Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tampa Bay Times Sues Rick Scott

The Tampa Bay Times, along with several good government groups, announced that they are suing Rick Scott to force somebody in this wretched, corrupt government of ours to examine whether or not he violated our state's Sunshine Law over "Baileygate". This is the first time the newspaper has ever had to take this type of action against our highest elected official, but then again, we never had a governor like Rick Scott.

Even several top GOP officials asked for an investigation, but did anyone in this state seriously think the guy who defrauded millions from Medicaid would have the integrity to investigate himself?

This was a "last resort" as Rick Scott's friend and, unfortunately, our attorney general Pam Bondi refused to do any investigation because she said she didn't believe that her friend Rick Scott would ever do wrong--even though he's famous for that kind of thing. Bondi admitted that she had no proof and even admitted that she never discussed the matter with Rick Scott, but she just knows OKAY!!

The rest of us who aren't friends with Rick Scott would like answers. I agree it's sad to have to sue in order for our highly paid top leadership to do their jobs, but thus is the state of Florida today.

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