Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Most Insecure Superpower Ever

Bill Maher makes sense:

In his new ad Mitt Romney warns us that Islamic terrorists are the worse threat we've ever faced. More then the Nazis? The Russians? The Red Coats?

He warns us that they want to establish an Islamic nation, to cover the whole world, including America. Well I want to be adopted by Angelina Jolie.

And you thought that people that were scared of gays and Mexicans were paranoid. Islamic terrorist taking over America, they can barely get across the monkey bars. Our defense budget is $600 billion a year. They're using guns they took off a dead Soviet in 1981. I think we can hold Charleston....

We are the largest and most powerful nation on the earth. The largest economy and the largest military. And we are made to act the fool by a few thousand cave dwellers who still put out their videos on VHS.

And that is the problem. Because of the incompetence that goes by the name George Bush we have become the most insecure superpower ever. We can't get anything right anymore. We can't take care of our own citizens after a hurricane, or plan for a war, or maintain our infrastructure, and our celebrity rehab facilities need some work.

As a species we are failing at survival trick number one. Prioritize the threats.

Environmental ruin is going to visit all of us in the coming decades in one way or another and when it does, I hope people like .... I don't know Lou Dobbs says to himself maybe if I was going to spend my whole career obsessing about one issue it should have been ... I don't know, global warming. My skin just fell off my face and what do you know, it really wasn't the fault of a Mexican.

Maybe Bush and his followers think we must be so frightened of terrorists that we need to shred our Constitution and surrender our freedoms---I don't

Monday, October 15, 2007

Daily Show Does Skit for Seminole Democrat!

I post under the name SemDem on DailyKos. I have gotten several recommended diaries this year, which is very humbling because they are read by thousands and read by prominent people. The last diary that was recommended caused a controversy because I entitled it Lynne Cheney Storms Off Daily Show. My thoughtful rebuttals of Lynne's arguments on the show were lost because everyone was focused on the title - (now I know how MoveOn felt).

It was plainly obvious to me that she stormed out. However, many people thought that I "smeared" Lynne Cheney and insisted that she did not storm off at the end. Since the majority thought I was wrong, I changed the title.

This caused heated arguments over the threads.

I still contend that she stormed off, and I felt vindicated by a skit on the Daily Show the very next day. Jon Stewart not only addressed it--he had a funny skit of where Lynne went on the commercial break.

HA! I said. VINDICATION! Some of the readers were unconvinced, however, and told me that the Daily Show probably did that skit because of my recommended diary. RIGHT! Like Jon Stewart or his writers would ever read one of my freakin' diaries!! YOU LOST< I WON, DEAL WITH IT!

Then I noticed these emails in my inbox. Just now.

A representative from the Daily Show contributed links the day I posted the diary that were meant for me to post in order for viewers to draw their own conclusions.

Then, the next day, Michelle Shildkret of 360i "on behalf of Comedy Central" forwarded me a skit the MOMENT it aired on the Daily Show:


I wrote you yesterday, sending over the interview vids from Lynne Cheney’s appearance.

Due to the controversy surrounding her departure, The Daily Show has just released footage of what happened during the commercial break:

I hope that clears everything up for you and your readers. Indecision 2008 always aims to set the record straight. Please let me know if I can send over anything else.

Thanks so much!


Michelle Shildkret

360i on behalf of Comedy Central

OKAY, the writers did notice the diary--and apparently decided to do a skit about it.

Wow. I need to learn to check my email more often.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

WESH News Declares GOP Victor Before Election!

WESH News, our NBC affiliate, had Gail Pascal Brown for the noon news segment give the results of the republican primary. For the record, right-wing Dorsworth beat the Orlando Sentinel endorsed Allen Roosa by a hair. (51%-48%) Which should make the choice for the election clear--Steve Bacallao.

However, Gail Pascal Brown of WESH instead decided to declare the race over. She said that Chris Dorworth was the new State representative for District 34.

To be fair, some good Democrats called and complained. But according to one of the callers:
I called and pointed out their error and was told that someone else had called too. Then their retraction later in the news was very lame...Even when she did the retraction she failed to mention that he now has to run in the general election against Stephen Bacallao [Democratic Candidate], and two NPs.

Great. They made the mistake that hurt Steve, and now they answer by giving his opponent more advertising. Dorworth just spent over 100 grand to win the primary, he can afford to get his own ads. No mention of Steve anywhere, not on the air, not on their website.

I wouldn't cut up if that was the only complaint. After all, our local NPR did the same thing, this morning--saying Chris Dorsworth will face three "opponents" this November.

But I do think that if you declare the race for the other guy when the election hasn't even started yet, you owe the Democratic candidate a name mention.

If you think this is unfair, or that Gail should probably learn what a primary is, contact them:
The local news doesn't need to give any help to the GOP in deep red Seminole county.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Stop Bush Radical: Support Bacallao for FL 34!

I met and greatly respect Stephen Bacallao for FL 34. I especially like his views on growth management, something we are lacking here in Seminole County. (Currently, the philosophy is leave the abandoned, rundown shopping centers alone, but tear down the green forest in between them to build a new one.)

He is tough on crime, and smart on education and healthcare.

What our legislature DOES NOT need is Bacallao's opponent, another radical Bushie:

The rest of the country is moving away from these nuts--it's time we joined them. Even the Orlando Sentinel is endorsing the less partisan opponent for the GOP primary.

Democrats, we need to unite and win this. Bacallao won 40% of the vote last time in 2004, but lots of Dems didn't even bother to vote. Our legislature is not only overwhelmingly republican, it is filled with radicals that don't have our interests at heart.

It's pointless to fight if you don't even bother to vote.

Let's win it this time.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

GOP Candidates Support Bush VETO on Health Care for Millions of Poor Children

You have to wonder what planet the rethug candidates are on.

How else can they be on the polar-opposite side of America (86 percent to be exact) and Congress on such an important issue.

Do you know how hard it is to override a veto?? But already, the Democrats have enough to do just that with the Senate and are a few votes shy in the House.

That speaks VOLUMES.

I expect insanity from Bush. He wants no money for health benefits for children, the troops, or life-saving research. (The money he says is "too much" is only a percentage, however, of what is given to shady contracters like Halliburton and Blackwater.)

What I didn't expect is that the Republican candidates for president support his veto. My question is, who do they think they are pandering to?

The fiscal conservatives? No Dice. First of all, 12 billion a week in Iraq is not sound fiscal policy. But Bush is hardly fiscally responsible. As Kerry put it:
This is the same guy who never met a Republican spending bill he couldn’t sign. Not one. $300 million bridge to nowhere? Pass the pork. Half-trillion dollars on the road to quagmire in Iraq? Bring it on. But a few billion a year for health care for millions of kids? Forget it.

Families? Nope, they support it. Doctors? Hospitals? Nope, they support it as well. GOP Governors? Nope, they strongly support it!! Insurance companies? No, they support it to!

Think about it. Only a very "unique" person can justify spending hundreds of thousands a minute in Iraq while saying you have to deny millions of children doctors' visits or medicine they desperately need at a minimal cost.

As a doctor, I've seen our country's health care crisis first-hand.
I've seen parents that have to wait for their kids to get dangerously sick before they could take them to a doctor. I've seen parents struggle over important medical care decisions because they didn't know how to pay for it. And I've seen parents left in poverty because they had no other choice.

Take action: Bush is no longer accountable, but Congress still is. Put in your zip code (for Winter Springs, its 32708-5312) and let the GOP obstructionists know that if if they can't even do the right thing on something almost everyone agrees on, then they need to step aside.