Sunday, March 13, 2011

FL: Stop the Forced-Rape Bill!

My Stupid State Series

Rape is defined as "unlawful penetration through either physical force or duress".

Our teabagging legislature is on the verge of forcing a woman who wants to terminate her pregnancy to submit to a completely unnecessary medical procedure that also happens to be the most instrusive: a vaginal ultrasound.

This is not for any medical reason. None at all: they admit it is all ideological. It is about pressuring a woman to not exercise her legal right by being violated and psychologically traumitized.

The bill will be repeat of the one that failed last year. The process will go like this:

1. The woman will be probed against her will

2. She will then be lectured by the doctor

3. She will then have to PAY FOR IT

These are the same teabagging SOBs who were screaming about government intrusion of health care. And what exactly is more intrusive than forced violation for the sole reason of ideology!?!

This awful bill was attempted last May by zealots in our legislature, some of whom referred to abortion as a holocaust, but thankfully, a few moderate Republicans voiced concern and it was vetoed last year by Charlie Crist.

I was one of many who contacted my representative about this. Last year, I had someone who was GOP but was at least reasonable. (This year I got this guy.)

When I wrote about what they wanted to force women to do, several people who had the procedure done posted about it:

its a vaginal probe that looks like a straight dildo and is covered with a condom. Trust me, I had one. It is invasive when you have consented to it. I only had one with my first pregnancy and refused them for every other one.

Annie R:
I had it done too, with my permission and still cringe to this day. And it was definitely vaginal. It felt like an assault. I cried during and after. I just wrote Crist and explained it from start to finish, trying to appeal to his "humanity."

Now, those term-limited moderate members are gone--replaced with teabaggers. We have no semblance of sanity this year. Our governor Uncle Fester has said he will support it, along with a dozen other bills that promote the forced-birth agenda:

  • A ban on coverage of abortions through private health insurance!

  • A bill making it harder for a minor seeking an abortion to obtain a court order to avoid having to tell her parents or guardians.

  • A bill requiring a physician to determine the age of a fetus before performing an abortion. (WHAT?!?!)

  • An outright abortion ban (that is hoped to go to the Supreme Court).

  • A bill to give to give all revenue from specialty plates to a religious, anti-abortion organization.
    (Thanks to Jeb Bush, our idiot state created the first state-sponsored fund-raising vehicle for anti-abortion zealots. Here in Orlando, the head of a religious organization oversees the distribution of funds.)

If you live in Florida, contact your representative and tell the bastard to try focusing on jobs for a change. I am always for letting them know how you feel, but I am not delusional into thinking that many of them give a rat's ass about their constituents (at least as long as Rick Scott is allowed to stop the anti-gerrymandering amendments).

This bill, along with the others, will most likely pass. So the our best chance is to fight it in court. Show some love for Florida Planned Parenthood. As you can tell, they are going to have quite an exhausting year.

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