Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Word on District Court of Appeals Judges

These judges are given a YES or NO vote to retain them. They should be nonpartisan but that doesn't always work out that way in Florida. The GOP is on a campaign to make them as far right as possible. Naturally, all of the fifth circuit court of appeals judges are GOP; nonetheless, I usually vote YES on retaining judges unless I hear something awful.

Whether I like the governor or not, the person holding that office is allowed to pick who they want. That being said, Wendy W. Berger and Frederic Rand Wallis were appointed by Rick Scott. Another one, C. Alan Lawson, was the one that the conservatives really wanted on the Supreme Court when Charlie Crist picked James Perry.


  1. Very well said. Scott also got to appoint Brian Lambert to the 5th when Jacqueline Griffin quietly resigned a few months back. He will be up in 2016 with Torpy (vote off) and Cohen.

    As for the others, Evander and Orfinger are NPA's while Sawaya and Palmer are republicans. Not sure how they rule and doubt any will get kicked off but I'm voting all no in hopes a miracle happens and they are the first judges in florida to lose merit retention and Charlie Crist can pick new ones. That could be a complicated legal question but def vote against Berger, Wallis and Lawson.

  2. thank you, now I know to keep Berger, Wallis and Lawson

    1. actually, Anonymous, thanks for the straightup list so I know to vote NO on those three bastards

  3. Thanks for re-affirming the preliminary opinions that I had formed when researching these judges. I hope that the next governor, which I hope will be Crist, will choose more progressive thinkers.