Friday, November 14, 2008

Hey NE? Where are your pro-lifers now?

I heard a radio story today that broke my heart. A young child, like mine, under 10, was dropped off at a NE hospital under their no-age limit safe haven law. For those that arent' aware, it's the law that was designed to allow a parent to drop off an infant without fear of prosecution for abandonment. The unicameral legislature erred in not having an age limit--allowing parents from all over the country to abandon their kids at any NE hospital.

The story focused on a young child crying and pleading with his mother to love him and not abandon him at the hospital. He promised her he'd be good. But she left him alone with strangers.

The pro-life governor said he doesn't have the resources to deal with the unwanted children coming in: 34 and counting. And all I could think was, were the f**k are the pro-lifers??

I was in tears. I imagined this little boy, fearful and crying. His mother just didn't want to deal with the stress of having a child and saw this as a way out. Misbehaving teens, unruly children, or even severely disabled older children are being dropped off--not one infant. The legislature is trying to fix it, but it will be at least another week or so.

I think about Nebraska, which ranks as the most pro-life state in the union, and wonder why all of those ardent pro-lifers aren't stepping in to take care of, or even adopt, these children.

Why hasn't anyone from the powerful Nebraskans United for Life come in, picked up, and comforted that poor child??

For that matter, anyone from these large organizations: National Right to Life, American Life League, etc.
Do you only care when it's a clump of cells? Do you only care if it's a fetus in a woman's body? THIS IS A LIFE!! This is someone who needs someone.


Ask them. See the reply you


  1. I've been following it too.

    What happened is these idiot wingers who control Nebraska didn't think they needed to listen or consult with the experts in social services, education and criminal justice who actually deal with real families, children and teenagers, nor with proofreaders of legislation. They told those groups to take a hike because these wingers are smarter than anybody else. They passed the law, then they didn't give a crap about the consequences.

    I worked at a teen shelter in a family counseling clinic as a family therapist in a different state. I manned the phone help line. One of the most common daily calls were parents wanting to get rid of their teenagers. There's only a few ways to do that. You spend a lot of money that most people can't afford to toss them into military or boarding school, or some boot camp place you're not sure is going to make them worse. Otherwise, you're violating state law regarding abandonment. So, the parents, when they find that out, actually try to go to counseling to get help and solve the problems, like they should. The Nebraska law allowed people to just quit on their kids and toss 'em out. And it didn't work, it was the fiasco social services, the cops and the teachers told the winger jack-sses it would be.

  2. Actually Nebraska went against its own experts and the entire country's experts since they know better. They didn't spend a penny extra on social services or anything related to the law either.

    They went koo-koo crazy with this, and the fact is that people fixate on the concept and think, well, maybe that might work, but this wasn't even an expirement in a new form of social services done on our very children. It was a coo coo bird legislation with nothing, nothing to deal with any consequences-- just go ahead and dump off your kid if ya want. Literally. You'd think they'd do a study on it, or put some money into social services for dealing with the abandoned kids to come, or have a process delineated on what to do when it happens, but no there was NOTHING.

    So really, everyone here should realize that the concept of this law isn't even the real issue, it's a diversion in a way, because the REALITY of this law was completely bogus in every step of its execution and consequence. Amazing, huh? Well, that's what happens when dumb-ss airhead wingers legislate.