Saturday, November 29, 2008

FoxNews: Obama Would Have Negotiated with Terrorists?

Idiot non-savant Jon Kraushar, who calls himself a "Communications Consultant" for FoxNews, found a way to take the unified stance Bush and Obama showed against the awful terrorist attack in India to an awful partisan smear of Obama. Granted, he is just a flunkie who gets paid to do their blog, but FoxNews featured this at the top of their website today.

The mind of Krushar:

As details emerge about how commandoes ended the brutal attack on Mumbai, India it will offer the incoming Obama administration — and the world — lessons about the most effective ways to quickly end a terrorist strike on a city and may also suggest longer-term strategies to discourage future terrorist traumas.

President-elect Barack Obama’s campaign declarations on everything from national security to economic security are undergoing severe reality checks day by day.

Under what conditions is it effective to negotiate with terrorists? What anti-terror strategies result in at least limited havoc and horror?

Can anyone tell me when exactly Barack Obama said he would "negotiate with terrorists"??

Barack Obama said he would conduct tough diplomacy with leaders of nations who are not our allies. (Who the hell else would you conduct diplomacy with?) He never said he would "negotiate" with Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is actually worried now because they face a presidential advesary who is actually focused on wiping them out: as opposed to endlessly trying to justify why we instead need to be distracted by a pointless and bloody conflict.

And their attempt to smear Obama by using Malcolm X showed how desperate they are. Al Qaeda is clearly worried because the world is now rallying behind our president-elect and have started to wave, rather than burn, our flag.

Is the author actually suggesting that Obama doesn't negotiate with unfriendly world leaders? Barack Obama is articulate and intelligent enough to conduct tough negotiations. Just because we have had someone for eight years who could barely put a sentence together is not a reason the conservatives should try to condemn someone who can.

Any president worth their salt knows you have to sit down at the negotiation table at some point with other leaders you may not like. Reagan did it with Yuri Andropov, FDR did it with Stalin, Kennedy did it with Krushchev, and so forth. Bush's unwillingness to negotiate with Iran or North Korea hasn't exactly paid any dividends: Iran is now a regional power developing a nuclear weapon, and North Korea has already gone nuclear. Well done.

I know FAUX News feels it has to provide opposition to our president-elect to placate their base. But it is possible to provide thoughtful criticism without resorting to lies and smears.

If you think it's wrong, let this moron know how you feel by leaving him a comment.


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  2. These are the types of smears ignorant and angry right-wingers will use. Its sad, but true.

    PS--FAUX news has been shut out of Obama's press briefings. It's about time.