Saturday, October 25, 2008

WFTV's Barbara West: SCHOOLED-Biden Style!

Hey Barbara--Thanks for making Central Florida and the rest of my state look ignorant. Again.

I couldn't believe my ears... This so-called unbiased reporter from WFTV asked Joe Biden three different times if Obama was a "marxist". I would stake that he would have had more intelligent questions going on O'Reilly.

Joe Biden completely eviscerated her. From the fake ties to ACORN to repeated attempts to link Obama to Sweden/Marx, etc, Biden slams her and looks calm and presidential while doing it. ("Is that a real question?") This is the very reason Obama chose him. Palin he is not.

That's the thing about using phony talking points without doing research. They go unchallenged when featured on the likes of Hannity and Limbaugh; but trying to use them against a well-informed opponent? Well, you get exposed for the ignoramous you are.

The WFTV director, Bob Jordan, responded to the complaints by arguing they were just tough questions.

No, Bob. Tough questions are one thing. Questions based on false and ignorant talking points are, well, ignorant.

McCain/Bush "spread the wealth around" by giving a tremendous tax cut benefitting the super wealthy and the oil companies. That didn't work so well. Obama and Biden are talking about giving a tax cut to those who actually need it: the middle class. And now that's "socialist"??? That's "marxist"?? That's "welfare"??


Even though she was rude and insulting to Biden, it may have passed muster with people if she were equally rough on McCain when she interviewed him October 14th. Nope--she throws softballs and downright begs him to go after Obama on ACORN. Watch the difference:

You should never be able to tell a reporter's ideology. I think this makes it clear.

PS--If you are as embarrassed by her antics as I was, drop her a line:

General Manager:

UPDATE: Turns out that her husband, Wade West, is a political and media consultant for Republican politicians. The GOP talking points Barbara West used in her interview may have come directly from the McCain Palin communications team via her husband Wade.


  1. It was a great interview! Finally, Joe Biden is asked some questions for which I want answers. Her questions were fair - and I would expect the same tough questions to be asked of both campaigns. It's unfortunate that Obama's campaign feels the need to cut ties with this news organization, but I guess if Senator Biden can't handle the heat that's what they must do.


  2. Cindy you ignorant slut.

    The questions weren't fair, they were insulting. "is O a Marxist?"--and I loved Biden--"Is that a REAL question?"

    Biden slammed her with the facts but he should have walked off.

    IF this was truly fair, Cindy, Babara would have asked McCain questions on his lies he repeats on the campaign trail, but all she did was BEG him to attack Obama. The worst thing you can do as a reporter is show ideology. And boy did she ever.

    The good news-- These wingnut attacks fire up the stupids in their base, but they turn off the independents.

    That is why Palin/McCain are sinking.

  3. Yes, tough questions are great but not if some of them are 100% false or aim to equate the Democratic candidate for president with Karl Marx. Even John McCain wasn't subject to that kind of questioning when he flipped on Ms. Coronado on Thursday.

    I guess this negates McCain and Palin's argument for media bias.

  4. Only the ill-informed think current economics is Karl Marx vs. Adam Smith. The United States has been a mixed economy since Roosevelt, though movement conservatism of the "Reagan Revolution" has been reversing all that and leading us to the brink of another Great Depression. Today's economic questions are really John Maynard Keynes vs. Milton Friedman, and Obama actually seems to lean toward the more conservative latter.

    If only electing Obama meant we'd become like "socialist" Europe, with single-payer, universal healthcare and month-long vacations for everyone (not just George W. Bush). I can only wish that were true!

  5. Thanks for providing the email addresses for West and Jordan - sending them a thank you note for asking real questions that, despite your arm waving and waxing over, are burning questions to a significant portion of the country . . or perhaps just those who will get more of their earnings 're-distributed' by the government - have you even read the Obama/Biden tax plan? West's question was right on point.

  6. Apparently YOU haven't read the plan...nor the blogpost since you are making an ignorant statement...

    Here's the comparison:

    As you can see, the majority of Americans get a HUGE TAX CUT under Obama's plan. Unless you think it socialist that the middle class get a tax cut.

    However, under McCain's plan, you get nothing--unless you make over 2.87 MILLION! Then you get a huge tax cut.

    Redistribution of wealth for the upper class only. NICE!

    Since you probably live in a trailer--and don't make over 2.87 million--you will get a nice tax cut under Obama no matter who you are.

    You are welcome.

  7. Socialism sucks. But what we have is worse.

    Nationlizing the banks is a hallmark of socialism. It was done under President W. Bush.

    At least under socialism you get free healthcare, free education, and distribution to wealth to everyone. Under Bush, we redistributed the wealth ONLY to the wealthiest 1%.

    Wall Street had their taxes cut under capitalism. But when they got greedy, we all bailed them out to the tune of 700 bil. Socialism.

    In other words, it's socialism for them, and capitalism for everyone else.


  8. He buried her! Like you said, Palin he is not!

    He thinks on his feet and did his homework. He came across very calm but hit back hard. This interview needs wide exposure. It made him look good and that lady look stupid.