Friday, May 30, 2008

McClellan was Talking About McCain

McCain's Own Words...

In other news of the "quick and easy" liberation this week, McCain invited Barack to accompany him to Iraq, saying it would show him how great everything is there and would allow him to make "informed judgments" in the future.

Funny. It didn't have that effect on McSame.

McCain STILL doesn't seem to know the difference between the Sunni and the Shia, nor who is currently in charge.

McSame should also not count on Barack being as clueless as he is. I don't think Obama would take an entire company of men off of their posts (plus 3 Blackhawk helicopters and 2 Apache gunships) just for a photo opp. in a marketplace, only then to make a ridiculous statement about how "safe" everything is and that it's like a "normal outdoor market in Indiana in the summertime!"

PS--that same marketplace today? Controlled by Muqtada Al-Sadr:

Monday, May 26, 2008

Teacher Forces 5-Yr Old Disabled Boy to Be TAUNTED!!

WORST TEACHER IN THE WORLD: Wendy Portillo, a teacher in Port St. Lucie, FL, who forced Alex, age 5, to stand in front of his classroom and had EACH CLASSMATE tell him what they didn't like about him.

Alex has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. The kids called him "disgusting", "annoying", and so on.

He lost by a vote of 14 to 2 and was kicked out of the classroom.

This trauma has led the kid to be inconsolable, and he told his mom several times that he "wasn't special".

It gets worse...

The goddamned conservative rethuglicans who have a stranglehold on our state attorney's office said THIS DIDN'T CONSTITUTE EMOTIONAL ABUSE! They will not investigate.


Write your local paper and call the TV stations. This type of outrage is unacceptable, even for Florida.

Full story: Here

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Who will be Barack's veep?

The blogosphere is lit up with people speculating who Barack's veep will be. I previously predicted a Hillary win--and predicted that Ohio governor Ted Strickland would be her Veep choice. A Hillary win seems less likely every day. The momentum is certainly on Obama's side, so let's speculate for him. Shall we?

1. HRC. This is the most obvious, and to some, the least likely choice. Thing is, they just don't like each other. Hillary feels that Obama took her rightful turn, and Obama feels that HRC is trying to sabotage him. Not a match made in heaven. But likability isn't everything.

Fact is, Obama needs Hillary's supporters to win the election: and many of them have said they would stay home or even vote McCain if Obama is the nominee. By choosing HRC, he could begin to mend a lot of hurt feelings and a few fences. Besides, they both seem to bring in two different constituencies within the Dem party. A united ticket could theoretically reach out to both of them. Not to mention that Hillary is HUGELY popular in necessary swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and of course, FLORIDA. She consistently beats McCain in those states while Barack has been struggling.

Of course, Obama may figure that would lose some of his most ardent supporters who share an intense dislike of HRC. Some hate her so much they will not support him if he chose her to share the ticket. Others may fear that she and her husband would try to manipulate him once in the White House ala Dick Cheney, but I don't think Obama is prone to manipulation like our current commander in chief. Finally, picking HRC could undercut his message of real change, especially since he campaigned against the status quo she partly represents. I am dying to know what he decides about this choice.

2. Senator Jim Webb. Former Marine. Former Navy Secretary under the GOP god Ronald Wilson Reagan. The new VA senator has great credibility with veterans--not just with his background, but with his signature initiatives to make veteran's lives easier. This is due in large part to measures that would have given them mandatory rest (unsuccessful) or the brand new GI Bill (successful--which McCain opposed by the way). Certainly, his addition to an Obama ticket would help in two ways: shore up national security credentials, and help put a 2008 swing state teetering on the brink into the Blue column. But if he doesn't pick Webb, there is another good Dem to choose from this state:

3. VA Governor Tim Kaine. Kaine was among the first to endorse Obama, which is a big plus when a Hillary tsunami seemed likely. Obama and he genuinely like each other; and besides, it's not like Kaine will run again (VA only allows one-term for their governors). And, as with Webb, it would put VA in play. Another bonus: although it's always a good idea to pick a veep from a different region, a ticket with a Midwesterner and a Southerner is a particular good idea since that is where the battleground will be this year.

4. The SWING STATE GOVERNORS: This group includes Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, or PA Gov. Ed Rendell. Yes, they are all Hillary supporters, but that makes the deal even sweeter. This is a way to reach out to HRC supporters if Obama just can't stomach HRC. More importantly, it would put these necessary swing states in play. By the way, if that is the thinking, then would definetly pick Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland out fo the three. PA will most likely go Dem anyway, although it won't be a sure thing. Iowa is important but doesn't have as many electoral votes as others. McCain, however, can't win without Ohio. Of course, besides Ohio's 20 electoral votes, Ted doesn't bring much else to the table. No military/nat. security credentials, same region, and there is really no chemistry between the two.

5. Gov. Bill Richardson. Would definetly put New Mexico in the Blue column come November, has extensive foreign policy experience, and would certainly help in bringing Hispanics over who have so far backed Clinton. Not the best public speaker and obviously not the best campaigner, however. Could be eaten up in a veep debate if McCain picks a smooth talker like Huckabee.

6. John Edwards. You keep hearing about the angry, blue-collar white men? John Edwards reaches them like no one else. Even though Obama's problem with these voters seem to be contained to the Appalachian region, John Edwards has a massive following of believers that would really enhance Barack's appeal and really show he is the candidate of change--unlike if he picked HRC. John Edwards, however, has no foreign policy experience. The fact that he lost in the past two elections also would give Obama some pause, and may decide he needs a fresh new face.

7. Senator Chris Dodd. Strong on foreign policy-- he served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for many years. He is also strong on domestic issues, and he's a favorite of the Democratic left base. Negatives include that he is already from a blue state that will go Obama anyways, and bringing on a deep-blue New England senator may not be the best strategy to court needed indie voters in the South and West.

8. Gen. Wesley Clark. A Hillary supporter who also has some real military credentials to boot. He would also likely put Arkansas into play. This would be a good balance for Obama, but I honestly think that Obama would choose Webb before he picks Gen. Clark.

9. Senator Joe Biden. No one know more about foreign policy than Joe. He would eviscerate any of McCain's veep choices in debate when the talk focuses on terror and the Iraq War. Of course, Biden isn't from a large swing state. Besides, if Obama is going to pick another Senator, I think there are more compelling reasons for HRC or Webb to get the call.

10. SURPRISE!!: Some unlikely ideas are Chuck Hagel, former Republican Senator from Nebraska. Hagel is the GOP what Lieberman is to the Democrats. Hagel hates George W. Bush, hates the war, but is a conservative nonetheless. He could potentially bring disaffected GOPers and right-leaning independents into Barack's camp. Of course, like Lieberman, he is very partisan with everywhere else (anti-abortion, anti-universal health care, etc.) Therefore, very unlikely. I've also heard Mike Bloomberg-but I just don't see a billionaire on the ticket helping Obama very much. Finally, I have to say I don't see Janet Napolitano, current AZ governor. She can't really put Arizona in play since McCain is on the opposing ticket, and any of her strengths are trumped by any number of people already mentioned. Another longshot, although she has a strong following, is Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas. She is from a deep red state who underperformed in her response to the State of the Union, so I don't think she will be on his shortlist.

Who do you think it will be? The decision is coming sooner than you think....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Barack in Seminole County

Okay, technically Orange County since Maitland is right on the border, but you get the point.

He held a fundraiser that apparently raised about half a million dollars in small donations. Not too bad. No I didn't go--although I understand the "Maitland for Obama" and "Barack Obama is my Homeboy" Tee-shirts sold very well:

Friday, May 16, 2008

Funniest Video YET this campaign season!

Poor Kevin James. His career is on the ropes based on his appearance with Chris Matthews.

He was eviscerated on Hardball taking the Bush/McCain line that Obama is somehow an "appeaser" like Neville Chamberlain.

Problem is, as with Bush/McCain, he doesn't know what "appeasement" means--much less what Neville Chamberlain even did. Neville foolishly gave half of Checkoslovakia to Hilter as a means of "appeasing" him. That's what it means--giving things to the enemy. IT DOES NOT MEAN TALKING TO THE ENEMY! That is called DIPLOMACY!

The fact that Obama has a brilliant mind who can conduct diplomacy while Bush can't even put a sentence together (much less read one without a teleprompter) is not a weakness. It is a desperate need to correct the worst foreign policy blunders in American history that has weakened us as a nation and emboldened our enemies.

Watch the video. It's worth seeing the whole thing, but if you just want fireworks--move ahead to the four minute mark. You won't believe it.

PS--Listen to where Kevin claims to get his "facts" from. Maybe if Repbulicans quit burning history and science books and tried reading them, they would be more sensible. But then again, they wouldn't be conservatives...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Can Barack Win Florida?

The quick answer is yes. Not as easily as Hillary...all of the snowbirds from New York would travel down here to vote for her. She is a lock on this crucial state: She consistently wins Florida in head to head matchups with John McSame.

Barack, not so much. But he isn't doing bad. The latest poll shows Barack tied with McCain-- 43% to 44%, which is well within the poll's margin of error. Keep in mind that McCain has already spent a ton of time here in January trying to lock up the GOP primary and has spend a couple million for TV spots. Barack hasn't even set foot here yet and has not spent one single dime.

That is about to change. From TC Palm:

Next week, Obama plans to spend three days, starting May 21 in Florida, with stops in Tampa, Orlando, Palm Beach County and Miami. A spokeswoman for the Obama campaign said the details of the Florida stops have yet to be finalized.

He is already on the right track. From the Sentinel:

Barack Obama promised a group of uncommitted superdelegates today that he would seat Florida’s delegation at the Democratic National Convention this summer.

"He assured us that Florida delegates will be at the convention and they’ll have their party hats on," reported South Florida Congressman Tim Mahoney, one of the uncommitted superdelegates.

This appears to be the first time Obama, the front-runner for the nomination, has made such a clear, definite promise.

Good for you, Mr. O. Not that I was surprised in the least.

I have often said there was no way in hell that either Obama or Hillary would not allow the seating of the Florida delegates. It would have been suicide. Although this proves me right, what this more proves is that Barack is committed to winning in November. And I couldn't be happier.

(PS-I was asked to be a FL delegate--but I had the slight problem of being a Republican at the time. Long story.)

Barack is poised to build momentum here in Florida. And all the GOP has to throw at him is Jeremiah Wright, which is why it still lingers in the news. Although Obama has not brought up McCain's association with hatemonger Rev. John Hagee, he has thrown down the gauntlet on McCain's association with Charles Keating and being part of the infamous Keating 5.

Trying to tie Barack to words from a former paster 20 years ago, which he repeatedly denounced, is small potatoes to trying to keep a corrupt banker who stole people's lifesavings out of jail just because he donated millions to your campaign.

The election here is going to be close--much more than it should be. No one should wish a third Bush term on their worst enemy. But I honestly would rather be in our position than McCain's. Even without Florida, Barack will most likely win the election--but my job (and yours to) is to see that he doesn't have to.

I am committed to helping Obama win Florida's 27 electoral votes. I hope you will join me.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Why do Democratic Politicians go on Faux News?

Just this morning, I was flipping through the channels, trying to catch the news about the Indiana primary race. I stopped at what I thought was a legitimate news outlet (it had a scoll running across the bottom and everything). I got the results and was about to move on, but then I looked up....

Hatemonger Michelle Malkin was on. Why Stalkin Malkin still has a career after stalking a 12-year old boy and writing a book on why people should be locked up based on race is beyond me.

But there is always an audience for her on "Fair and Balanced" Fox.

It was only a minute I watched--just enough to catch the results, when I heard one of the "reporters" on that show ask Stalkin Malkin a perfectly fair question:

"Could you give some examples of how she [Michelle Obama] hates America?"

Malkin responded that she watched Michelle Obama on the Today show (one of the yokels tried to make a joke about mentioning their "competitor"--like they have any relation to a real news station). Stalkin Malkin went on some rant about Michelle Obama saying how proud she was of her husband, which according to Malkin's twisted logic meant that she hated America because she didn't mention how proud she was of her country as well.

(Yeah, that makes sense. I often tell my son I'm proud of him, but always follow up with "BUT not as much as AMERICA!" But I wear flag pins to bed with me, something you terrorist-loving America haters don't understand.)

I could laugh it off but it reminded me of how angry I was that both Barack AND Hillary decided to go on this stupid network very recently. For what reason, I have no clue. All they did was help FOX pretend to be a legitimate news source and allow them to inject this obvious right-wing vile as regular news..

I can imagine the outrage if this happened on any other network, but for some reason we seem to have outrage overload on FOX and just ignore it. They are a dangerous force and should be called out every time they cross the line.


The GOP politicians don't EVER go on left-wing medium, like Air America or DailyKos. In fact, they call ANY successful left-wing venture, like or DailyKos, "Anti-American". (In fact, Markos posted a front page clip of Fox and Friends hosts going ballistic over some politician posting a diary on the "anti-American site DailyKOS!!!")

WHY the hell don't OUR politicians do that with FAUX News? (I can't even get them to stop joining the GOP in condemning OUR OWN support systems!!)

WHY the hell should any of our politicians give them an ounce of legitimacy? WHY do I have to even explain to our politicians the stupidity of going on that network---no one on the right is telling their people to "Get on DKOS and try to reach that audience!"

But then again, at least we don't pretend that we are fair and balanced. Maybe if we did, then all GOP candidates will be forced to come here, post diaries, and try to win us over.

Yeah, I know that sounds stupid.

Think about it.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Poor, sweet, naive Karen Thurman

I met her several times. She is a tough, smart lady. Here is what she sent out:

I'm angry.

Earlier this week I was hopeful that the thousands of emails we sent to the Republicans in control would wake them up out of their special interest stupor.

Unfortunately, Republicans like Jeff Atwater proved once again that they just don't care about the people of Florida. It was business-as-usual for them.

They should be ashamed of themselves - but they're not. So we have got to throw the bums out.

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper NOW to let people know about the Republicans' tax hikes, special interest giveaways, cuts to health care and gutting of education.

In the middle of the recession they created, Republicans chose special interests over the people of Florida. They raised property taxes and hiked every fee imaginable. They're sending pink slips to teachers across the state, and shuttering health facilities for the disabled.

But Atwater, who thinks he's going to be the next Senate President, has still got his $7000-a-month intern. And a major Republican developer got a $7.5-million connector road that will be a huge boon to their business. Sen. Mike Haridopolos still hasn't finished the book the state paid him more than $100,000 to write, and he's taking another $75,000 for a part-time lecturing job.

These Republicans don't see what's coming at them. Florida is boiling over and we won't forget the pain they've caused this November.

Also, the St. Pete Times:

Barring a Tallahassee miracle, when the Legislature adjourns Friday it will have failed in every respect to responsibly address the state's most pressing issues. It is hard to imagine re-election campaigns based on a record of imposing painful spending cuts, protecting special interest tax breaks, forcing universities to cap enrollments and raising local property taxes to keep public education limping along. But incumbents will try to paper over the sins of the spring with misleading campaign ads in the fall, and voters should not let them get away with it.
- St. Petersburg Times Editorial, 4/28/08

Florida IS boiling over mad. In today's Orlando Sentinel, the headline is how our state legislature threw away federal dollars for us to have a REAL rail system we desperately need here in Central Florida, along with it would have come money to WIDEN I-4. Logical, yes. Did it pass? NOPE.

Two weeks ago, front page Orlando Sentinel, GOP legislative leader Marc Rubio talked about gutting medical care for the needy because Florida citizens needed to "tighten their belts". Of course, that didn't mean his. The wealthy FL legislators receive free health care, and were insulted that they were asked to cut that benefit.

HOWEVER, I have lived here long enough to know this: FL won't throw the bums out. They will keep electing them just like a kid who can't resist touching an electric fence to see if he gets shocked.

The GOP is betting on voter's apathy and stupidity to keep them in office--even after this fiasco. Karen Thurman and the state Democrats are betting on their active participation and sensibility.

Sorry to say, I am with the Republicans on this one.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mr. Straight Talk can't even get his own position straight

I LOVE that DNC add I featured in my previous blog post below. Watch it here if you haven't seen it. But the GOP is outraged--threatening lawsuits against TV stations who show it and attacking those (like me) who post it. I was attacked in a blistering email yesterday (and even threatened with "legal action") because even though McCain talked out loud on tape, he was "taken out of context". The email claimed that McCain was talking about staying there in the model of Germany and Japan where there are no casualties. (Keep dreaming.)

Well, 4,000 troops haven't been killed in the 60 years we have been in Germany and Japan. That is how many have been killed in the 5 years we have been in Iraq (along with half a trillion dollars spent). Germany and Japan are homogeneous nations, not three factions who have been killing each other for centuries.

McCain is talking about staying in Iraq NO MATTER WHAT. He has never said that he will pull the troops out of Iraq if the violence continues against our own troops.

Most people are smart enough to know that success in Iraq does not constitute any reduction in violence, no matter how mall (great news--our troops are now being slaughtered from 60 to 30 deaths a month!) This is, unless of course, the violence sharply increases, which apparently also means success. (PS-yesterday concluded the Deadliest Month so far on record. You guessed it, the GOP is saying this means we are being successful.)

In fact, watch this video montage below. McCain hasn't even been consistent on his backpedalling either---he screams that we neeed to leave SOON after the invasion and that Iraq will never accept a permanent US presence to being happy with our troops being there for 1,000 years no matter the conditions on the ground. (PS-the full clip of McCain talking about staying in Iraq is included):