Friday, September 17, 2010

Tax Cuts: How the Dems Are Screwing Up a Sure Thing

Maybe I'm missing something here...If I am, please enlighten me in the comments section...

But I think this is SOOOOO simple.

All we need to do is have debate on two, TWO, tax cuts packages.

Call the first: Obama's Middle Class Tax Cut (for those making under $250,000)

Call the second: Bush's Upper Class Tax Cut Extension (for those mkaing over $250,000)

Everybody wins.

We DO NOT have the second without the first. No tax cuts for millionaires without a tax cut for the middle class first.

That way each has a fair vote. The conservadems who want to vote for the rich one can do so...after the vote on the middle class one. If they and the GOP want to add $700 BILLION to the deficit to give $100,000 tax break to multi-millionaires...go for it.

Mitch McConnell says he has all 41 rethugs lined up to fillibuster if they aren't together. FOR GOD'S SAKES.. LET HIM! "Give Em Hell Harry" Reid, (who would be more aptly named "Please don't hit me Harry"), should demand that if they want to fillibuster, they go on the floor and actually do a damn fillibuster on the MIDDLE CLASS TAX CUT.

It will fail. Miserably. The GOP will be in one motion they will simultaneously be seen as stopping a middle class tax cut and fighting for a tax cut for millionaires. If they cave, which is likely, they will be forced to cede the victory to the Democratic Congress.

Harry is being wishy-washy on this as usual. My God, if I didn't think that Nevada deserved to suffer under that crazed teabagging loon Sharon Angle, I would be happy to see Reid go and be replaced by a smart Democrat with a spine like Chuck Schumer.

Pelosi has been showing some spirit, but she so far hasn't committed to vote on any tax proposals before the election.

Now FAUXNews is smelling blood in the water and has on its front page right now: Expiring Tax Cuts Hit Americans at Every Income Level

In the words of Jon Stewart.. HOW CAN THE DEMOCRATS F*&^ THIS UP??

Contact Harry Reid:

Contact Nancy Pelosi

Two packages... two votes... VICTORY. Simple, right?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Question for the Teabaggers...

Who was the last president to balance the budget?

And who was the last president to inherit a budget surplus and quickly turn us to deficits?

Final question...where the hell where you during the Bush administration?

It was that question that poured angry venom in my inbox from Teabaggers. I asked one if he thought Glenn Beck was a thoughtful intellectual...I got this reply...

By 2020 100% of axes collected will go to pay for Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and interest on the debt. How is Bush responsible for that? The problem is you have to go back decades and study history to find out why we are where we are. am no fan og George Bush and left the Republican party while he was president. Out long term unfunded liabilities are 130 trillion dollars and do you know the entire wealth of our country? 50 trillion! Make sense? Look at the entitlements that the government has taken over and every one of them is a case study in mismanagement and certain bankruptcy. And you want to give them the best health care system in the world! 52% of all medical discoveries come from where - the US. You are clamping down the free market and killing the system that improves the lives of everyone in the world. You have no problem with 2500 pages? No problem that it was voted on 24 hours after completed? No problem that it was not written by Congress? No problem that the CBO says it cannot even calculate the new govt jobs and offices created? No problem that Omama said the negotiations would be on span and it turned inot back room deals, lies and corruption. No problem that America did not want this? No problem that Nancy Pelosi said we have to pass the bill to see what is in it? No problem that the CBO already has corrected the cost projections? Every view your party hold is idiotic and bent on bringing down this country. I don't know how you do not see it, but you may not have much of a country left. An yes Glenn Beck is a brilliant man. You may want to try watching him instead of swallowing the lies you are being fed by a machine that has no answer for him. Take the red pill Neo!

Wow... so much insanity, so little time..

I replied:

I do listen to Beck, Do you?

Here is Goldline charlaton Glenn Beck WHINING about how awful our Health Care system is, calling it a "nightmare" just a few months before he decided there was money to be made as leader of the teabagger lemmings:

Thing is, friend, you could not have a MORE inefficient system of healthcare. Our government spends more per person than any other nation, yet we are the only industrialized nation that doesn't cover all of its citiZens. Thanks to Obama, we have a national health care policy that finally regulates the insurance industry and guarantees coverage without recision.

BY the way, the health care bill CUTS our deficit according to the CBO.

What I want to know is, where were you when the GOP rammed the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage in 2003? Here's Forbes--that cost over $1 TRILLION dollars and was added completely to the deficit!! Unlike Obama, the GOP did not require it to be deficit neutral.

And not to confuse ideology with FACTS, but according to a USA Today analysis, tax bills last year were at their lowest levels since 1950!!!

George Bush's massive tax cuts for the wealthy are the single largest chunk of our structural budget deficit. If we let them expire for those making more than a quarter million, the budget deficit would instantly shrink by about 30%, or more than $300 billion dollars. But you guys oppose that...just as you oppose any regulation of Wall Street. Just like you oppose anything that could hurt the insurance company's obscene profits. For God's sakes, your right-leaning WSJ ADMITTED that the Democrats plan cuts taxes for the Middle Class...look at their chart.

You are being used, my friend. Take a good look at this picture before you respond:

Take the blue bill.

I have yet to get a response...

Monday, September 06, 2010

This is what you get when you watch FoxNews

Thanks to the Arlington County (Virginia) Democratic Committee's Deputy Chair Maureen Markham:

Dear Friends,

I wanted to write and tell you about an experience that I had in Maryland on Highway Route 40 today. I had been to visit my parents in Delaware and was driving home to Arlington. Often I avoid the heavy traffic on I-95 and take Route 40 to Baltimore. I was stopped at a traffic light, about to turn right to jog over to join 95 and take the tunnel under the harbor, when a dark sedan pulled up alongside me, beeped, and the driver motioned for me to roll down my window. It was not an isolated place and in broad daylight with lots of other cars around. I thought the person wanted to ask directions or something so I put down the window. The driver was a normal-looking young white man, maybe 35 or so, with short sandy hair. He leaned forward from his open window and said to me “Did you vote for Obama?”

I should say here that I have two bumper stickers on my back fender. One says “Peace is Patriotic.” The other is a round circle that says Obama-Biden. I answered "I sure did." Then he got loud and excited in a sneering sort of way and asked something like, "Are you happy now with the way things are going?" I thought “uh-oh” but I answered again, "I sure am." Then the guy went off his rocker and started verbally accosting me saying something like, "I hope to God someone shoots you dead, you liberal Pig..." Sophie started barking and I said "Oh that’s nice" as I rolled up my window. He lurched forward, cutting me off in the lane and beeping his horn and I made my right turn, glad to get away from him.

I had time to think about this during the rest of the drive home. I could not find anger in my heart toward this person, but rather a deep sadness took over me. Is this what our country is coming to? I’ll bet this person thinks he is a Christian. I thought about how oppression, violence and intolerance have characterized human history, and it makes me sad that we have made so little progress. I feel that our Country is in deep trouble, threatened by people who claim they want to “Take our Country Back” – from whom? Take it back where? What Constitution are they reading? What Bible are they reading?

I am thinking of Nazi Germany before World War II when ordinary German citizens felt vaguely uncomfortable about what was going on but did not speak up because it did not impact them directly, and then afterward because they were afraid. It is a wake-up call to Progressives, Liberals, Moderates, and Independents who do believe in the values that this country was founded upon, among them freedom from persecution because of your beliefs and because of your religion. If we want our streets to be safe to drive on, we need to find a way to defuse these people without being wimps and just giving in. We cannot let these people take over our Government!

Please, if you are not paying attention to your local elections this fall, now is the time to get involved. If you voted for Obama and are now disappointed because he is not Left enough, think what it will be like when they try to undo what he has managed to accomplish. If you voted for Obama and are now disappointed because he is too Liberal for you, do you really want to go back to the Wild West days when people wore guns in holsters on their hip? Do you approve of people trying to threaten and intimidate others just because they voted for a Black man for President? Did you all really think that we could turn around 8 years of war and decline in just 18 months? Do you really want to hand over the reins of government to the people who drove us into the ditch and who have stubbornly refused to be part of any solution to pull us out? These people would rather see Obama fail, and the middle class suffer, and the country pulled apart by strife and conflict than do anything to make things better. This is not putting country first. Don’t let this kind of cynicism succeed!

Please folks, don’t sit this one out. If we fail to participate, and the other side wins for lack of enthusiasm on our part, then truly Fear will triumph over Hope. We just can’t let that happen! Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to pass this on.

Still a Hope Monger,


Saturday, September 04, 2010

Good Match: Scott's Running Mate Has Ethics Problems Too

No, Jennifer Carroll didn't defruad Medicare recipients, swindle taxpayers, or sit on a board of directors at a company that Iran and Saudi Arabia used to suppress the internet like her running mate, Rick Scott. She's not THAT bad.

But she was busted with a fake degree from a diploma mill, which is a crime in several states. Of course, not Florida.

Match made in teabagger heaven.