lies are so bad you are challenged by a conservative, you've crossed a line.

Lest you think, however, that Hewitt actually developed some journalistic integrity, it's important to note that Hewitt didn't challenge O'Reilly for now saying he never said he was in the Falklands, despite repeated assertions that he was. Instead, sensing that Bill was getting upset, Hugh quickly turned to a lame joke asking if O'Reilly had ever played in a "big band" because several celebrities lie about playing with "big bands". Hilarious.

Billbo's big response to the Mother Jones story was a slew of unprofessional personal attacks, incitement of violence against the author of the story, and a ridiculous 33-year old memo from CBS that stated he did a good job on his reporting (to which Bill actually said was somehow "rock solid proof" that he didn't lie about being in a war zone).

Mother Jones responded awesomely, taking Bill down point by point in his personal attack.

As of now, the bureau chief for Mother Jones has said David Corn's life is in danger since Bill O'Reilly literally called for him to be killed.

That fact alone should be enough to end the career of such a lying, spiteful bastard.

Unfortunately, O'Reilly's audience doesn't care about truth nor his calls for violence against his fellow Americans.

If they did, they wouldn't ever have been watching Fox News in the first place.

However, this incident has forced the media to finally stop giving any semblance that Bill O'Reilly is a fellow "journalist", something he has desperately tried to pretend that he is. Everyone is now drawing distinctions between Brian Williams and Bill O'Reilly, and why one betrayed our trust while the other is just par for the course at Fox "News".

Also, it appears highly unlikely that Bill will get any big-named, nonconservative to ever appear on his program again to legitimize his brand of hate (looking at you Obama).

In other words, Bill O'Reilly isn't gone, but he is definitely over.

Update: Because this guy really has problems, here's a clip (start at 2:37) of Bill O'Reilly saying how badly he was wanted by pro-football leagues by "leading the nation in punting" and for being "undefeated" on his college football team his senior year. His college didn't have a football team. Also, he's so awesome the Mets wanted him as well.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Alan Grayson Senate Bid Absolutely Terrifies FL Right-Wing

Sunshine State News is a far-right conservative blog that does its level-best to look like a legitimate news website. It's kin to WorldNetDaily and NewsMax, except a lot worse--and primarily focuses on Florida.

Conservatives in this state are used to milquetoast candidates like Alex Sink and Charlie Crist that they can steamroll. Yet Alan Grayson is one hell of a fighter. This is how I know that an Alan Grayson Senate bid is getting under their skin. Sunshine State News says this:

But Grayson’s acerbic style, insults toward conservatives and endless procession of snide remarks about Republicans often get him in trouble and can turn off moderates and independents.
Absolute garbage. Grayson says the truth, albeit very bluntly. He said the GOP healthcare plan was to "not get sick", and if you do get sick, "die quickly". That's very accurate. I don't recall any moderate or "independent" getting turned off by that; in fact, most people said it was about damn time someone called the GOP out for their crap.

We need SOMEBODY who can motivate the base to work the campaign and, most importantly, show up at the polls on election day. Grayson is a true liberal that will fight for us, so we will fight in return.

The fact that conservatives are up in arms this early in the game means we've got a winner. His biggest challenge will not the rightwing, it will be the establishment losers who run our own party and keep trying to shove failed, spineless candidates down our throats. As long as we force our state Dem party to listen to their own base instead of trolling, rightwing conservatives, we will have a winner next year.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

#ILoveObama trending on twitter

UPDATE: Fox Station That Used Pic of Obama as Rape Suspect IS REFUSING to Apologize or Acknowledge "Error"

San Diego Fox News 5 used a picture of President Obama with the caption reading NO CHARGES while head anchorwoman Kathleen Bade was discussing a rape suspect.

Although it was up there the entire time during her lead-in, assignment editor Mike Wille said it was just a mistake. Since they knew it was a mistake, (and left it up there the whole time), why didn't they at least offer a correction or apologize?

Good question:

Asked why there was no on-air acknowledgment or apology for the error, Wille said: “They really don’t do that when it’s a small thing like that.”
Nice. Putting up a photo of a different person while talking about a rape suspect is no big deal.

But then again, this is not surprising when you have leading stories like THIS ONE at that station.

Here's a partial transcript. It focused on a rally with ten people in attendance:

Anchor: A rally against Obama on an I-5 overpass draws quite a crowd. Protestors were welcome to speak out against Obama, but also to voice concerns against gun control, war, and Benghazi. They ask people to come out no matter what their reason to ask Congress to impeach Obama and remove him from office.
The reporter then spoke to a birther questioning his eligibility and the anchor ended by telling everyone to show up at their next protest.

There are plenty of other examples of their bias, including this slanted broadcast attacking the ACA, and this hit piece on Hillary Clinton

I guess equating Obama as a rape suspect was just the next logical step. Mike Wille also justified not offering a correction because he said he received no calls about the Obama picture.

OK, let's make sure the station gets at least a few calls:

Contact Fox 5

FOX 5 Phone: 858-492-9269


FOX 5 Fax: 858-268-0401

Phone: 858-573-6500
Fax: 858-573-6600

Don't waste your time complaining on their facebook. They take them down pretty quickly. Several are saying it would be more effective to file a complaint with the FCC:

- File a Complaint Online here

- By phone: 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322); TTY: 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322)

UPDATE: Well, the campaign worked! Fox said they would offer a correction tonight. All it took was a couple hundred calls and emails to say maybe they should at least acknowledge their mistake of calling our president a local rapist.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

JEB's Second Major Screwup This Week: Publishes FL Residents Personal Data ONLINE

Before my rant, I must ask: Why do republicans insist on pushing this stupid family down our throats? Bill Clinton had to rescue our economy after Bush I ran it into the ground, and now after several years, President Obama has finally pulled us out of the economic train wreck of Bush II.

So who is the current the GOP frontrunner? Bush III.

You realize that if JEB is able to pull of a win, (which is within the realm of possibility given the fact that the Kochs raised $249 million to help the GOP at a one-day summit last week), we'll have had 36 years of every GOP president being from just one family.

One very, very, AWFUL family.

Nonetheless, W's younger brother still has PLENTY of problems that he must overcome. The one problem he hasn't had to deal with is one he's been trying to hide for years: his genetically inbred incompetence streak.

That might be changing. For as hard as he tries, John Ellis Bush just can't hide being a Bush.

First, he decided it was a swell idea to hire Ethan Czahor as his technology chief. Ethan is a mysoginst and racist (who was nonetheless fiercely defended by fellow conservatives). JEB knew this guy had called women "sluts", made fun of gays, and said African-Americans spoke "gibberish", but went ahead and hired him anyway hoping no one would notice. After the media firestorm, (and ONLY after), did Bush accept his resignation.

Two days later....

In an attempt to paint himself as transparent, Bush released thousands of emails from his time as governor. Obviously, he vetted many of them because the most damning ones, like the emails eliciting help for Bacardi in return for campaign donations, couldn't be found in the 300,000 emails he released.

However, many of the emails he did release contained people's names, birthdates and social security numbers: everything you need for an identify theft.

He also released people's phone numbers, home addresses, and email addresses.

There are too many to go over, but this one gives you an idea. A healthcare representative gave information about a child with a life-threatening medical condition, including the mother and child's name, phone number, social security number, and healthcare identification number.

It would have been nice if team JEB had bothered to put a minimum level of effort to delete sensitive information. At least they could have put as much effort into it as they did in deleting past offensive tweets.