Saturday, November 29, 2008

FoxNews: Obama Would Have Negotiated with Terrorists?

Idiot non-savant Jon Kraushar, who calls himself a "Communications Consultant" for FoxNews, found a way to take the unified stance Bush and Obama showed against the awful terrorist attack in India to an awful partisan smear of Obama. Granted, he is just a flunkie who gets paid to do their blog, but FoxNews featured this at the top of their website today.

The mind of Krushar:

As details emerge about how commandoes ended the brutal attack on Mumbai, India it will offer the incoming Obama administration — and the world — lessons about the most effective ways to quickly end a terrorist strike on a city and may also suggest longer-term strategies to discourage future terrorist traumas.

President-elect Barack Obama’s campaign declarations on everything from national security to economic security are undergoing severe reality checks day by day.

Under what conditions is it effective to negotiate with terrorists? What anti-terror strategies result in at least limited havoc and horror?

Can anyone tell me when exactly Barack Obama said he would "negotiate with terrorists"??

Barack Obama said he would conduct tough diplomacy with leaders of nations who are not our allies. (Who the hell else would you conduct diplomacy with?) He never said he would "negotiate" with Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is actually worried now because they face a presidential advesary who is actually focused on wiping them out: as opposed to endlessly trying to justify why we instead need to be distracted by a pointless and bloody conflict.

And their attempt to smear Obama by using Malcolm X showed how desperate they are. Al Qaeda is clearly worried because the world is now rallying behind our president-elect and have started to wave, rather than burn, our flag.

Is the author actually suggesting that Obama doesn't negotiate with unfriendly world leaders? Barack Obama is articulate and intelligent enough to conduct tough negotiations. Just because we have had someone for eight years who could barely put a sentence together is not a reason the conservatives should try to condemn someone who can.

Any president worth their salt knows you have to sit down at the negotiation table at some point with other leaders you may not like. Reagan did it with Yuri Andropov, FDR did it with Stalin, Kennedy did it with Krushchev, and so forth. Bush's unwillingness to negotiate with Iran or North Korea hasn't exactly paid any dividends: Iran is now a regional power developing a nuclear weapon, and North Korea has already gone nuclear. Well done.

I know FAUX News feels it has to provide opposition to our president-elect to placate their base. But it is possible to provide thoughtful criticism without resorting to lies and smears.

If you think it's wrong, let this moron know how you feel by leaving him a comment.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! We have much to be thankful for!

That everyone around the world is waving American flags again...

The team that Barack has put together is already creating confidence...

That Bush has continued with the tradition his father set of being magnanimous and helpful, even in defeat...

A great election...

Real change...

And the obvious fact that so many in this community have contributed to that change. Thank you so much for your kind words and telling me how you've gotten involved or been inspired.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Impossible to Vote for Franken and McCain!

Quicknote: This was my sixth recommended diary on DKOS:

While FoxNews is doing its best to smear Al Franken by questioning some of his challenges of poorly marked ballots, (while ignoring the fact that Coleman is doing the same thing), the Coleman camp kicked it up a notch and did the unthinkable.

Coleman is now challenging ballots that were clearly marked for McCain for president and Franken for Senate--because anybody who voted McCain HAD to have meant to vote for Coleman!!!

That's right folks. If you live in Minnesota and voted for John McCain, according to Norm Coleman, there is no way you could have voted for Al Franken. Your ballot is now in jeopardy.

The anger I have is extreme. I can't imagine in this day in America that a national party thinks they have the right to DICTATE how I vote!

Coleman's camp wouldn't have challenged these if they didn't think they could get away with it, although I can't fathom how that this will stand. If it somehow does, then it sets one hell of a scary precedent. If I vote for president, then apparently I have to vote for everyone down the ticket on the same party no matter how objectionable they may be.

No. It can't possibly be that someone in Minnesota respected John McCain's service but DIDN'T want a chicken-hawk draft dodger like Coleman.

Or that a Republican agreed with McCain's moderate stance on stem cell research but was appalled by Norm Coleman not only voting against stem cell research, but palling around with right wing extremists.

Or how about this conservative explaining how Coleman lost his vote.

Could you imagine if Al Franken challenged every ballot that voted for Obama but not him? Could you imagine the outrage on the right if he had done that?

For that matter, the voter could have been intending to vote for Obama and made the mistake.

Send this video to everyone you know. This shows just how desperate the GOP has gotten and gives a new, cold meaning to the phrase "Win by any means necessary".


NOTE: It is likely that these challenges won't stand. But this does warrant outrage because a sitting US Senator is arguing that clearly and properly-filled out ballots against him should be thrown out or given to him instead! I was outraged when the GOP was challenging thousands of people's voter registrations as well. Just because most didn't stand--you don't just laugh it off and ignore it. I'm a Floridian, I've seen what can happen.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Palin - Crist 2012

My friend Tally at FlaPolitics is asking people to email all the traditional state media political journalists and urge them to do two things: 1) Ask Charlie Crist if he supports a Palin presidential campaign in 2012 and 2) Ask Sarah Palin if, considering the importance of winning Florida in a presidential election, she would consider Crist as a VP choice.

Although he is asking that to stir up trouble, I actually wonder if this will actually be the GOP answer to Obama in 2012. Obama will be much more formidable than he was now: they won't be able to throw the inexperience factor at him, nor will they be able to stir up fears that he's "risky" since he would have run the country for 4 years. (Even doing a half-assed job, which he won't, would be a severe improvement).

But I think it's likely. The GOP is screaming about returning to their "roots", (i.e. right-wing extremism), and there is no one more right-wing extremist than Palin. Besides, she may be able to convince the party elders that she can claim the coveted "turn". Bob Dole was selected to go against Clinton in 1996, even though there were stronger candidates, because it was his "turn". He performed well ("proved himself") against Bush in 1988, lost but then became a big-Bush backer. It was his turn. McCain did the same thing--he performed well against Bush (w) in 2000, lost but then became a bigger-Bush backer.

I don't think Palin did well before she lost, but to hear right-wing pundits like Bay Buchannan and others, it was McCain who blew if for Palin. Palin "excited" her base and drew thousands. She should be the GOP leader, the argument goes. (And for once, I totally agree.)

The problem is that they keep trying to give her the torch, like they did with the GOP governor's conference speech, but she keeps fumbling. Having a moron is not a disqualifier (see W), they just need someone in the number #2 position to run the show. My idea is that the GOP will pick Palin in 2012, and Charlie Crist as the veep. Palin would be the extremist idiot in the top slot. As they learned from McCain, the GOP stays home unless there's an extremist on the top of the ticket. However, they need a semi-competent person to run things--and Charlie can fit that bill. His moderate persona, the thinking will go, should be enough to draw in others.

This isn't my thinking, mind you. Anything with Palin on it will fail miserably. And Charlie Crist is probably too smart to join a ticket like that. But he may realize that the GOP will NEVER allow him to be on the top of the ticket--a closet-gay Republican simply won't be asked to lead the party. Plus, he's way too moderate. He can't win the top of the ticket--he may figure this is the only shot he has.

Better hurry up and speculate, folks, only 1436 days to the next election!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hey NE? Where are your pro-lifers now?

I heard a radio story today that broke my heart. A young child, like mine, under 10, was dropped off at a NE hospital under their no-age limit safe haven law. For those that arent' aware, it's the law that was designed to allow a parent to drop off an infant without fear of prosecution for abandonment. The unicameral legislature erred in not having an age limit--allowing parents from all over the country to abandon their kids at any NE hospital.

The story focused on a young child crying and pleading with his mother to love him and not abandon him at the hospital. He promised her he'd be good. But she left him alone with strangers.

The pro-life governor said he doesn't have the resources to deal with the unwanted children coming in: 34 and counting. And all I could think was, were the f**k are the pro-lifers??

I was in tears. I imagined this little boy, fearful and crying. His mother just didn't want to deal with the stress of having a child and saw this as a way out. Misbehaving teens, unruly children, or even severely disabled older children are being dropped off--not one infant. The legislature is trying to fix it, but it will be at least another week or so.

I think about Nebraska, which ranks as the most pro-life state in the union, and wonder why all of those ardent pro-lifers aren't stepping in to take care of, or even adopt, these children.

Why hasn't anyone from the powerful Nebraskans United for Life come in, picked up, and comforted that poor child??

For that matter, anyone from these large organizations: National Right to Life, American Life League, etc.
Do you only care when it's a clump of cells? Do you only care if it's a fetus in a woman's body? THIS IS A LIFE!! This is someone who needs someone.


Ask them. See the reply you

Sunday, November 09, 2008

No More Bush Bashing

The election is over.

It's time for us as Americans to come together and tackle this nation's problems.

I can't think of any benefit that will come by bashing McCain or George W. Bush. John McCain has given the most gracious concession speech I ever heard. I wondered if the outcome would be different if the American people were given the choice between Obama and the McCain we heard Tuesday night.

George W. Bush, in the tradition of his father, has been very gracious as well. He has gone above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition. His father set the standard when he offered to pick up Clinton on Air Force One after the election and pledged not to criticize him for a period of one year after he was sworn in. That became a nice tradition that once again made our nation the envy of the world. When candidates lose in other countries, they still fight----sometimes literally. Not here.

I will no longer be bashing George W. Bush. I am willing to allow history to be the judge.

I wish for healing, and my hope is that even though Barack Obama has large majorities in both the House and Senate, that he will govern in a bi-partisan fashion. Most good legislation is crafted with input from BOTH sides--and I fully expect the GOP and Obama to work together for the benefit of our nation.

I know that's asking a lot, but after Tuesday night, I truly do believe anything is possible

Tom Feeney Lost...To Clint Curtis!

Tom Feeney won only 41% of the vote this election from a district that he hand-drew. Two years ago, Clint Curtis--a man who was derided by Feeney and even the liberal Orlando Weekly as "crazy"--won 42% of the vote. In other words, one percent more than Tom Feeney.

Congratulations to Suzanne Kosmas AND Clint Curtis.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Cystic Fibrosis Charity Golf Tournament Raised $5000+!!

Thanks to everyone here who participated at the Golf Tournament at Stoneybrook East Golf Course!

This has been a pretty good week!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Correction: Seminole County Purple, Not Yet Blue

My jubilation over Barack's victory here in Seminole County was premature. I based it on a story I heard on the radio--apparently it was breaking blue but the final tally wasn't in. Well, the Sentinel reports today that McCain received 104, 885 votes compared to 99,140 for Obama. That's a difference of 5, 745 votes. My apologies.

Nonetheless, considering that the difference between Bush and Kerry was a whopping 31,201 votes in our small county, I would say that I can no longer claim this is a "blood red" county. More of a pinkish-purple...

OK--we turned Florida and the USA blue. But Seminole, we still got some work to do.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I wish Martin Luther King, JR was alive

Barack Obama won.

I have no words.

Why We Need a Supermajority in the Senate

It's not the evil that the GOP makes you believe. It only ensures that Barack Obama can actually implement his agenda. Tax cut for the middle class as opposed to the wealthy, commonsense healthcare, S-CHIP, etc.

The GOP can fillibuster any of this. Just this year, they initiated 94 fillibusters. All a supermajority does is ensure the GOP can't derail the agenda that Obama has laid out--which is why America has overwhelmingly supported him to begin with.

Your Words, GOP: "Back the President"

For 8 horrendous years, we were told we had to back Bush blindly because he was Commander in Chief. Any dissent was tantamount to treason. Backing Bush was equated with love of country, and criticism of Bush meant you were in league with the terrorists.

WELL.... start backing....

I can assume that any criticism of Barack Obama as president will be treated with the same disdain?

National Nightmare Almost Over...

It's been a long, dark, painful 8 years....

From the greatest economy to the worst, from world leader to pariah, from supporting freedom to shredding our constitution, from strength to fear, from pride in our government to international/national embarrassment and condemnation...


You made it happen!!

Bring it HOME Baby!

First polls close within minutes.

I just left pollwatching in Precinct 22 located in Sanford, FL. Ruby was in charge of that precinct and really knew her stuff. Everyone working the polls were committed to getting every eligible voter through efficiently. Obama was on top of everything--two lawyers were there when I arrived. They weren't needed, but it was nice to see that his massive organization was on top of things. We will not see a repeat of 2000.

I am happy to have been a part of history. Nothing to do now but wait.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Pray for McCain

I am not suggesting the race is over. Not by a long shot. And I will be working a 12-hour shift on election day as a pollwatcher in Sanford, Florida. (I have a feeling its necessary.)

But something has changed. Or maybe its me who has changed. For months, I have been battling (friendly-like) with my McCain friend in West Virginia. He would send me the latest smear attack from FAUXNEWS or RedState, and I would respond with articles from legitimate news organizations or funny YouTube videos catching McCain contradicting himself. But ever since the wheels came off on the ST Express, my friend has been grasping at straws like so many of his friends.

He argues with me that the number of McCain signs are proving his man is making ground, or pointing to the "polls" done by McCain's people that show PA and Iowa tied. But what he was most proud of was the following. And that is what changed me.

"They are going to blitz your state with these ads soon".

He sent me a link. It's McCain's latest ad. It begins with the phrase "The last eight years haven't worked so well have they!?"

(Considering my friend was an ardent Bushie, I was floored that he was so proud of McCain trying to throw W under the bus.)

But as McCain was talking, and rambling on about drill baby drill or whatever, and as I was about to compose a response--I noticed something...

Dear Lord, he looks so old....and so tired.

Please understand that I don't mean this as an insult. It's just that the realization hit me.

I used to respect this man. I thought he had a compelling personal story, was fiercely intelligent, and at one time stood up for his principles. I loved how he went after Bush in 2000. If the primary in Florida hadn't been so late, I would have considered voting for him and even supporting him.

But now, I pity him. I will pray for him. It is going to be so tough for him to lose this election. He has worked so hard, sucked up to Bush so much, and even threw away his reputation.

Just imagine if he had actually stuck to his principles:

1. Deep down, he has always hated Bush. But he felt he needed his base and wanted to win, so he reversed most of his positions and sucked up to him so much he became Bush's lap dog.

Consequence: He got what he wanted. People now associate him with Bush. Now that Bush is going down as the worst prez in history, McCain is NOW vicously attacking him--but its too late.

2. McCain, I truly believe, wanted to run an honorable campaign based on the issues. He himself said that if any of his opponents primarily run negative ads, that would mean they had "no direction" for the country. He also remembered the Bush/Rove smear of his own daughter in SC in 2000. But then McCain started sinking in the polls. He hired a Rove disciple, Steve Schmidt, to take over his campaign--a man whose mentor attacked McCain's own family. Schmidt ran the Rove playbook well--nonstop smear of your opponent and play to the base.

Consequence: McCain went along with every vicious lie--and sold his integrity little by little every time. The playbook of calling into question your opponents patriotism and even outright lying (Protecting kids from sexual predators meant Obama wanted to teach sex ed to kids??) didn't work the way it did in 2004. As a result, the few people supporting McCain can't even tell you what he stands for, and everyone else is turned off by the lies, anger, and hate from his campaign. He not only is losing the election--he lost his honor and reputation in the process.

3. McCain even allowed Schmidt to bully him into picking a yokel he met for less than 15 minutes instead of his first choice, Joe Lieberman.

Consequence: Palin has been an embarrasment and nonstop drag on his ticket.

Just imagine--if McCain had run an HONORABLE campaign based solely on the issues.

Just imagine--if he truly was the maverick he claimed to be and told Schmidt to shove it and picked Lieberman or someone halfway competent that he knew and respected.

Just imagine--if he did what he wanted to do years ago and tell Bush to stuff it (instead of doing it a week before the election).

Although I'd still fight against him because of the issues, the Supreme Court, and the fact that we need a Democrat in the White House to clean up the mess after Bush--I do believe that McCain would be neck and neck in the polls right now.

And even if he lost, he could say that he lost with honor, dignity, and grace. He could hold his head up high after the election, and he would still have the respect of millions like me.

But after the election, he will come to the realization that, in his twilight years, all that honor he had worked so hard to build, the reputation he worked so hard to restore after the Keating scandal, and all the beliefs he had sacrificed: gone.

I don't hate McCain anymore for what he's become. I'm NO LONGER ANGRY.

For the first time, I didn't respond with a lengthy diatribe against McCain. I told my friend that anything is possible and wished him luck. I pray for my friend, who will most likely suffer the pain I felt election night 2004.

I will pray for our great nation, and pray that President Obama will fulfill his promise in bringing all of us together to move past this partisan hatred.

But most of all, I will pray for the man he is working so hard for that I believe will not just experience a profound disappointment on election night, but suffer the rest of his days for what he has become.

Tonight, I pray for John McCain.

My Rant on Babs West in the Orlando Sentinel

Because I've already been published just a little bit ago, and also know its usually bad form for news organizations to criticize each other's reporters--I figured the best way to get my point across on Babs in our local paper was in the 30-word rant section. Today's paper:

WFTV's Barbara West threw softballs to [John] McCain but compared Obama to Karl Marx. Are you applying for Fox News, Ms. West?

See the full story below.