Saturday, May 31, 2014

Confederate Flag Honored/Featured at Our State Capitol

Kelly Crocker of the Sons of Confederate Veterans helped set up a display of Confederate flags in the Florida Capitol last month

Inappropriate in every sense of the word. The Confederacy put in their own Constitution that blacks were inferior, so yes, the Confederate flag, no matter how you dress it up, is a racist symbol.

Moreover, the Confederacy was a domestic enemy of the US. They killed American troops. The Confederacy is a defeated, enemy nation. Therefore, the flags of our enemies should NEVER, EVER be flown, much less featured, in a US State Capitol building.

But this is Florida, where bigoted legislation reigns and ignorant rednecks (like him) get to write our laws.

Sen. Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth, took aim at the flag display when he tweeted a photo of himself with state Sens. Oscar Braynon II, D-Miami Gardens, and Dwight Bullard, D-Cutler Bay, posing with a cardboard cutout of President Barack Obama. Clemens captioned the photo on Twitter: “Our response to the intrinsic racism of Florida Heritage Day. #AmericaWon”

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