Monday, July 30, 2007

WTF?! What Bush Supporters Have Stooped to...

Quicknote: This was a recommended post on DailyKos under my moniker "SEMDEM", and featured on my favorite local blog FLPolitics last week. If the guy was trying to intimidate me, mission unaccomplished.

Three years ago they were supporters of an administration that had absolute control over our government and kept the American public under its thumb with fear. Now they have to deal with watching the Bush regime collapse before their very eyes with record low approval numbers, the loss of Congress, defections from their own party, and the very real possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency. So what's a Bushie to do?

Send hate mail to people who write Letters to the Editor!

Here in Central Florida, we are beseiged with right-wing propaganda. Our radio stations feature every major and minor conservative pundit, FOXNEWS shows in gov't buildings, (the Sem Courthouse is on BUSH Blvd, not far from RONALD REAGAN Ave.), and after the 2004 election, Clear Channel put up a billboard on I-4 featuring a smiling Bush with the caption "OUR LEADER".

The Orlando Sentinel attempts to put some balance in the editorial section--I've written and gotten published 5 times. This year, however, I have received hate mail. Once with a Cal Thomas response, and another with a complaint about the Libby pardon. This time I got a THICK PACKET complete with misspelled rantings. (The cowards never leave a return address or name). Even though it's an old address, the mail lady forwarded it--(which I asked her not to do anymore.)

I know of at least one other person who got published who received hate mail as well.

The goal is to intimidate people who complain about this administration or the GOP into not writing. For some, it has been effective. My friend has said it freaked him out that they looked up his address and won't write again--I won't be intimidated, but I did promise my wife that I would use an alias next time.

This is what I wrote:

Let me get this straight. The GOP vigorously opposes "amnesty" for those who break the law. But they demanded the president give amnesty for someone who compromised national security, leaked intelligence for cheap political gain, and lied to prosecutors and the FBI. I guess they only oppose amnesty if you are poor and Mexican.

P.S. That was nothing compared to what Scott Maxwell wrote (he gets hatemail all the time, though). Bush argued that he did it in the interest of justice--OK, then are we supposed to believe out of the millions of cases out there that only his personal friend was treated unfairly? Only "Scooter" was worthy of a pardon? Isn't this more about helping out a buddy than justice?--He actually got a formerly indignant GOP Rep. Adam Putnam to admit that was wrong...

For my rantings, this is what I received in the mail:

The packet had Ronald Reagan postage, and was stamped "God Bless W" all around it.
  • It had my article scribbled with "Falsely Convicted A-----E!"--odd, since no one, not even Dear Leader, said he was innocent.

  • A letter to a right-wing rag about how if Democrats were in charge in 1945, the bomb never would have been dropped in Japan and we would have lost WWII. --Typical educated Bushie. Harry Truman, Bush's IDOL, dropped the bomb. Wasn't he a Democrat, idiot?

  • A list of favorable quotes for war by Democrats (such as Joe Lieberman) and accusing them of flip-flopping on the war ---I love this, Bush cherry-picked intelligence and lied about WMD, and the DEMS are to blame for being dumb enough to believe him

  • My favorite--a picture of Bush with the caption "It's laundry day on Towelheads, and I'm the MAYTAG Repairman!!--Yeah, I don't get it either, but it inspired the hell out of this inbred hick

There were a few other articles and crap that were scribbled on that aren't even worth mentioning--I refuse to read it all anyway.

Please take time to write a quick editorial to the Orlando Sentinel. Just a few lines-- Bush and the GOP have provided no shortage of scandal to write about.

Just leave a name, city, and phone number in your email: (You can leave an alias if you are worried about hate mail--the editor just calls to verify you wrote it).

These bastards are desperate, let's shine the light on these cockroaches.
Thanks for your help.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Check out this picture of Nitwit Mitt

First, Mitt embraces Ann Coulter when she made a slur about John Edwards. Plays it off. Now, we have this gem. Check it out.

His spokesman is in spin mode: "The governor stopped briefly for a picture with a supporter who just happened to be holding their own sign with an alliterative play on words"--which explains him holding the sign HIMSELF in the 2nd picture.

Well, we bought all the shifting explanations for why we went to Iraq, I guess they think we'll buy anything...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Amnesty for Libby

Let me get this straight. The GOP vigorously opposes “amnesty” for those who break the law. But they demanded the president give amnesty for someone who compromised national security, leaked intelligence for cheap political gain, and lied to prosecutors and the FBI. I guess they only oppose amnesty if you are poor and Mexican.

UPDATE: This blog was featured in the Orlando Sentinel July 5 2007

Monday, July 02, 2007

Fred Thompson Praises Libby Pardon

Taken from Drudge:
"I am very happy for Scooter Libby. I know that this is a great relief to him, his wife and children. While for a long time I have urged a pardon for Scooter, I respect the President's decision. This will allow a good American, who has done a lot for his country, to resume his life."

Any credibility the GOP had on terror should be washed away permanently with this decision. This president has given fewer pardons than any other in history, and he gave it to a man was prosecuted by a Republican and sentenced by a Republican judge to a man who compromised our national security to cover for a corrupt administration.

And he is now a hero to the conservative cause. Anytime this president spits in the face of America, the 28% seem to cheer.

And Fred Thompson wants to lead our country?

Sad, sad, sad

Sunday, July 01, 2007

London Attacked: Non-election Year Terror Threat Level Remains Same

Yesterday, Scotland's Glasgow International Airport was attacked. This came a day after two cars filled with explosives were found in London. England raised its terror alert level to the highest level.

The terror threat level will not change here, however. It’s not an election year and no GOP member will get a boost. No, I can’t prove it. That’ s the thing--—you can’t. The facts are always kept secret. But here is what I can prove:

  1. This administration is not above putting partisan politics above national security. Valerie Plame, among other scandals, proves that point. No one in the administration gave a damn about any information, any leads, or any contacts that could have been compromised by exposing her cover to punish her husband for telling the truth. Same can be said of putting incompetent people in high, critical positions at Justice, Homeland Security, DoD, and FEMA, (to name just a few), because loyalty always trumps safety. Hell, this president would rather send thousands to their deaths moderating a futile civil war than admit a mistake---can you tell me that he would have a moral problem manipulating color levels?

  2. Past history. For the 2004 election season, we were literally barraged with warnings of terror attacks on the debates, the conventions, and the election itself. We were also treated to several alert level color changes. The alert level was raised over the 2003 Xmas season accompanied by the obligatory terrifying press conference.

John Kerry got a bump in the polls when he picked John Edwards as his veep. Two days later, the alert level was again raised. Then we had a successful Democratic Convention that also gave a bump to Mr. Kerry in the polls. Coincidentally, the terror level was raised just three days after. And in case anyone was too stupid to get the point, Dick Cheney spelled it out when he made the announcement that picking the wrong choice would mean we would be "hit again".

After the election, silence. The London bombing of 2005 was pretty much it for terror alert raises here. Not even these recent attacks have raised the color level.

I’m wondering if that would be the case if this was 2008. Just call me cynical.