Sunday, October 19, 2014

Important: Vote Al Krulick (NPA) NOT THE DEMOCRAT Against John Mica (FL-7)

Note: This is a Florida Progressive blog and has no affiliation with the Seminole County Democratic Party

I sometimes wonder why we have a party in this state. It is no wonder that John Mica thought he could (and did) go from being a moderate to full-on teabagger since 2010.

Wes Neuman, the Democrat in the race for FL-7, in what I can only describe as monumental laziness or cowardice, quit his race in Congressional District FL-7 against GOP incumbent John Mica. He confirmed that he quit to the Orlando Sentinel a few days ago.

He told no one. The dumbass just walked away after deciding to quit campaigning awhile ago. Democrats in this district deserve a hell of a lot better than that.

He should have told his party, his supporters, and pulled his name of the ballot when there was time.

I can forgive my party for putting up a loser, but if someone doesn't want the job, walks away, and gives a big FU to everyone: WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL SUPPORTING HIM??

The party endorsements still say to vote Wes Neuman. The FL Dems are saying he is the candidate as long as he doesn't withdraw. That is garbage! There is another person on the ballot. Al Krulick is an independent, but a registered Democrat who has volunteered for the party and is a true fighter. He is for fair wage, fair elections, and single-payer.

Al Krulick should at least have been able to count on last minute support from my party since he is the only one left fighting for us in this campaign and the only possible shot we have!

There are much longer shots in other Congressional districts, but the Dems are giving what for against their GOP opponents. At the very least, they are making them answer for some of their heinous behavior and forcing the GOP to spend resources they'd rather not. Democrat and Vietnam Vet Jeff Miller in FL-1 is fighting on a shoestring, and KARL FREAKING ROVE had to open an office in that district to help fend him off from rightwinger Jeff Miller.

But James Bryan is a real candidate. I get Wes Neuman. I get a party that tells me to vote for him.

This kind of garbage is why a state full of Democrats has a legislature more right-wing than Oklahoma.

If you are in District 7, vote Al Krulick.

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  1. In this rare exception in our dysfunctional pay-to-play, winner-take-all system (which should be changed), Al Krulick (an NPA) is not a spoiler and it makes no sense for the Democratic Party to continue supporting someone who has withdrawn. If the Democratic Party leadership in Florida had any honor, or really cared about issues, or was logical, they would endorse Al Krulick. However, we already know that it's not about the issues; it's about the money, and both parties prove that every day by catering to the special interests.