Tuesday, August 12, 2014

FL Congressman (TP) to Dem Challenger: "I'm royalty here!"

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Rich Nugent is the Tea Party Congressman from District 11. He is one of those tea partiers who drives the public's perception of Congress into the toilet. (Currently, even Russia is polling higher than our own representatives. Even Weeper of the House John Boehner can't stand him.

Richard Nugent's failed legislation reads like a right-wing wishlist: Repeal of the Health Care Law Act, Deauthorize Appropriation of Funds for ACA Act, Death Tax Repeal Act, and so on and so on. He is the one leading the call for impeachment for the President, and can't articulate why.

And why should he? Nugent is in what is currently a solid red district. He's pretty confident of victory. When Nugent was asked about his Democratic opponent, David Koller, in this year's upcoming election, he had this to say:

"I have no idea who this David Koller is nor do I know what he's thinking. I'm royalty here and liberals like Koller should know that."

A self-proclaimed lover of the Constitution who thinks himself royalty. Sure, why not? Hypocrisy is his thang. This is a man who pays a ton of lip service to Veterans, then votes against their interest. This is a man who was repeatedly warned by Veterans advocates about the conditions at the for-profit Vines hospital, where Veterans with psychiatric issues are sent to be treated by people with no qualifications, but chose to ignore it.

This is a man who cheated because he didn't want a fair fight for his seat.

Compare him to someone like Dave Koller. This is a man who does not think he is royalty by any means. At our meetup, he made sure he satisfactorily answered every question by everyone there. He really will fight for our Veterans, our seniors and our schools. He is also fighting for clean and renewable energy programs: Koller is so principled that he turned down a chance to be showered in cash by Duke Energy. Nugent, on the other hand, gladly accepted. (Duke Energy conspired with ALEC to tax solar panel users. Screw the free market, I guess, as long as campaign donations are available, eh Rich?)

Dave faces an uphill battle, BUT here's the thing: District 10 and District 5 have to be completely redrawn by Court Order since they were blatantly gerrymandered. This greatly affects District 11. One way or another, this district is going to drawn more fairly--BEFORE the election! Dave has also campaigned relentlessly since filing. His events have him somewhere every single day. I only wish we had someone like him in every district. (For many districts, there is no Dem opposition at all.)

Donate, volunteer, or whatever you can to help this guy. Democrats are waking up, Veterans are tired of being played, and constituents are tired of being ignored. The GOP has built a power dam in Tallahassee--and a fighter like Koller might be just the leak we need to break it.



  1. ONE day I'll get my state back

  2. Although I like the message, the writer could have written this more professionally. I was a little turned off my some of the jabs. We realize the problems but don't need to be like the sarcastic republicans...other than that, great article.

    1. although I rarely ever change a post, since I was asked for it to be used by koller campaign, I decided to make a few small revisions.