Sunday, February 27, 2011

2 FL Teabag Lawmakers Hire 60+ "assistants" at $100K+ each!!

This really "Grinds My Gears":

Quick recap:

A few weeks ago, Teabag Guber Rick Scott released his budget, which guts children's healthcare and education, along with cuts in every state agency sans one--his own. The bastard is requesting 420 staffers and a $343 million increase for his OWN budget.

Well of course, you say. It's Rick Effin' Scott. Shamelessly stealing from old people for years means its no big thing to kick kids in the teeth while simultaneously looking out for #1.

BUT it's just Rick right?

If only. Our top two legislators: the ethically-challenged FL Senate President Mike "Hair"idopolos and the power-hungry FL House Speaker Dean Cannon where not to be outdone in douchebaggery.

These two teabaggers have backed up their man Rick Scott in every way...all the while crowing about cutting spending and lecturing Floridians on the need for painful sacrifice.

Of course, these lectures on sacrifice are only meant for the working class. You know, the freeloading teachers, firefighters, health-care workers, etc. I think we can all at least agree that we have way too many of these fat cats in Florida. And I for one am sick and tired of teachers always flaunting their wealth in my face.

Slash them all, I say. (And they say too.) Of course, to help them with all this fiscal belt-tightening, Dean and Mike obviously needed to hire a slew of assistants. These included 61 who are who are now paid over $100,000 each with taxpayer funds.

Naturally, the salaries went up across the board in this tea party legislature. However, the top aides to Dean and Mike are now raking in $146K and $175K respectively. In other words, 3.5 and 4 times respectively the amount Dean and Mike are paid! (Cripes, if we really want to save money, Mike and Dean should quit and let these two "advisors" actually take over their damn jobs. It would be a lot cheaper for us!)

The video above is laughable, but the money shot is when Cannon talks down to us simple-folk and explains that we obviously "don't understand the experience and qualifications" of the people who are getting these big six figure salaries. Right--including his new highly-paid spokeswoman who apparently has NO prior experience. (P.S., if she is the spokeswoman, why is she letting Dean defend her salary? DAMMIT, Dean, what am I paying her for?)

Hey Florida?


It's our turn to get angry. The Awake the State rallies are across the state on March 8! Click the link to find the closest near you!

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