Friday, July 25, 2014

Idiot FL Congressman Assumes Obama Officials Are Foreign Because of Skin Color and Surnames (Video)

My God, this Teabag Congressman is a complete idiot. (I know, redundant.) Gohmert and Bachmann are now in a real race for the dumbest member of the lower chamber. (NEVER count out Florida!)

In a painfully awkward congressional hearing, freshman Rep. Curt Clawson touted his deep knowledge of India and his favorite Bollywood movies to two administration officials holding senior positions in the US government. The two officials, the Honorable Nisha Biswal and the Honrable Arun Kumar, are high-ranking members of the State Department and Commerce Department, respectively. They were EVEN INTRODUCED with their positions in the US Government.

Curt Clawson, who clearly wasn't paying attention, assumed the two were representatives from India. After all, they had dark skin and Indian surnames, so that was all he needed to make that assumption. He told them how much he loved "your country" and then demanded that there be more open "freedom of capital" with "your government".

Clawson obviously didn't know the purpose of the hearing he was participating in, nor did it ever cross his mind that it is extremely rare for foreign officials to testify before the US Congress under oath.

As embarrassing as that was, what happened next got things really awkward.

Mz. Biswal, being a class act even though this idiot made an ignorant assumption, told him point blank that "I think your question is to the Indian Government", and said she would advocate his position on behalf of "the US GOVERNMENT".

Clawson then apologized and ate crow... just kidding. He continued to be as clueless as ever. He smugly responded "Let's see some progress."

Curt Clawson is a perfect representative of the modern GOP: ignoring facts that are put right in front of you along with carrying an ignorant mindset.

If you can bear it, the video is below. If embedding didn't work, you can click the link here.


  1. I wonder if willful ignorance is a prerequisite for membership in the GOP, or it just naturally attracts those who lean that way....

  2. Have to love the repubs, they revel in their ignorance and have no problem displaying it to the world.