Monday, November 24, 2008

Impossible to Vote for Franken and McCain!

Quicknote: This was my sixth recommended diary on DKOS:

While FoxNews is doing its best to smear Al Franken by questioning some of his challenges of poorly marked ballots, (while ignoring the fact that Coleman is doing the same thing), the Coleman camp kicked it up a notch and did the unthinkable.

Coleman is now challenging ballots that were clearly marked for McCain for president and Franken for Senate--because anybody who voted McCain HAD to have meant to vote for Coleman!!!

That's right folks. If you live in Minnesota and voted for John McCain, according to Norm Coleman, there is no way you could have voted for Al Franken. Your ballot is now in jeopardy.

The anger I have is extreme. I can't imagine in this day in America that a national party thinks they have the right to DICTATE how I vote!

Coleman's camp wouldn't have challenged these if they didn't think they could get away with it, although I can't fathom how that this will stand. If it somehow does, then it sets one hell of a scary precedent. If I vote for president, then apparently I have to vote for everyone down the ticket on the same party no matter how objectionable they may be.

No. It can't possibly be that someone in Minnesota respected John McCain's service but DIDN'T want a chicken-hawk draft dodger like Coleman.

Or that a Republican agreed with McCain's moderate stance on stem cell research but was appalled by Norm Coleman not only voting against stem cell research, but palling around with right wing extremists.

Or how about this conservative explaining how Coleman lost his vote.

Could you imagine if Al Franken challenged every ballot that voted for Obama but not him? Could you imagine the outrage on the right if he had done that?

For that matter, the voter could have been intending to vote for Obama and made the mistake.

Send this video to everyone you know. This shows just how desperate the GOP has gotten and gives a new, cold meaning to the phrase "Win by any means necessary".


NOTE: It is likely that these challenges won't stand. But this does warrant outrage because a sitting US Senator is arguing that clearly and properly-filled out ballots against him should be thrown out or given to him instead! I was outraged when the GOP was challenging thousands of people's voter registrations as well. Just because most didn't stand--you don't just laugh it off and ignore it. I'm a Floridian, I've seen what can happen.


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  2. DUDE, quit spreading lies!!!

    The Minneapolis Elections Director even addressed the lie about the ballots in the car:

    This is a new era, friend. You've lied to us for 8 years--and they caught up with you. No one believes your lies anymore.

  3. SemDem here.

    What I do not tolerate is someone who posts a smear that is not true. Don't lie or do a little research before posting--not too much to ask.