Thursday, February 05, 2015

Shady Florida law firm goes after Orlando vendor

The top story on CNN is Katy Perry sic'ing her lawyers on the Orlando-based Fernando Sosa has done amazing work in the new field of 3D printing, and started a business using his skills to satirize several political figures, such as Rick Scott, Chris Christie, Vladimir Putin, and many others. Although his work is popular, (he has been featured on HBO, MSNBC, Howard Stern, and many other outlets), he has made many enemies of the powerful. His latest work was non-political: he created a shark figurine.

The law firm of Greenberg Traurig sent him a letter saying that Katy personally became aware of his work and that they are going to go after him for a massive sum of money. If the name of the law firm sounds familiar, it is because these are the same unethical bastards who wrote the now infamous memo threatening to jail Florida clerks simply for following the law on gay marraige.

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