Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ad Against McCain so Effective, RNC is Trying to Sue!

This is unbelievable. The same corrupt committee that funded ads smearing decorated veterans running for office as terrorist sympathizers and the same committee that is supporting ads that play clips of Obama's former preacher is furious that the Democratic National Committe is running an ad of McCain saying that being in Iraq for 100 years is "fine with him".

This is not out of context, this is not a manipulation--this was HIS OWN WORDS in direct response to a question. It is a POWERFUL AD:

The RNC is now threatening legal action against any television station that runs this ad reminding the American people what John McSame said. Although the words and the images are powerful, it is the very last shot that is most devastating to McSame.

I am actually proud of Howard Dean. He is doing exactly what he should be doing--focusing his energy on beating McCain while Obama and HRC finish things up. And he is not afraid to play tough, a refreshing change. I have had my differences with the DNC this year, but PLEASE consider supporting this ad:

Friday, April 25, 2008

Breaking: Islam Exists, Sem. County Parents Outraged

Channel 9 reported on the Lake Brantley scandal:

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. -- Some high school students in a Seminole County public school got a lesson in Islam. Outraged parents at Lake Brantley High School called Channel 9 after an Islamic group visited the classroom.

Parents say the discussion violated the separation of church and state, because, they said, the discussion touched on specific elements of Islam and the Koran. Students in one particular class at Lake Brantley High School didn't have a choice about whether they wanted to be involved.

It was just the second day of a new class at Lake Brantley High School called "Family Dynamics," but students said guest speakers were there to talk about something else.

"She said, 'Mom, three Muslim ladies came in and talked about Islam today in school,'" said parent Lisa Wagner.

Wagner's daughter was one of about 35 in the class who heard from the Academy for Learning Islam. The school district said it invited the group to talk about cultural diversity, but the conversation went beyond that.

"I just felt like it shouldn't have been available in the classroom at all. Religion should be separate from school," Wagner said.

"Would three nuns be allowed to come into a classroom and talk about Jesus and the Bible?" WFTV reporter Eric Rasmussen asked Regina Klaers with Seminole County Public Schools on Thursday.

"If those three nuns came in to talk about how their religion has affected history, yes," she said.

I would love if my child got a lesson in world religions. I wish to God that our moron-in-chief would have been briefed sometime in his life before he became president.

Seperation of Church and State does not mean that you never mention a major religion in any context. It means that you don't force kids to pray or promote a particular religious ideology.

If they were trying to promote Islamic beliefs, then that would be wrong. But I didn't get that impression from the article. I also got the impression that the parents would not have a problem if this was a Christian group.

Speaking of which, Seminole County has NO PROBLEM whatsoever inviting JMJ (Jesus, Mary, Joseph) Life Center to area schools to force kids to listen to their views on sex. This organization was exposed by the Orlando Weekley discrediting contraception, calling the Pill an "abortion agent", trying to link breast cancer to abortion (which, by the way, there is absolutely NO proof at all), and claiming that condoms don’t prevent the spread of HIV.

You see Seminole, THAT is violating Seperation of Church and State. And it's downright lying too.

Hopefully, rational thought will prevail. But then I read further in the article:

Local activist groups like the United American Committee have also denounced the presentation.

Who is the United American Committee? From their website:

... a non-partisan movement of concerned Americans, promoting awareness of threats which face America from within. The UAC is dedicated to educating and awakening the nation to the current threats confronting the U.S., with the primarily focus on confronting Islamic extremism. The UAC champions the fight in the ideological aspects of the War on Terror, and brings the War on Terror to the grassroots level.

Brings the War on Terror to the grassroots level? Translation: we are too chicken to enlist and fight overseas.

So we will keep our kids safe from evil-doers by opening up a front here at places like Lake Brantley High School. I am certain those kids were contemplating going to a radical madrassa after learning what a Koran is. Thank you for protecting Freedom's Fortress again, UAC.

But rest easy, Seminole. The district is now "reviewing" its guest speaker program. This glimpse of insight will be stopped and we can keep out kids ignorant.

Next week's topic: Parents Outraged. Why won't the county allow the 10 Commandments to be displayed in school?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

McCain Video: U Are Better Off than 8 Years Ago?

What can McCain run on, since his 100-10,000 years in Iraq isn't a winning strategy. As this video demonstrates, certainly not the economy. He already admitted he is clueless about economics, (quote: the issue of economics is not something I've understood as well as I should), but this depth of denial really is frightening:

Monday, April 14, 2008

Unemployed Gonzales Gets Subsidized by UF

The president of the University of Florida, Bernie Machen, has tried for YEARS to get our state legislature to raise tuition rates. Here's a clue, Bernie. If you want more money, maybe you shouldn't blow it on things like this:

Alberto R. Gonzales, like many others recently unemployed, has discovered how difficult it can be to find a new job. Mr. Gonzales, the former attorney general, who was forced to resign last year, has been unable to interest law firms in adding his name to their roster, Washington lawyers and his associates said in recent interviews.

He has, through friends, put out inquiries, they said, and has not found any takers. What makes Mr. Gonzales’s case extraordinary is that former attorneys general, the government’s chief lawyer, are typically highly sought...

Places like Washington University in St. Louis, Ohio State University and the University of Florida have paid him about $30,000 plus expenses for appearances, and the business groups pay a bit more, said sources at the schools and elsewhere who are familiar with the arrangements. Pomona College debated inviting him and decided he was not worth the money, the college newspaper reported.

His first speech at the University of Florida last November was interrupted by protesters dressed as detainees.

Exactly what would be the benefit for Gonzales speaking to students at UF? How to be a professional suck-up? How to sacrifice integrity and independence for your boss?

Alberto Gonzales claimed he couldn't remember anything anybody ever said or did under a department he ran. SO either he was the most extreme idiot or a liar.

Before his embarrassing self-destruction, he made a career as a professional suck-up. EVERY SINGLE promotion he had ever received was from George W. Bush--who actually considered him for Supreme Court. (As much sense as a horse judge for FEMA. Thank GOD we only have a few more months of this idiot's "judgment")

For a school that wants to play top tier, I think those who made the decision to blow tens of thousands of dollars on Gonzales could work on their judgment as well.

Feeney: Let Me Squandor or U Hate Our Troops!!

Here in Seminole County, Florida, we are honored to be represented by a man ranked by a nonpartisan watchdog group as the most corrupt Congressman for a third straight year.

Besides being Jack Abramoff's bitch, Feeney is also an avid champion of our fighting men and women in Iraq. No, he doesn't want to the troops to come home. And he has a habit of voting against body armor and essential equipment for our troops.

But he is nonetheless a champion. Why? Because he is outraged that a city 2,000 miles away from us voted to close their recruiter's station. Feeney was so angry, in fact, that he spend thousands of TAXPAYER dollars to tell us how angry he is and of his solution: withhold federal money, including funds for the lunch program in their public schools. (Suck on THAT Berkeley!)

One local reporter questioned if the mailor was a good use of public funds. Feeney's response was unbelievable:

From Sunday's Orlando Sentinel:
Reporter Scott Maxwell: But there are hundreds of ways to support our troops--giving them adequate equipment for battle, providing them with the services they need after the war, honoring them at ceremonies...keeping them alive. This doesn't seem like any of those things. This seems like a way to spend public money to troll for votes in a very targeted manner.

Feeney: There is nothing more important to patriotic Americans.

Maxwell: So if I think your mailer wasn't a good use of public money, I'm not a patriot?

Feeney: You apparently don't have the same respect for the people who are fighting and dying for this country.

I guess you can count me among those self-hating veterans, because I don't think it was a good use of public money either. I don't think the concept of cutting federal funding to punish a few Berkeley legislators is a smart idea either--nor a particularly good use of Feeney's time. It has no chance of passage, and I don't know if Feeney is aware of this, but we have a few issues here in Central Florida--for example, like thousands of people losing their homes!

Suzanne Kosmas, a popular former state representative, is challenging Tom Feeney this November. Despite Feeney being able to draw his own damn district, Kosmas is his first ever real opponent who is getting national Dem backing. Maybe, just maybe, the most corrupt politician in Congress might lose this election.

But I guess that wouldn't be very patriotic of us, would it?

Please help Suzanne Kosmas by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Just Six More Months....

We are within "arm's reach" of success according to John McCain. Just SIX more months.

Except we were told that six months ago, and six months before that, and six months before that, and so on. I was hoping someone would put together these ridiculous statements and show that nothing ever changes. Thank YOU

This is entitled Endless War on the Installment Plan:

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Funny Anti-McCain (Palin) Slogans: Bumper-Sticker ready!

UPDATE August 20,2009: This post gets tons of hits every day, but I don't know why...the election is over!

I have a new post on bumper sticker slogans for HEALTHCARE REFORM, such as:

My death panel is an HMO
My other car is a health insurance payment
My car has more insurance than I do

Check out all 55 of them:

McCain: The Audacity of "Nope"

McCain. 4 More Years

McCain. 100 More Years

McCain. The 100 year Reich.

McCain: I was against MLK before I was for him.


McCain. When War and Poverty aren't enough.

Bush Bushly McBush: Even Bushier than the Original

McCain: MLK wasn't "Meaningful"

John McCain: More Bush, Less Sane

McCain is Bush on Viagra

McCain: Your Taxes for Endless War

McCain, McWar, McWhy?

McCain. Because McAbel is dead.

McCain. Because things still could suck even more.

McCain. Because America is tough enough to withstand him.

McCain. The latest Republican finger in America's eye.

McCain. Proof that "old" and "wise" aren't necessarily synonymous.

McCain. Who wants peace anyway?

McCain. He went through hell, and he'll take you there, too.

McCain. His 15 minutes were up eight years ago.

He'll bomb Iran for Pearl Harbor.

Get Off My Lawn!

McCain. Because everything's perfect just the way it is!!

McCain. Because Cheney was too damn stable.

McCain is a Third Term for Bush

Against Torture Before He Was For It

Riding the DoubleTalk Express

McCain thinks you're a fucking idiot.
That's why he thinks you'll vote for him.

Securing Personal Loans With Taxpayer Dollars

Because 19% of us know this country is on the right track.

Insane McCain

If The Surge Is Working, Why Will We Be In Iraq For 100 Years?

Not A Maverick, Not A Moderate

More War
Less Jobs
Vote McCain


McBushAgain 08

McCain Loves Lobbyists (literally!)

McCain & Unable

McCain has a Lobby hobby

Never once voted for a green energy bill.

Give MCain Your Vote
Your Draft-Age Child

Feel the Pain with John McCain!


McCain. USS Forrestal. Google it!

McCain = Bush/Cheney: The Sequel

"bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb IRAN"

Putting Americans to Work...In Iraq

Vote McCain, sell your other car for food.

McCain cut the cake while NOLA drowned

Other jobs Americans won't do: Vote McCain!

No Country for Old Men

Never thought I'd miss Nixon

Actually, McCain, I DO care if we are in Iraq 10,000 years

Vote McCain: Stick the final nail in the conseravative's coffin!

If he couldn't protect his own child from Rove, how can he protect our country??

McCain. Because I like my presidents mad and crazy.

McCain: Bush without the hat.

McCain: In Bed With Lobbyists

If you hate America you'll love McCain

McCain: Ready, Willing, Unstable

McCain: Finally a Liberal Republican!

Anti-PALIN or McCain/Palin:

Palin, because we think Hillary supporters are that stupid

Palin: FINALLY, a woman who's not afraid to hate women

Palin: Because after Quayle and Cheney, we just stopped caring.

Polluting, creationist, wingnuts for Palin

McCain's soulmates: 1st wife, 2nd wife, now Sarah Palin. What's with the former beauty queens, creep?!

Palin, like HRC, only right-wing and incompetent

McCain-Palin. What desperation looks like.

Meth Moms for Palin

A one-year, extremist governor with an ethics investigation—thanks McCain!

Palin, like Cheney, only more extreme and less compassionate

Palin: What a love-child of Cheney and Quayle would look like

Go Palin! You'll secede Alaska yet!

Anti-Choice, Anti-Environment, Anti-Stemcells, Anti-Women: ANTI-PALIN!

GOP: Where screwing up a small village makes you veep material

Palin: She doesn’t want to be a citizen, but she can be veep?

McCain-Palin: Alaska First!

How’d that abstinence-only education working out, Sarah?

SWM, 72, seeks attractive, fertile Alaskan for hunting, fishing, waterboarding. Must be anti-abortion.

McCain /What’s Her Name


Karma: Palin slashed programs for teen mothers

Palin, single-handedly stopping the Soviets from invading!

Palin wants Polar Bears Dead

Self-righteous hypocrites for Palin

McCain/Palin: Bridge to Nowhere

Palin: Risking America’s Safety

Palin: Killed a Bridge that was already Dead

McCain/Palin: Too Old/Too Inexperienced

Drill me here, drill me now!

Palin - Corruption up the Wasilla

McCain/Palin: Mr. Mean and Beauty Queen

McCain/Palin: Just making shit up!

Eskimo village, America, what’s the diff?

Palin: Smearing Alaska's good name, One scandal at a time

Palin: Upholding Republican Family Values

Palin: Vote for Me -- I shoot wolves from a helicopter.

Palin: The Alaska Disasta

McCain/Palin: Unstable/Unable



McCain Failin


McCain/Palin: Curses, Shot Down Again!

McCain/Palin: Same Old Snow Job

McCain: Would You Trust Him With Air Force One?

McCain/Palin: Dirty old man and dirty young woman

Soulmates without souls

Palin: Bush in a skirt

McCain/Palin: Vote for Pedro!

Vote McCain/Palin: Her kids can't, his won't!

McCain/Palin: A Ticket to Nowhere

McCain/Palin=Partners in Treason

McCain/Palin = Abstinence/Incontinence

Palin Killed Bullwinkle!

McCain/Palin: Same Old, Shame Oiled

Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor!


Obama: One house, One spouse

A vote for McCain is a vote for Fear

Crapshoot McCain: Gambling on America's Future

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

FL GOP Surrenders Our Schools for Chartered-Boats


Despite a 10 percent cut to their state spending plan for next year, House lawmakers said Monday that a historic run of budget shortfalls might not be over. 'We are in uncharted waters,' said House Speaker Marco Rubio, R-West Miami. 'I don't think we've ever been in this place - certainly not in modern history in Florida.'"

Remind me. Which political party has been sailing Florida's ship of state for the last decade?

"The Florida House leadership presented a budget plan of $65.1 billion [Monday] and proposed an emergency stop-gap measure to head off any further shortfalls in state revenue collections. House Speaker Marco Rubio, R-West Miami, and budget chief Rep. Ray Sansom said the budget fiscal 2008-09 that will be considered by Sansom's House Policy and Budget Council is almost 10 percent below the final 2007-08 budget. That budget was about $70.3 billion after some reductions forced by state revenues not keeping up with projections."

And how is this for raw political courage?:

"state lawmakers are proposing giving Gov. Charlie Crist and a handful of legislators the power to spend up to $1.7-billion in reserves to avoid a deficit."

State Lawmakers, which are overwhelmingly GOP, have to cut services, such as education and health care for the poor, and can't think of anything to do about it. REALLY??

The Florida Tax Handbook lists 246 exemptions to the sales tax, including skyboxes, tickets to the ballet, and the sales of satellites and space vehicles.

The International Game Fish Association World Center skips $1.2 million in sales taxes. The Professional Golf Hall of Fame avoids $2.4 million.

On Thursday, Senate Democrats called to eliminate a sales tax break on chartered deep-sea fishing boats, which they say could raise $65-million. Of course, if you are a regular joe, there's a tax on cane poles and fishing rods!

If you look throught the handbook, you will notice a skew towards goods and services for the wealthier set. GO figure.

Remove all 246 exemptions and the state could bring in $12.3 billion in revenue .

Those who would be affected the least pay the least but make the most. Do you really think someone who can afford to charter a boat would be broke paying a sales fee--which is the backbone of our whole stupid tax structure here?