Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Doctors Thrown in Jail for Asking about Guns?

Welcome to Post 2 of My Stupid State:

Let me begin by saying JASON BRODEUR, R-Sanford, (yes, that Sanford) is a FREAKING idiot.

So this week, on the heels of the AZ massacre...my new freshman state Rep. from my own Seminole County no less, wants the government to tell the doctors what they can and cannot say in their own office.

Mr. Brodeur is telling people that gun ownership information could be recorded and collected by the federal government and insurance companies as part of the federal health care law. Which, according to Politifact,is complete and utter Bulls____. So he came up with a great idea that only a teabagger who "loves the Constitution" would understand:

Scott Maxwell:

Specifically, he wants to criminalize questions about guns.

Right now, many pediatricians ask questions of parents to make sure their kids are safe.

"Do you have a pool? Is it fenced in?"

"Do you have any dangerous chemicals in the house? Are they locked up?"

"Do you have a handgun? Is it secure?"

Brodeur wants to make asking the last question a crime.

Any doctor who dares to ask it could be thrown in prison for five years and fined ... up to $5 million.

To put that in perspective, murdering someone in this state carries a fine of up to $15,000.

Yes. My new idiot representative thinks its necessary because the doctor could compile a list and give the information to the state.

Even though that has never happened before.

Even though it would violate the privacy oath and the doctor would lose his license.

Even though you could just decline to answer

Even though you could just get a f*&^ing new doctor

A pediatrician who dares to ask a parent if they keep guns safely stored in their house would be jailed and fined. Free speech be damned. This is my stupid state, beeyotch.

But that is only the beginning.

There are two other bills now pending for looser gun laws, as I suppose we Floridians all agree is the number one pressing problem in this state.

Not the sky-high 12% unemployment, not being the leader in the nation in foreclosures, no no.

It's the fact that gun owners need to wear their AK-47s and Mac-10s on the outside of their clothing... ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES. Yes, as I discussed in stupid state Part 1...that is really one of the bills pending, along with another one that forbids local governments from regulating firearms.

So January seems to be gun nut month. The gun lobby owns Tallahassee, and they have approved a gun promotion measure at the rate of one per year for the past decade. This, however, will be a banner year with no opposition.

I am cringing at next month, which will probalby be abortion month: Scott has promised to this time go forward with the forced rape bill that Crist vetoed. Shred privacy month and anti-brown people month will probably be close behind. (Scott wanted a special session to introduce the AZ law here.. super idea in a state dependent on tourism). I would suggest there would be a super-wealthy tax break month-but that apparently will be ongoing.

Stay tuned, we are in for a bumpy ride.


  1. Man, I wish I had a doctor who'd spend enough time with me that s/he could get to probing questions like that.

  2. If this thing passes, you can have your choice of doctors... out of state. No doctor in his or her right mind would come/stay here.

  3. He votes with Rick Scott 100% of the time. He needs to go.

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  5. The 1st Amendment trumps everything. This gun-happy moron's bill will never stand up to a court challenge.

  6. Doctors have no business asking questions like "Do you have a pool? Is it fenced in?" or "Do you have any dangerous chemicals in the house? Are they locked up?" or "Do you have a handgun? Is it secure?"

    People who possess these things know what they have and are responsible for them. We don't need the government up our nether region for everything imaginable under the sun. This is nothing but a Politically Correct intrusion into our private lives.

    1. I just don't know how to respond to such an ignorant statement. I know how you want to stick to your right wing crazy talk, but do you realize that we are talking about Doctors asking about possible hazards that might impact the lives families. How many children were shot while playing with hand guns , how many drowned, how many were poisoned? These questions are not asked to be intrusive , but to helpful , a lot of first time parents are grateful for some guidance.

  7. "My new idiot representative thinks its necessary because the doctor could compile a list and give the information to the state."

    Why would the gun owners be worried that the government knows that they have a gun? I'd think the NON-OWNERS would be more upset. If a list of people who don't have guns got into the hands of a burglar ... Well, you know the rest.