Friday, October 05, 2007

Stop Bush Radical: Support Bacallao for FL 34!

I met and greatly respect Stephen Bacallao for FL 34. I especially like his views on growth management, something we are lacking here in Seminole County. (Currently, the philosophy is leave the abandoned, rundown shopping centers alone, but tear down the green forest in between them to build a new one.)

He is tough on crime, and smart on education and healthcare.

What our legislature DOES NOT need is Bacallao's opponent, another radical Bushie:

The rest of the country is moving away from these nuts--it's time we joined them. Even the Orlando Sentinel is endorsing the less partisan opponent for the GOP primary.

Democrats, we need to unite and win this. Bacallao won 40% of the vote last time in 2004, but lots of Dems didn't even bother to vote. Our legislature is not only overwhelmingly republican, it is filled with radicals that don't have our interests at heart.

It's pointless to fight if you don't even bother to vote.

Let's win it this time.