Saturday, November 01, 2014

Florida 2014 Elections Endorsements from the Seminole Democrat

Go and bookmark this page on your mobile phone. Then go vote. NOW!

In Florida, early voting started Monday, October 20. The best place to find your early voting locations and/or the polling place on Nov. 4 is your LOCAL County's Supervisor of Elections website (click here). The best way would be to put all the information in one location but our Secretary of State under Rick Scott isn't much into helping you vote. (You can see what his focus is on the main elections website with voting fraud getting the bold treatment. After all, we've had 0 incidents of in-person voter fraud.)

The state races I give. For local races I can only do Seminole County. If somebody clues me in to an important local race or candidate, (see "contact us" button at top or use comments below), of course I'll research and include that. Special thanks to Howard Mass.

Remember, this is a progressive state blog that is in no way affiliated with the Seminole Co. Democratic Party. I even disagree with both of their Congressional choices (especially FL-7).

For races that are particularly important to me, I explain my rationale in the link with their name:

Governor/LT. Governor: CHARLIE CRIST (D)

U.S. Congress: In every district that has a Democrat, VOTE DEMOCRAT with three exceptions:

U.S. Congress District 7: Al Krulick (NPA) (not Republican John Mica or Democrat Wes Neuman)

U.S. Congress District 5: Glo Smith (R) (not Democrat Corrine Brown)

U.S. Congress District 53: Dean Kearns (NPA) (not Republican John Tobias or Democrat Santa Isabel Wright)

U.S. State Legislature and State Senate: VOTE the DEMOCRAT in every election. If there is no Democrat, vote NPA or third party (even Libertarian).

Attorney General: George Sheldon (D) (NOT PamBo)

Commissioner of Agriculture: Thad Hamilton (D)

Chief Financial Officer: Will Rankin (D)

Florida Constitutional Amendments:
Amendment 1: Conservation: Yes
Amendment 2: Medical Marijuana: Yes
Amendment 3: Lame Duck Governor Picks Judges: HELLS NO!

Court of Appeals Judges (Designated by YES or NO):
A word on District Court of Appeals Judges


  • House District 29: Mike Clelland (D)
  • House District 30: Karen Castor Dentel (D)
  • House District 28: Franklin Perez (LPF) (not Republican Jason Brodeur)
  • Senate District 10: Walter Osborne (NPA)
  • School Board District 1: Rich Sloane
  • Circuit Judge Group 13: George Paulk
  • Circuit Judge Group 19: Mitch Krause
  • Circuit Judge Group 23: Nancy Maloney

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  1. Hello, My name is Franklin Perez, and I am the 2014 Libertarian Candidate for the Florida State House of Representatives (District 28).

    Please correct the above hyperlink mentioning me. I'm running in Florida State House District 28, NOT Florida State House District 24.

    Campaign Website:
    Phone: (407) 694-7805