Saturday, February 07, 2015

Since Fox News Airs ISIS Propaganda for Free, Advertisers Demand Free Ads

Fox News before President Obama:

"The TV network Al Jazeera helps al Qaeda and other killers by broadcasting their executions propaganda." Bill O'Reilly, 2004

"American journalists [are] helping Iraqi terrorists by showing pictures of terrorist acts provided by Al Jazeera, a TV network that seems to have strong links to terrorists." Fox News, 2005

"Some people say the airing of what they call a terrorist propaganda video has actually put American soldiers in danger."javascript:; Fox News 2006, criticizing CNN for airing footage of American soldiers killed in Iraq

This was all before we had a black president that Fox decided they hated more than they hated Islamic terrorism.

Fox News is the only media organization to broadcast the graphic video in full. They justified it because some BS about President Obama not acknowledging the reality of the terrorism threat. Of course, not only do they show the poor man brutally being burned alive for several minutes, Fox even included, for no reason, the first 15 or so minutes of complete and unedited ISIS propaganda.

Then, in complete lack of any self-awareness, Fox later attacked President Obama for his prayer breakfast remarks complaining that he was "defending Islam" and said "the only thing propaganda does is recruit for Isis".

Again, this came right after Fox distributed Isis' recruitment video.

Malcolm Nance, executive director of the Terror Asymmetircs Project on Strategy, Tactics and Radical Ideology blasted Fox saying they "are literally - literally - working for al-Qaida and Isis' media arm. They might as well start sending them royalty checks." Rick Nelson, senior associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said that the Fox's actions empowers groups like Isis because "these groups need a platform, and this gives them a platform."

Apparently, not only are sane people ticked off by this, but some longtime advertising partners of Fox. They are getting some serious backlash over this and, after all, they are the ones who have been paying for ad space while brutal terrorists got their entire ad on Fox News for nothing.

There is sick irony in the fact that the US military has to pay an exorbitant fee to air recruitment videos on Fox but Isis can have apparently have their recruitment video featured for free --as long as it is brutal enough.

A couple of business owners have emailed Fox to say that this isn't fair and they deserve free advertising. If you own a business or even if you don't, but just want YOUR message to get a national audience, contact Fox News and demand they give you at least equal treatment as Isis.

Now, I do understand if you don't want to be associated with such an awful organization like Fox. Maybe I should be cutting them some slack. After all, maybe they realize that their brand is so tarnished that terror groups may be the only ones left still interested.



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