Friday, January 10, 2014

How Unpopular is Rick Scott? Christie Coming to Florida Next Week for "Positive Reinforcement"!

#82 of My Stupid State

Only Rick Scott could look at someone involved in a serious scandal of political retribution and think "I gotta get THAT guy to help me!"

And because Chris Christie can't think of anything more helpful in rebuilding the shattered trust of his state than flying to Florida to raise campaign funds, this happened today:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who dominated politics and cable TV news this week, is headed to the Sunshine State. He's coming to Florida next week to help raise campaign cash for Gov. Rick Scott, who is seeking re-election, according to the publication National Journal.

It's a standard move for a high-level politico, like Christie, who's thinking of running for president.


National Journal said Christie would headline fundraisers next weekend in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando.

You would think Christie would be seen as pretty toxic at this point. But THIS> IS> FLORIDA!:

"We always welcome Gov. Christie to Florida," said state House Speaker Will Weatherford, another top Florida Republican. "An unfortunate situation has taken place and he's addressed it. He's not hiding from it. I think he handled it well."

Yeah, he's doing just great!

From the same article: State Senate President Don Gaetz, which the article names as one of the highest ranking Republicans in the state:

"Gov. Christie has got some image problems right now but I think he has a lot of admirers in Florida. People like his New Jersey style, and hopefully he will be of some positive reinforcement to Gov. Scott."

That's right... Senator Don Gaetz, one of Rick's biggest supporters, thinks that Chris Christie is needed for postive reinforcement of Rick Scott!

And what the heck does this say about what Christie must think of Rick Scott? People now associate Christie with making "Buono voter's children" inhale fumes for four hours out of sheer political spite... so what better way to make himself look better than having his picture taken with Gov. Toxic.

Hey, I may be cruel and petty, but at least I'm not THIS guy!

And Christie would have a good point. After all, its not like he's responsible for the largest Medicare fraud case in US history. And Christie always knows he can count on Florida to put corruption in perspective. We are so bad Christie is coming here to look good--and Rick Scott, who has had record resignations in his administration due to scandal/corruption, welcomes him with open arms.

Christie is his kind of people.

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