Friday, May 28, 2010

CALL CRIST NOW! Tell him to VETO Abortion Bill!!!!

FL Gov. Crist is being inundated with calls by the Forced Birth crowd to endorse HB 1143---the bill that FORCES woman to get an unnecessary medical procedure that also happens to be one of the most INTRUSIVE: a vaginal ultrasound.

It is not for any medical reason, but pure HARRASSMENT. They want to violate and harrass women who want to exercise their right to terminate a pregnancy.

These are the same teabagging SOBs who were screaming about government intrusion of health care. There is nothing more intrusive than a forced violation for the sole reason of ideology!!

Palm Beach Post editorial:

By passing HB 1143, the same legislators who claim to oppose government forcing its will upon the citizens and government interfering in the doctor-patient relationship have approved legislation to do just that. During what passed for debate on the ultrasound amendment, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach, tried to dismiss any comparison by saying that abortion is "elective." Tell that to a woman whose life or health is threatened by a pregnancy.

HB 1143 is about politics, not health care. If there's no good policy reason for Gov. Crist to sign HB 1143, there's also no good political reason. Voters who most support HB 1143 favored Marco Rubio long before Gov. Crist quit the GOP. Having failed to get the endorsement of the AFL-CIO and having received only a partial endorsement from the Florida Teachers Association in his pitch for Democratic support, there's only upside for the governor in a veto. Indeed, he might also get support from Republicans who worry that their party is placing ideology so far above policy.

NOW here is the scoop! The bill is being delayed until the LAST POSSIBLE SECOND to allow the Forced Birth forces to inundate the gov. with calls demanding he SIGN THE BILL.

AND they are winnning! Over 20000 calls tonight for compared with a little over 12000 against.

The GOP legislature will be sending the bill ANY MOMENT tonight, 5/28/10!!

Charlie is weak and always goes the way the wind if he thinks the majority of Floridians want this, he will sign it.

SO CALL HIM OR EMAIL HIM NOW!!!!!! Tell him this is wrong wrong WRONG!!

Take a minute and do it now! Thank you!

GOV Switchboard: (850) 488-4441


UPDATED: several of the women who have had this procedure tell how painful and frightening it is...and call this RAPE, pure and simple, because it FORCES a woman to undergo the following, from a comment from prgsvmama26:

its a vaginal probe that looks like a straight dildo and is covered with a condom. Trust me, I had one. It is invasive when you have consented to it. I only had one with my first pregnancy and refused them for every other one.

From Annie R:

I had it done too, with my permission and still cringe to this day. And it was definitely vaginal. It felt like an assault. I cried during and after. I just wrote Crist and explained it from start to finish, trying to appeal to his "humanity."

OHH..and if I didn't mention it already, after the woman is raped...she is lectured and then forced to PAY FOR IT!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

McCollum wants to turn Florida into Arizona

AZ Anti-Mexican Law:

$90 million lost in tourism in AZ already...

Not one illegal stopped...

In addition to the "Breathing while Mexican" law, they banned all ethnic studies in the schools, and are on their way to passing a law banning teachers with accents.

THIS is what you get when teabaggers run a state.

McCollum was against the idea of bringing AZ wingnuttery here, as was Rubio, until Teabag candidate Rick Scott said he was for it. Now McCollum and Rubio want a carbon copy of the awful AZ immigration law here in Florida.

If Sink and Rubio's opponents don't know how to win with this, they deserve to lose.

This state has a large hispanic population that doesn't take kindly to cops demanding their papers. The campaign ad for this writes itself.

It is bad economically, morally, and doesn't do a damn thing to stop illegal immigration. It is a colossal fail in every way.

But it is the type of law that will pass if we elect a right-wing governor, because we already have a right-wing state legislature thanks to colossal gerrymandering.

If McCollum's Rent-a-Boy scandal wasn't enough to vote for the alternative, hopefully this will.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Congressman John Mica Still Says Drill Baby Drill

Even though the pristine waters off the Gulf Coast are becoming black sludge, John is fighting for offshore drilling off our coastline.

Oil is thicker than water, but Blood is thicker than both.

His brother is an oil lobbyist.

His overly-influential daughter represents the Consumers Alliance for Affordable Natural Gas and the Citizens Alliance for Energy Security in support of increased access to offshore oil & natural gas.

His son works for a questionable trade association that lobbies energy regulatory issues.

But what’s thicker than Blood? Money.

John Mica has accepted over $60,000.00 in Oil Money

Not that they needed to pay soo much. Mica in 2005: "I voted to drill in the Everglades in the 1970s…and I'd do it again."

Heather Beaven is up against Mica. She has a formidable battle because of gerrymandering (something else we can fix this upcoming election), but she can win with you help.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

GOP Allows Terrorists to Buy Explosives and AK-47s

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his police commissioner went to Washington personally to plead for a bill that keeps people on the FBI terrorist watch list from buying guns and explosives. Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican from South Carolina, said that goes “too far”. Republican Senator Susan Collins also disagreed with the bill.

If there are people on the watch list in error, there is an appeal process. No law-abiding citizen would be denied their right to bear arms. But a future terror attack may be prevented.

In the meantime 1,119 on the watch list have purchased weapons, and one of them bought 50 pounds of military grade explosives. I only hope that guy doesn’t have a grudge against Orlando.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Arizona Anti-Mexican Law Written By White Supremacist!

The person who sponsored the law, Republican Russell Pierce, is a white supremacist—he sent out an email to his supporters attacking equality in races, and denying the holocaust and degrading Mexican - Americans.

He is also a supporter of neo-nazis!

The person who wrote the law is Kris Kobach, part of a white supremacist group known as FAIR.

Article 8 in the Anti-Mexican law is a statement that courts will grant FAIR a cut of the money won in cases for this new law.

Don't tell me this isn't about race...and don't try to bring this crap to Florida!