Thursday, February 06, 2014

Today: Judge Who Let Off "Affluenza" Teen Murderer Rules Out Any Jail Time At All

Recall last year a 16-year old rich kid, intoxicated and on Valium, plowed into and killed four pedestrians. He was indignant and non-remorseful from the moment the cops arrived and throughout the trial. The defense attorney argued that the kid's "cushy upbringing" should set him free because it didn't allow him to understand the consequences. Incredibly, District Judge Jean Boyd agreed with the defense and awarded 10 years probation. America was introduced to a new term: affluenza.

Boyd, who had no trouble sentencing a less affluent black kid to a 10-year prison term for less, had the final opportunity to do the right thing this week.

She already ruled out any punishment for the guilty pleas of intoxicated manslaughter last year, but at the time did not sentence the teen regarding the intoxication assault charges for the people who didn't die but were severely injured (one is paralyzed and the other suffers severe injuries).

Prosecutors this week asked again for jail time.

Again, Judge Boyd said absolutely not. She closed the hearing and declined to add a separate verdict for the two disabled victims.

Maybe she thinks the kid will learn about responsibility when he goes horseback riding, does yoga and has chef-prepared meals at the Newport Academy in Newport, California.

Something for you to think about today as you muddle through your day as part of the "other" America.

Join the thousands who signed the petition to get Judge Jean Boyd OFF THE BENCH!

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