Friday, May 22, 2015

Meanwhile, Rick Scott Became Socialist (no, seriously)

The teaparty darling who hates all things Obama has allowed his hatred to go so far that he is parting with his core ideology.

Florida's healthcare crisis is sinking us. Scott refuses to accept the federal money to expand Medicaid. (He said before the election last year that he would accept the money because of his dead mother, but now says it was all a ruse. That happened.)

On top of that, Scott was depending on a "federal handout" temporary program called LIP (Low Income Pool) that somehow he thought he was still getting even though for years he was told the program was due to expire this June. This completely unnecessary and avoidable crisis has gotten so bad that our numbskull legislators were actually working towards a plan to accept the Medicaid expansion and phase out LIP. Scott decided screw that and said it would be a more neat idea to sue Obama.

This is what happens when Dems don't vote: They automatically vote republican and everyone loses.

Rick Scott knows that this lawsuit isn't going to work. So Scott sent a letter to all the nonprofit hospitals. (Profit hospitals gave him money, so they are cool.) Scott asked the poor hospitals to "share thier profits" if they received federal money to treat the poor. His letter blasted them for being greedy and said they should spread the wealth around.

Just imagine if a Democratic governor would do this. (Don't worry, it won't happen anytime soon.)

By the way, the people who constantly rake Florida citizens over the coals aren't being asked to share the wealth: Not our gouging electric companies, not our private companies who run our disastrous prison systems, not the charter schools, nor any of the EXTREMELY wealthy benefactors of Scott's crony system. Since they have all given him big money, they are exempt from Scott's Socialist paradise.

Only those who are suffering from a crisis of his own making are being asked to contribute due to their audacity to care for the overwhelming majority of Medicaid patients and uninsured.

Scott even had the nerve to to demand financial data from these hospitals so he can dissect it and demand they pony up. The hospital's response was great. It was essentially "it's public knowledge, look it up yourself." They also gave him some good advice for a better solution: expand Medicaid, you idiot.

The CEO of one these hospitals had to remind Scott that surpluses are distributed quickly to help those in need... hence the concept of non-profit.

Scott will sink this state before he does anything to help a poor person. We are talking about a man here who threw his own mother under the bus for a ruse, a man responsible for the largest Medicaid fraud in history, and apparently, a man who will now embrace Karl Marx and push for "redistribution" of wealth. (Well, redistribution from only for those who help the poor.)

Conservatives aren't upset about this at all, of course. They have no real principles either--except for looking out for rich, white guys. What's funny is that no one is even trying to hide this anymore. I am certain Scott will run ads in 2018 for Senate saying "Vote for me because F- You".

And we will.

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