Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Presidential Pick Hoplessly Unqualified

The president picked someone hopelessly unqualified for the Supreme Court. The nominee, Clarence Thomas, was a mediocre lawyer whose previous jobs included:
  • Two civil rights positions, where his primary focus was to undermine the anti-discrimination laws he was supposed to uphold, and where he was so incompetent that Congress had to intervene

  • A judge for the Court of Appeals for DC, where he had less than ONE YEAR of very undistinguished service.

And President Bush, laughably, said this was the best qualified candidate in the land.

What an embarrassment Thomas would be on our highest court.

Someone that unqualified might believe that the Establishment Clause (separation of Church and State) means that states could have Established Churches, or that the Commerce Clause means that you can’t regulate anything and therefore legislation such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the sick leave portions of the Family and Medical Leave, the Freedom of Access to Clinics Act, as well as minimum wage and maximum hour laws should all be repealed.

Someone that inexperienced might be afraid to ever ask questions. And an ideologue on the Court might make plain ignorant statements, such as there being
too much focus on rights
in this country. Not a good trait if you serve on the freaking Supreme Court.

But at least the nominee, according to George H.W. Bush, has “great empathy”. Such a worthy trait. One might hope that some future president, say in 2008, consider as a qualification someone who has a “quality of empathy” and not be smeared for it. (Hell, Thomas has so much empathy, he gives soda with body hair on it).

Just a small town rant on a person who truly was and still IS unqualified to be on the Supreme Court, and why no one gives a rats a__ about any complaints from the GOP against a really qualified and intelligent nominee like Sotomayor.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Scapegoating Pelosi: R U Kidding?

This is your plan? Really? Deflect your complicity with torture by attacking NANCY freaking PELOSI?

Did Nancy Pelosi ever order torture?

Did she order waterboarding on Gitmo detainees to get a non-existant link between Al Qaeda and Iraq?

Did she write "legal" memos justifying torture?

Did she sign off on them?

Even she did speak out, would it have made one iota of difference to BushCo.?

None of the important points, like the actual torture, upsets the GOP. No, they are upset that the House leader would dare question something that came from the CIA.

That is the real outrage here. Except, of course, when they do it....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Surprise: Crist Jumps Ship as Governor

Charlie Crist has been a disaster. Everything he has touched has been an abysmal disgrace. (By the way, I need to add rail to that list of broken promises.)

Our state is in desperate need of leadership since the GOP monopoly has made a mess of things in Tallahassee. But idiot Charlie is no leader. He can't even get people in his own party in line to simply do their job and throw a lifeline to their suffering constituents.

But leading the nation in home foreclosures and job losses is apparently a good enough record for the GOP to declare Crist the new Senate candidate to replace the g-awful Martinez. Never in Florida history has a sitting governor foregone re-election to go to the Senate. But what could Crist do? Our state is sinking, and Charlie isn't going down with the ship. The perpetually tan-man is still pining to be veep and prez one day, and he sure can't do it by actually solving any problems he was elected to solve.

So the answer is clear--move to the Senate. The education, housing, insurance, water, economic crisis becomes someone else's problem to deal with.

In most other states, a governor who fails could not hope to be elected to national office.

But this is Florida....

Friday, May 08, 2009

Well Done Kosmas.

After years of being represented by the G-awful Tom Feeney, the most corrupt representative in Congress, Suzanne Kosmas is rehabilitating the district. From the Orlando Sentinel:

First-term Democrat Suzanne Kosmas of New Smyrna Beach has launched a new bid to double the one-year waiting period [retired Congresspeople "must wait after leaving their seats to lobby their ex-colleagues"]. Her commendable effort deserves enthusiastic support from both parties, which still have plenty to prove when it comes to their sincerity about ethics reform.

For those Seminole residents who are unsure what to make of this, it's called ethics. And we haven't seen this from our representative for a long, long time.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Death of SunRail

Once again, we gave away millions in transportation funds to another state because apparently, I-4 is working out just fine.

13,000 jobs and $300 million are now lost because the legislature killed the SunRail proposal. That money and those jobs are going to another state--one where presumably morons don't run the state legislature.