Monday, February 16, 2015

Alan Grayson Senate Bid Absolutely Terrifies FL Right-Wing

Sunshine State News is a far-right conservative blog that does its level-best to look like a legitimate news website. It's kin to WorldNetDaily and NewsMax, except a lot worse--and primarily focuses on Florida.

Conservatives in this state are used to milquetoast candidates like Alex Sink and Charlie Crist that they can steamroll. Yet Alan Grayson is one hell of a fighter. This is how I know that an Alan Grayson Senate bid is getting under their skin. Sunshine State News says this:

But Grayson’s acerbic style, insults toward conservatives and endless procession of snide remarks about Republicans often get him in trouble and can turn off moderates and independents.
Absolute garbage. Grayson says the truth, albeit very bluntly. He said the GOP healthcare plan was to "not get sick", and if you do get sick, "die quickly". That's very accurate. I don't recall any moderate or "independent" getting turned off by that; in fact, most people said it was about damn time someone called the GOP out for their crap.

We need SOMEBODY who can motivate the base to work the campaign and, most importantly, show up at the polls on election day. Grayson is a true liberal that will fight for us, so we will fight in return.

The fact that conservatives are up in arms this early in the game means we've got a winner. His biggest challenge will not the rightwing, it will be the establishment losers who run our own party and keep trying to shove failed, spineless candidates down our throats. As long as we force our state Dem party to listen to their own base instead of trolling, rightwing conservatives, we will have a winner next year.


  1. Grayson for Senate, NOW! Replace Rubio.

  2. I live in California and I will donate to Alan Grayson's Senate campaign, just as I have done for his Rep. campaign. I wish I could do more. Smart and effective politicians are too rare to ignore.

    1. Ditto from AZ, Olivia! I've said for several years that someday I hope to vote for him, but no way am I moving to Florida!

  3. Draft Alan Grayson for Florida Senate.