Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glenn Beck=Pathetic Rodeo Clown

Telling your followers to change America and invest in a scheme called Goldline. Actually, he's not pathetic...he's rich. It's his broke, lemming followers who I'm blown away by. These anti-government rallies chant against all taxes and government interference in their daily lives ("but keep your hands off our Medicare!") and then bitch about the long waits to get back home on the (government-run) trains, saying that someone should have put more cars on duty for the rallies. They FIGHT LIKE HELL for tax cuts for the rich and de-regulation fo Wall-Street, but then bitch about paying for the infrastructure of this nation.

Glenn Beck actually said he is the new Martin Luther King. No, Glenn, You are a radio morning show DJ and self-described rodio clown. You are a scam artist.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Seminole School Board District 5: Dr. Tina Calderone

One day we'll get a decent Democrat on the board. But this is rightwing Seminole County. So for the Seminole School Board District 5, the choice is very clear:

Becky Erwin is a no-go. One thing Seminole does not need is more right-wingers. Her website doesn't show much experience, but there are several pages dedicated to her being the only "True Conservative". Great--anti-government teabaggers on the school board for PUBLIC schools.

Endorsements by wingnuts and something called the "Ronald Reagan Assemblies", along with pictures of far right conservatives like Marco Rubio don't inspire confidence.

There are already too many wingnuts in our school district pushing ideology to the detriment of our children. We don't need another.

Skip Becky for District 5.

In fact, DEFINTELY skip Jeanne Morris as well. She is the incumbent, and one of the ones who rolled over for the superintendent's diabolical plan to allow highly paid administrators to "double-dip" by collecting their obscene pensions along with their paychecks by "retiring" for 30 days. This kind of stuff makes me sick.

Anybody running against these two would probably automatically get my vote...but it so happens the third option is actually a qualified, good choice:

Orlando Sentinel:

We prefer Tina Calderone, a successful businesswoman with a doctorate in education. She proved her commitment to the county's public schools as director for five years of its fundraising foundation.

Ms. Calderone vows to put her business experience to work on the board and "leave no stone unturned" in looking for savings. She has some ideas worth exploring, including outside audits and energy-saving initiatives. She promises to ask tough questions.

They are all GOP, but Tina is qualified and the most sane.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's Time for Corrine Brown To GO! Endorsement of Scott Fortune!

Corrine Brown sold us out. She joined the GOP legislature in their quest to "bleach" the surrounding districts by cramming in as many Democrats as possible into District 3. Although this gaurantees a GOP loss in Corrine's district, it allows for a maximum number of GOPers in the surrounding gerrymandered districts.

This has led to a very lopsided, right-wing state government in a state where Democrats far outnumber republicans. It's incumbents picking voters instead of the other way around.

Corrine doesn't care. Fair representation in Florida may mean she isn't gauranteed a seat in District 3.

Corrine Brown filed a lawsuit against you, trying to get the Florida Supreme Court to remove Amendments 5 and 6 from the ballot.

When that failed, Corrine Brown then joined ALL the GOP legislators into instituting Amendment 7. Whereas hundreds of thousands of signatures of citizens put 5 and 6 on the ballot...the right-wing legislature (and Corrine) tried to put an amendment so deceptively worded that it would have nullified Amendments 5 & 6.

Thankfully, the courts struck this power play down.


Vote Scott Fortune:

No More Crist Cronies!! (18th Judicial Circuit, Group 16)

Charlie Crist had some humdingers when he makes selections for important posts.

There is the one you all have heard about, of course...Jim Greer. Given his shady dealings, I predicted in 2006 that it would end badly, but even I was surpised about how badly.

Then there's the Senate pick. When Martinez left to lick his wounds, Uncle Charlie appointed personnel buddy, George Lemiuex, to be our sitting senator until next election. I guess the $200,000 bonus wasn't enough.

MY absolute favortie was this: Charlie picked a young dermatology assistant with NO EXPERIENCE to to head the Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC). There were several qualified candidates who actually had credentials, but the young lady was the wife of Crist's General Counel. (Also, he needed someone closeby to help with his tan...that orange glow doesn't work itself folks.)

Which brings us to Judge Michael Rudisill. Crist appointed him to succeed James E.C. Perry, who was promoted to the Florida Supreme Court by Crist in March 2009. Michael Rudisill was the least experienced of six finalists nominated for the job. One finalist was a Florida attorney for 38 years, another for 20.

Michael Rudisill had 7 well as a lack of civil court experience. While his more qualified opponents wasted time getting references from judges and lawyers, Rudisill picked right-wing legislators.

Lucky for Rudisill, the judicial nominating committee included right-winger Chris Dorworth's wife and the Seminole County GOP chair Jason Brodeur...both appointed by Crist no less. Rudisill was picked handily.

Loyal party activists get rewarded in politics...that is reality. But I have a REAL ISSUE when the reward is a position on the bench. The Orlando Sentinel is calling for voters to fix this mistake.

To be fair, although I am disgraced by HOW Judge Rudisill attained the position, I cannot comment on his tenure in the court room. For a formal endorsement, I would have to inteview both candidates and watch them in action. Since I cannot do that, I am providing links to both candidates sites. Review them carefully and draw your own conclusion:

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Breaking: Pigs Fly! I Fully Endorse Charlie Crist for Senate

This blog was started in 2006 as the official blog of the Seminole Democratic Party. I was very proud to carry the message. In 2007, however, I left because I didn't want to speak for anyone but me. Although my posts were never rejected or even edited, I can imagine that if I was still with them, this one most assuredly would be.

Going back to 2006, you can see that I had NO LOVE for Charlie Crist. This same blogger who has relentlessly attacked Crist for years is doing something that I never thought I would do.

I fully endorse and back Charlie Crist for Senate.

I think I have some explaining to do.

First, the why-nots:

Jeff Greene:
He is currently in the lead for the Democratic nomiation, if that means anything. He has 17% to Meek's 13%, while their opponenets are in the 30th percentile. Jeff Greene was a republican who decided to be a Democrat and enter this race after Meek's candidacy failed to catch on. He is quite a character: Mike Tyson was his best man at his wedding, ex-Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss lived in his guesthouse, and he made MILLIONS betting on the housing collapse that killed our economy. I join many of my fellow Dems in saying No Thank You.

Kendrick Meek:
Unlike Jeff Greene, I like Kendrick Meek. I like him a lot. More well-known Dems didn't join the Senate race because Dems and GOPers alike all assumed that Crist was a shoe-in. His was a long shot. Another long shot? Marco Rubio. At least Meek had a clear field to the general. Rubio actually thought he could take the nomination from the crowned prince of Crist?

But that is exactly what happened. The wealthy benefactors of the joke that is the teabag party told their members to rally behind the wingnut without question. The GOP establishment responded by trying to get Crist to go more wingnut, but it didn't work. Rubio overcame a huge deficit and surged ahead of Crist.

I brought this up with the founder of DailyKos when he was calling on Crist to run as a Dem or Indie long before his switch. At the time I was furious…why can’t a progressive website get behind the damn progressive?

But I think Kos was just less idealistic than I was. He knew what I learned…herding liberals is like herding cats. Although the virtue of this is obvious…we think for ourselves and never follow a cracked whip (we will never get behind Jeff Greene)…the downside is it makes it difficult to get real liberals elected.

On the other hand, teabaggers do what they are told. This is also why the GOP nominee for governor is going to be Rick Scott, a bona-fide criminal for crying out loud.

The numbers speak for themselves. Meek is stuck at 13%--even behind Greene. It has been many, many months and people still don't know him. It is obvious to everyone that he is not going to catch fire. In fact, billionaire Greene just started a massive media blitz attacking Meek over a development scandal. Meek cannot afford to respond. So those who don't know him will soon know the negatives. If anything, he will go further down. I strongly support MEEK for the primary, but bottom line, Meek will not be the next Senator.

There are too many posts on my blog attacking Charlie Crist. Some of my posts attacking him even made our local paper. Just search “Crist” in the search block and see what I mean.

I have little respect for Crist as governor: He appointed cronies, he never had and still has no ideas on how to handle our state's numerous problesm, such as our outrageous deficit, our broken education system or the insurance crisis. Not only did he refuse to tackle the big issues, but when our state was drowing in red ink with no end in sight and we needed strong leadership the most, Crist decided to bail and escape to the Senate.

So why do I back him now?

I have several reasons, but first, the primary reason. We cannot afford Marco Rubio.

He is our own Sharon Angle and will wreak havoc not just on our state, but all the others as well. Between the two, I pick Crist every time.

Rubio is part of the culture of corruption that led to the self-imposed implosion of the Florida GOP that has already led to the arrest of former GOP chairman, Jim Greer.

But if you thought Greer's spending habits were bad, Rubio, who has the nerve to run as a "fiscal conservative", racked up over 100,000 on his personal GOP credit card. The IRS is still investigating his abuse of the credit cards for personal expenses without reporting or paying taxes on additional income.

Rubio released a statement saying that his expenses were for "legitimate political purposes." So I guess groceries, plane tickets for family, and a back wax constitute legitimate political purposes.

Reckless spending aside, Marco Rubio is a wingnut's wingnut.

Just like GOP nutcase Sharon Angle in Nevada, Rubio opposes Social Security and Medicare as he explained to Joe Scarbarough in this video. (Bonus—you can hear his rousing support for Glenn Beck).

Marco Rubio also proposes to spend trillions of dollars while overwhelmingly sending the benefits to the very, very rich. And we all know how well that strategy works.

We cannot, cannot, cannot afford this extremist teabagging idiot to be our representative in the US Senate.

But a full-throated endorsement deserves something a little better than the lessor of two evils.

First off, I believe Crist will caucus with the Democrats. The GOP has burned their bridge with Charlie, going so far as to insult him openly and even hock his official portrait on ebay. Good riddance.

However, more importantly, I do believe that what made Crist an awful governor will make him a decent Senator. If you know anything about Crist, you know that he is the most colossal panderer in politics today. When Obama was riding high after the election, Crist embraced him and supported the stimulus. When the harder times came and Crist was trying to get the GOP nomination, he suddenly attacked everything Obama and hated the stimulus. This is just one example of who Crist is.

A successful governor is one who needs to make tough, unpopular executive decisions that directly benefit the state, even if the benefit is not immediately seen. That man is not Charlie. He always put his finger in the wind and did what he thought was most politically popular. (Another case in point: his pet project, Amendment 1. Floridians got a mild property tax cut that cost the state billions and induced trauma on the already bleeding services many Floridians depended on.)

But as far as traits go, this is not too bad in the body of the Senate. Right now, the GOP is marching in goosestep lockstep (as always) with the SOLE goal of hurting Obama—no matter what he supports.
Health care of 9/11 victims?
Wall Street gambling reform?
God-damned unemployed insurance?

To hell with what the people want.

THIS is not Charlie.

I would much rather have someone who panders to the citizens rather than someone who panders to the worst fringe of a failed party—which is what a Rubio candidacy gaurantees. Other Senators, like Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln, pander to special interests that bankroll their candidacy.

THIS is also not Charlie.

Yes, he will pander to whatever is popular, but in the scheme of things in the Senate, that is not a bad place to be.

Finally, a Crist win might just send a message to the GOP. Pushing moderates out to pander to the teabagging fringe = FAIL. They already messed up what looked like a sure thing in Nevada, possibly even Kentucky, but Florida was considered a GOP lock. How sweet to see it go.

One year ago I never would have predicted this. But here it is. I will be voting for Charlie Crist for Senate this November. I strongly urge you to do the same.