Monday, August 25, 2014

My one and only endorsement of GOP candidate: Florida's 5th district

The worst possible thing you can do in politics is an act of betrayal. This monstrosity could not have occurred without Corrine Brown being a willing stooge to the GOP's devious plan to retain control with her ridiculously unfair district.

Corrine has been fighting any semblance of fair districts for 20 years, allowing the GOP to bleach the surrounding districts in return for a solid DEM district (as opposed to just a strong DEM district). SHE is directly responsible for helping give the GOP an unfair super majority in a state outnumbering Republicans 2-1. She is unethical and corrupt. Frankly, I would have LOVED to see someone primary her so I could support them. Otherwise, this is the only vote I'd make in the nation for the GOP candidate: Gloreatha Scurry-Smith. There is an extremely high bar I set for crossing over, but Corrine reached it years ago.

Don't worry, the district crams every minority neighborhood from Jacksonville to Orlando in this unfunny joke so Corrine is the safest incumbent in Florida. And THAT is the problem. I would like to send her as strong a message as possible and maybe, just maybe, knock her down a peg so stronger Democrats can challenge her in the primary next time. Dare to dream.

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