Friday, November 08, 2013

Rick Scott Decries Gov. Waste While Taking 800K for "Decadent" Mansion Upgrades

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Florida Executive Asshat Rick Scott announced this week he would seek to cut $100 million in "government waste". To a rich criminal like Rick Scott, "government waste" means things that rich people don't need, such as the millions he cut in children's medical services, which devastated struggling families with special-needs kids. Or the billions in education. Or health care.

But here is one thing that isn't wasteful. His F*%*ING HOUSE.

Never mind Sick Rott already has a private mansion paid for by his millions in Medicare fraud. No, he needs a gaudy upgrade to the Florida Governors Mansion, and hasn't footed any of the bill:

Since Gov. Rick Scott took office in 2010, more than $800,000 has gone toward upgrades to his decadent Greek Revival mansion, including cleaning oriental rugs, refinishing the floors and maintaining the grounds, the Associated Press reports.

Some of that money did come from lobbyists and corporate donors, of course, but the overwhelming majority came from the taxpayers.

His spokesman pointed out that Charlie Crist spent money on renovations as well. To be fair, he did: $27 thousand during his entire term. And Jebbie made security upgrades when he served during 9/11.

But Scott's wife, Ann, fancies herself an interior designer and had run her own design company with her husband's ill-gotten moolah before they got into the Teabag racket. An itemized list for the mansion included almost 40K for new furniture, pillows, drapes, gaudy as hell and expensive wallpaper, rugs, floors, and paint.

This did not include the $2000 mirror for Ann's private bathroom.

How a mirror can cost 2K is as mind boggling as how anyone would think they needed one. It's in the damn bathroom for crying out loud!

But just like Trump, no amount of money can buy class.

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