Sunday, May 24, 2015

In Regards to Conservatives Fierce Defense of Child Rape

Conservatives heard about Josh Duggar raping at least 5 of his very young sisters. They heard about how his parents knew, tried to cover it all up, and sickeningly allowed it to continue for an entire year after they learned about it.

The timeline shows one sick thing after another:

  1. The family only contacting elders of their weird church, where Josh was arranged to receive "counseling" from a bullshit treatment program. (Doing manual labor on a building for the GD Hobby Lobby ISN'T TREATMENT!!) Oh, and the guy running the program was a sexual offender as well.
  2. The molestation continued, and Jim Bob Duggar told "law enforcement". Well, a close friend who happened to be a state trooper, but with the understanding that no charges would be filed. The state trooper gave Josh a "stern talking to", and all was forgiven. Jim Bob's friendly state trooper, of course, was also embroiled in his own child sex scandal where he was later sentenced to 56 years in prison for child pornography.
  3. Anonymous tips lead to a real investigation. Unfortunately, the day that the Washington Post makes a FOI request for the records, a court order is issued to destroy them all.
Josh Duggar's net worth is half a million. He had a lucrative job at the Family Research Council giving speeches on how it's gay people who harm children.

All of this should piss you off. I would think that this transcends political ideology and that conservatives should be angry as well.

OH, and they are!!---at the media for bringing it up.

I am so incredibly sorry that you’re even having to post this [apology] on your Facebook page.

The media can be shameless & so hurtful

The comments from the "moral values" crowd defending the most heinous action you could do with a small child are shocking and ludicrous. It started when one of those asshats argued with me that, first of all, there is no such thing as "child rape"--it is all "molestation". He was actually quibbling over calling it molestation because somehow that sounded better than rape. (There was digital penetration, genius, which is rape. But if it you makes you "feel better", then please: call it "incestuous molestation". Better?)

It got a lot worse.

You can go to Josh's facebook or instagram page and see these sickos for yourself, as well as any conservative discussion board. They are so bad that and the DailyMail compiled several lists of conservatives' disgusting themes in defense of child rape:

  • It was just a "mistake" (not a serious crime)
  • His apology was tough enough
  • Liberal media is mean
  • Jesus forgave him so shut up (what, did He call and tell you?)
  • We all have "skeletons in our closet"
  • It's so much better than being gay because at least he stopped doing it
  • Everyone else is doing it, so let's all chill out (really! several people said this! One sick bastard even said his uncle is a pedophile and NO BIG WHOOP!)
A lot of them use the term "sensationalizing" the story, as if anyone can exaggerate how bad and wrong it is to RAPE A YOUNG CHILD!! (oh, and Benghazi).

One of the worst ones (there were many) were a variation on this theme:

  • Children all lie and exaggerate, so it probably wasn't as bad as people are making it out to be.
If any kid is reading this and you actually hear your parents say garbage like this, I plead with you: RUN!!! (I hope to God someone will take the small Duggar girls away from those enabling monsters who dare call themselves "parents".)

Many cons have used the term "sensationalizing" the story. This exact word came from Mike Huckabee's very long-winded and despicable defense of Josh Duggar's child raping habit. Huckabee told everyone to relax: raping a small child is a forgivable offense, but the real crime is how mean normal people are for being so upset about this.

According to that rat bastard, it's okay to hide behind Jesus when committing horrific crimes. The real sin, Huckabee says, is being born homosexual and those of us who support their basic rights. WE are the ones going to hell. As are women who want control of their own bodies. As are medical patients who want medicinal relief that isn't harsh or addictive.

But child rape? Apparently that's cool.

This isn't the first time Huckabee defended child rape.

In Ted Nugent's 1998 episode of VH1’s Behind The Music, Ted proudly admits to repeatedly raping underage girls. (They sickeningly referred to it as “his weakness for young women"). This is a man who coaxed a 12-year old to give him oral sex. He wrote a song about violently raping a 13-year-old, and another song about what he did in real life: became the legal guardian of an underage girl JUST SO he could have sex with her.

For crying out loud, his freaking songlist includes "Jailbait" and "I Am a Predator". (Seriously, how less ambiguous can he be?!)

Huckabee didn't lecture Ted at all. Instead, he invited this serial pedophile to ride with Huck as he campaigned as a conservative "family values" candidate.

Hell, on Huckabee's show on Fox, Mikey even jammed with that rapist while singing about having sex as a 10-year old!!

Huckabee also fiercely defended Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, and even led the boycott of Cracker Barrel when they pulled Phil's tchotchkes from their shelves. This happened right after Phil told an audience that 20-year olds were too old to marry and instead they should go after 15-year olds!

All of this, and Huckabee still thinks he has some moral authority to deem the Duggars great parents while simultaneously criticizing the Obamas as "corrupting" their kids because they let them listen to Beyonce. (As far as I know, she never sang about raping a child.)

OH, and BTW Mike? Someone who tries to cover up their own son violently murdering a dog needs to shut the hell up on parenting.

And then there's Bill O'Reilly, who gleefully told Greta Van Sustren that a 15-year-old kidnap victim and victim of 4 years of serial rape must have "liked" his situation because he didn't have to go to school. (H/T Blue in NC)

I know it is pointless to argue with cons on child rape because they are often insane. They believe in this crap about "Babylon's laws" or "Man's Law", which is not Biblical Law.

OK, I'll play that game too. You know what the Bible says on abortion or homosexuality?? Nothing. Nowhere in either the Old or New Testaments is "abortion" forbidden, and nowhere in the Bible did Jesus say one word about homosexuality. Right-wing pseudo-Christians apparently think Christianity is defined as opposition to abortion, homosexuality and pre-marital sex: the three things Jesus NEVER. MENTIONED. ONCE.

(He did have entire chapters devoted to helping the poor, but F_ that I guess.)

In the Holy Book, all sorts of horrible acts are explicitly condemned and/or proscribed, but not any of those three are even brought up.


The Bible unequivocally condemns rape of any kind (Deuteronomy 22) and even states the punishment for it should be the most extreme punishment possible--death for the rapist. If we are going all Biblical, then Josh Duggar should be killed.

No one is calling for that. Apparently, cons think killing someone is only okay for someone selling loose cigarettes or walking home from the store after buying Skittles.

I was absolutely horrified when ISIS was trying to religiously justify prepubescent rape. Conservatives, in their zealous defense of a fellow homo-hater, are trying to do the same thing. Looking at how ISIS treats "infidels" and homosexuals, and looking how they justify their heinous crimes, it isn't ISIS itself who is a threat---it's those in our country who apparently want to emulate them.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Feds Didn't Blink....They'll Force Scott to Think!

The recent offer by the feds to provide a lesser scale of funding for the Low Income Pool is being characterized by some as a caving in to Rick Scott, or as "blinking" in this game of funding chicken. Others are saying it's more like a rescue mission so that the poor in this state don't end up suffering because of Scott's stubbornness. You can count me among those who go with the second choice, and add this: I think it's a tactical concession that is meant to force Scott to further reveal himself for what he really is.

As of this moment, the feds have the high moral ground. They've offered a compromise that will allow Florida -- if Scott and the Legislature want it -- to continue to fund this desperate need for the next two years. After all, Florida has an almost two billion dollar surplus projected (or 8 billion, if you believe Scott). They could make up for themselves much of what would be cut from the LIP grant for the next fiscal year. If they wanted to.

Of course, that may mean that Scott will have to break a campaign promise or two, such as not funding education as high as he campaigned on. But since this was a guy who promised in 2009 not to cut education, and immediately did so anyway, I'm sure that would disturb him about as much as a housefly would disturb Godzilla.

Or, Scott might have to compromise by not delivering more of those delicious tax cuts to big business....or even that generous $14 per year he was offering us peons who live in the trenches as a savings on our cable TV bill. But if that's the case, Scott will still be forced to show his hand: Will he consider tax breaks for his business allies more important -- or the health and welfare of the poor, sick, and vulnerable? If he chooses the first option, he'll play right into the hands of his opposition.

I think the feds also know that there's a good chance that Scott, demagogue that he is, will say NO to this offer, and continue his lawsuit against the feds, demanding that they send him ALL the money he wants for LIP. All his talk of a state government shutdown may be a hint not of what he expects from a recalcitrant Legislature, but of what he plans to do, as far as he can make it possible, through his own executive power. This is the true coloration of Rick Scott, Hospital CEO, coming through now that he has nothing to lose and no election to face. I think the feds know this. And I think they're using it to paint Scott into a corner. You can just see his eyes nervously darting back and forth as he looks for a way out. There probably isn't one, not that makes Scott come out looking like the caring hero.

Earlier this year I asked whether to expect Happy Face Rick Scott or Tea Party Rick Scott. It looks like I forgot an even more extreme option: Temper Tantrum Tyrant Scott. I'll have to keep that title in mind from now on.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Meanwhile, Rick Scott Became Socialist (no, seriously)

The teaparty darling who hates all things Obama has allowed his hatred to go so far that he is parting with his core ideology.

Florida's healthcare crisis is sinking us. Scott refuses to accept the federal money to expand Medicaid. (He said before the election last year that he would accept the money because of his dead mother, but now says it was all a ruse. That happened.)

On top of that, Scott was depending on a "federal handout" temporary program called LIP (Low Income Pool) that somehow he thought he was still getting even though for years he was told the program was due to expire this June. This completely unnecessary and avoidable crisis has gotten so bad that our numbskull legislators were actually working towards a plan to accept the Medicaid expansion and phase out LIP. Scott decided screw that and said it would be a more neat idea to sue Obama.

This is what happens when Dems don't vote: They automatically vote republican and everyone loses.

Rick Scott knows that this lawsuit isn't going to work. So Scott sent a letter to all the nonprofit hospitals. (Profit hospitals gave him money, so they are cool.) Scott asked the poor hospitals to "share thier profits" if they received federal money to treat the poor. His letter blasted them for being greedy and said they should spread the wealth around.

Just imagine if a Democratic governor would do this. (Don't worry, it won't happen anytime soon.)

By the way, the people who constantly rake Florida citizens over the coals aren't being asked to share the wealth: Not our gouging electric companies, not our private companies who run our disastrous prison systems, not the charter schools, nor any of the EXTREMELY wealthy benefactors of Scott's crony system. Since they have all given him big money, they are exempt from Scott's Socialist paradise.

Only those who are suffering from a crisis of his own making are being asked to contribute due to their audacity to care for the overwhelming majority of Medicaid patients and uninsured.

Scott even had the nerve to to demand financial data from these hospitals so he can dissect it and demand they pony up. The hospital's response was great. It was essentially "it's public knowledge, look it up yourself." They also gave him some good advice for a better solution: expand Medicaid, you idiot.

The CEO of one these hospitals had to remind Scott that surpluses are distributed quickly to help those in need... hence the concept of non-profit.

Scott will sink this state before he does anything to help a poor person. We are talking about a man here who threw his own mother under the bus for a ruse, a man responsible for the largest Medicaid fraud in history, and apparently, a man who will now embrace Karl Marx and push for "redistribution" of wealth. (Well, redistribution from only for those who help the poor.)

Conservatives aren't upset about this at all, of course. They have no real principles either--except for looking out for rich, white guys. What's funny is that no one is even trying to hide this anymore. I am certain Scott will run ads in 2018 for Senate saying "Vote for me because F- You".

And we will.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hospitals and State Agencies Tell Rick Scott to Go Fly a Kite!

It's nice to see this kind of reaction from both hospitals and state agencies filtering up the ladder, but really, who's surprised? Late breaking report, Rick: When you act like a dictator in a free republic, you get treated with the contempt a dictator deserves.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rick Scott's Hospital Plan Has Even the FL GOP Eating Him Alive!

These days it's hard to know when to write a few words about what Rick Scott is up to, because within 24 hours, there's a good chance he'll have done something even more outrageous. That will probably happen again, but this frozen moment in time is too good to pass up for comment.

You surely know by now that as a way to cover his refusal to accept federal money tainted by Obamacare cooties, Scott has created a commission, set to meet midweek, to propose ways for hospitals to save money. The ironies that this has produced occurred to me almost as soon as he made the announcement, but you'd never expect any of them to be acknowledged even by his own ideological comrades.

The ironies all boil down to this proposal by Florida Governor Scott being something that HCA hospital CEO Scott would never have tolerated. Not in ten billion skillion years would CEO Scott have allowed it.

Not without going on every Fox News show to complain about "government intrusion into business interests."Not without filing a nuisance lawsuit or two. Not without saying it was none of the government's business how much his hospital paid lobbyists, or how much his salary as CEO was.

People all across the ideological spectrum are noticing the hypocrisy, as you might expect: It's as hard to miss as ten dozen rotten eggs in a rose garden.

Sure, we'd expect the malodorous hypocrisy of this situation to be noticed by some people who share with us a high level of distaste for Scott already -- people like Andy Marlette of the Pensacola News-Journal:

"[T]his is an astounding unmasking for a man who bought his way into the governor’s mansion on the backs of musket-wielding, Ayn Rand-citing Tea Partiers who demanded a more laissez-faire approach from our governmental authorities."

"Gov. Scott, in fact, is a very, very rich man who made millions in personal profits as CEO of a profit-hungry hospital chain guilty of the largest case of Medicare fraud in U.S. history. So shall the good governor be sharing those profits with the rest of us?"

"When criminality conspires with hypocrisy, we workin’ folks might as well ask for a cut of the cash."

We'd even expect it to be noticed, as it is in this article, by Paula Dockery, one of the closest things this state has to a reasonable Republican:

"To really confuse the issue, Scott created a commission to examine hospital finances, claiming hospitals seeking LIP funds are too profitable. He suggested the hospitals should share their profits. Huh? He is suing the feds to get funding for hospitals that are too profitable? And he thinks socializing their profits is good policy?"

But the biggest surprise of all? How about this, from Tea Party darling Senator Don Gaetz?

“When Governor Scott, who as you know made probably hundreds of millions of dollars buying and selling hospitals, said this, my first thought was, ‘What an extraordinary and generous impulse. Clearly, he’s going to make this retroactive’… but apparently not.”

[Gaetz] then called out Scott for trying to introduce “socialism” into the state’s health care system by “forcibly extracting” revenues from one business and giving it to another.

“That’s government price controls,” he added, “that really brought the Soviet Union into a ‘Going Out of Business’ sale.”

You read that right. The FL Tea Party GOP is now consuming its own in a feeding frenzy.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

CO Restaurant: Jun 11 is White Appreciation Day

Thank God somebody is finally giving stuff to my people for a change:

Colorado Restaurant Faces Criticism for Offering Discounts to White Customers

Having all the political power, the overwhelming majority of the nation's wealth, almost all of the corporate executive positions, full media representation and centuries of institutional structure backing I would trade for a second if I could only get a day where people appreciate our paleness.

But at least I will now get 10% off of crappy food from a ultra-dumpy BBQ place for my skin color. So all is better now I guess.

Edgar Antillon, owner of Rubbin Buttz BBQ and Country Café in Milliken, Colorado, is a self-hating Mexican republican. How successful the GOP has been. This awful political party has at its core a mission is to protect the white, powerful ruling class. They have been so successful at shaming and blaming the poorest and most powerless among us for our nation's ills, (black "thugs" and Hispanic "invaders"), that they have apparently created self-hating minorities who buy into "white oppression".

The owner complained about minority history months and said “the least we could do is offer one day to appreciate white Americans.”

The reason we even have any kind of unofficial acknowledgement of minority history is because many school boards DO NOT teach any of it in schools. The only black history I ever read is slavery and civil rights, and even THAT is too much for republicans. There is no "white people" history month is because that is the rest of textbook! I am very familiar with European history and the white people who led our nation. I am also very familiar with each individual nation in Europe. Africa, on the other hand, gets to be one giant conglomerate who few people know much of anything.

Let me ask these people who think we don't need any minority history: Can you tell me the difference between France and Italy? Good. What about Kenya and Nigeria?

Do you know George Washington? Alexander the Great? Do you know what Hitler did? Of course you do.

Do you know anything about the richest man in all of history? Mansa Musa?

What about Shaka Zulu? The Zulu king who united southern Africa?

Do you know who Madame CJ Walker is? How about Severo Ochoa?

Do you know what Cesar Chavez did? Or even who he is?

Didn't ever wonder why US Army victories over American Indians were called "battles", and yet their victories are still called "massacres"?

THAT is why there is a month to try to focus attention on other people in this nation who aren't Caucasian. It isn't trying to, nor is it, take anything away from white people. Rather, the opposite: minorities are just asking for someone to at least acknowledge their rich and cultural history as well. Dear Lord, you are NOT being oppressed because of a non-mandatory acknowledgment that there are other people who contributed to history besides white people.

Anyways, you can see their "white appreciation day" sign on thier facebook page. Naturally, bigots are thrilled about this.

The website they took down, but they are still taking food orders at here and it provides their contact info:


903 Broad St., Milliken, CO 80543

If CO peeps go on June 11 and are not offered a discount because of your skin color, Jennifer McPherson with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies said you can file a complaint.

This is 2015, not 1915. Talk about history repeating itself.

Rick Scott Just Admitted to Using His Dead Mother for Campaign Lie!

What kind of monster would go on national TV right after his mother's death to say the event changed his perspective and he could no longer "in good conscience" oppose expanding health care coverage to nearly 1 million Floridians---and then admit it was all a lie?

Rick Scott!!

Sunday, May 03, 2015

"The Least Effective, Most Incompetent Governor in Modern Florida History"

And if yesterday's news weren't bad enough for Rick Scott...check this scathing piece from the Miami Herald, which says, among other things, the following:

"At a time when legislative leaders desperately needed intervention to break a budget deadlock, Scott was far from the action — attending political fund-raisers, casting for jobs in California and dedicating a new amusement park ride in Orlando."

" “I would rank Scott as the least effective, most incompetent governor in modern Florida history,” said Darryl Paulson, professor emeritus of political science at USF St. Petersburg and a registered Republican who has written about Florida politics for 30 years. “Scott was largely absent from the legislative session. He does not understand the process and he is not highly respected even by Republicans in the Legislature.” "

"Scott has a standoffish style. He does not regularly knock on lawmakers’ doors or invite them to the mansion for dinner the way Jeb Bush and other former governors did."

"His reputation for aloofness makes it hard to reach essential compromises with legislators, and Scott paid a price for that. The Senate refused to confirm a dozen of his agency heads, including those who oversee Medicaid, public health, transportation and Ken Detzner, the chief state elections official. As a result, Scott must reappoint them within 45 days."

"All in all, it was the shabbiest treatment Scott has received from the Legislature since he became governor more than four years ago."

Is this any surprise when you elect a lizard to public office?

Read more here:

Read more here:

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Rick Scott Loses in Court....AGAIN!

Tricky Rick was really feeling his oats when he won two court cases early on in his term (stealing 3% from state workers, getting prison medical services privatized), but lately he's been 0 for 3. He lost on drug tests for welfare recipients and state workers. Now he just got his shiny dome handed to him on a platter regarding his use of private email.

Whether this will end up providing us with some delicious servings that will help get him into an orange jumpsuit, where he belongs, remains to be seen. But it's nice to see him cowering in a corner with yet another self-inflicted black eye.