Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Your Words, GOP: "Back the President"

For 8 horrendous years, we were told we had to back Bush blindly because he was Commander in Chief. Any dissent was tantamount to treason. Backing Bush was equated with love of country, and criticism of Bush meant you were in league with the terrorists.

WELL.... start backing....

I can assume that any criticism of Barack Obama as president will be treated with the same disdain?


  1. I find this interesting. I am a Libertarian but largely backed McCain during this election. To be honest, I don't think too many McCain supporters will actually have a big problem backing our new president elect. Many Republicans are proud to be American, more so than Democrats I would argue, and as such will back a president voted for by the people of the country. As long as Obama doesn't lean completely left on everything, he will have the support of the people, including those who didn't vote for him.

  2. I hope you are correct.

    I can tell you that the myths you've heard about Obama are not true...he won't raise your taxes, he won't turn over the WH to terrorists, he won't immediately pull our troops out irresponsibly, he won't support sex ed for kids, etc....

    I think once McCain supporters see that he won't treat the GOP as horribly as the Democrats were treated under Bush (where any dissent was labeled as God-hating terrorist lovers), and that all of those awful things said about Obama won't come to fruition, then I think they'll be okay.

    PS--I'm a proud Democrat, a veteran, and a proud American.

  3. So, after thinking about this more after my first post, I think I decided it's ok if GOP members don't back our new president. Even though the GOP said "back the president", democrats still complained and didn't support him. So, in all fairness, being a Libertarian and seeing this from the outside, the roles are simply reversed. So don't EXPECT any more support than you gave previously.

    That being said, I don't believe it will actually be that big of an issue.