Friday, September 11, 2015

Rick Scott Goes Full O'Keefe: Practices Selective Editing

Rick Scott has shown repeatedly that he has no problems wasting taxpayer money. After all, he spent over a million just in legal fees alone defending illegal voter purges, cutting pensions and state worker pay, drug-testing, etc. So it is no surprise he was willing to spend at least that amount in a fishing expedition to smear Planned Parenthood. He ordered teams of investigators into their clinics, hoping to find wrong-doing.

He came up empty.

But rick being rick, he edited his own press release written by his own regulators, which originally stated “there is no evidence of the mishandling of fetal remains at any of the 16 clinics we investigated across the state.” He took out that statement completely, which surprised his own regulators. To make it worse, he added an accusation that stated PP provided 2nd-trimester abortions at clinics that were only licensed for 1st-trimester abortions.

Only that isn't true.

The agency that investigated said it wasn't true. Rick Scott construed a false definition of the 2nd-trimester so badly that his own regulators wouldn't back him up.

Planned Parenthood has been cleared of any wrongdoing in every state that has thus far conducted a partisan witch-hunt investigation. It's just that no other state has a governor who holds James O'Keefe as a role model.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Rick Scott's "Lexus Lane" Agenda Will Kill This State Unless You Act

I have been asked to help in the fight against Rick Scott's/GOP's Lexus Lane agenda in Tampa. A non-profit group named the Sunshine Citizens has formed from a coalition of neighborhood associations, small businesses and concerned citizens, and the Tampa Heights Junior Civic Association.

WE have already lost this battle here in Orlando with the monstrosity that began last April. Lexus lanes are being constructed as we speak. Essentially, they are toll roads that will vary in price by how congested the roads are. They are a ploy by special interests to keep you behind the wheel and BY DESIGN are to make the roads as congested as possible. Miami has suffered for years under this.

WHY? Because if the highway isn't congested, there is NO INCENTIVE to pay high toll prices. The more congested, the higher the prices will be! (And the more money is made!) And I mean they will by sky high!! This means that the rich folks will be driving by you in their Lexi; whizzing down the highway on their OWN freaking lanes while you sit in a carbon-monoxide parking lot.

The Kochs are strongly opposed to anything for the common man, say, public transportation. They are adamantly opposed to any form of rail system. The whole purpose of their ironically-named "Reason Foundation" is apparently to go to states and tellpay legislators to forego any kind of rail or public transportation project. Here in Florida, our GOP legislators listen too well, and now we have the most toll roads of any state in America. And it's about to get worse...

This coalition in Tampa has made significant headway, but they need help.

Read about the fight against Scott's plans in Tampa.

Then offer to do something about it.

And thanks!